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  1. Mine arrived yesterday as well. Just a thought to U.K. modellers, I did some research and found that goods with a value of less than £136 should not get routinely stopped if coming from the EU. For VAT and handling fees! john
  2. I do vac form for many customers exactly what you are looking for. I am based in the U.K. and have recently done some work with Peter Castle who is on this site building a large scale Hawker Fury. If you look through his post you will see the vacs I did for him. regards john
  3. Hi Guys I have recently seen several threads on line mentioning things like” this is my favourite aircraft I wish someone made one in my favourite scale!” Etc. This kind of makes me think that people are not aware of what is out there and so many times l see them mention aircraft that are in my range and available. Yes, I know they are vac forms, yes I know not everyone wants to or has the inclination to build these, however, they are not beyond most modellers skill levels. To the point of this posting and I deal directly with some very limited eBay sales. My full current listi
  4. Mix my own! Yes MEK 85% and cellulose thinners 15% , has worked well for me for several years. You can buy both chemicals fairly cheaply on line as opposed to paying £3.50 for a small bottle.
  5. Ok guys let’s get a few things straight. I have never spoken to anyone on the option of these kits, never been offered the chance to or ever discussed this as an option. I honestly think that the cost of shipping patterns over the pond right now would be prohibitive and when I am being asked for $24.00 for shipping of a 150g weight kit then I think you can see the way forward. As to any other method such as a container this would also be beyond my budget. You see there really is not a lot of money in these kits either the patterns value or the resales of kits so it would take a lifet
  6. You may find there is some dried paint in the tip that you have missed! Easily done and probably worth a strip down and deep clean every now and then. Alternatively if you are using the Mr tool cleaner and it’s got onto the rubber seal on the air valve then it will have swolllen up and may be restricting the air. Been there done that ! Again strip down and deep clean. I have several iwata airbrushes the main day to day one being a hp-ch and having used it for some 15 years never had any real issues with the tool. It’s usually user error and not enough cleaning in between colours! S
  7. Glad that I could be of service to you Peter.
  8. Corsair or p-47! They have the basis for the pw2800 in the Hellcat.
  9. The hike in prices to the USA was explained to me as last mile tax introduced by the Government.
  10. Paid yesterday but nothing showing on credit card yet so no idea of the final unit price. By my conversion I reckon it will be about £140. With postage on top it should be about £165 ish. final price with postage and cc non U.K. currency Was £172.
  11. Thank you Dennis please keep us posted on progress?
  12. Title says it all really I am interested in the companies future releases but at present cannot find a single review of any product. Any pointers to one would be appreciated as the viggen is a big commitment to something from a company whose kits we have not seen. The sire says the D-558-1 was sold out, has anyone received their model and made a review yet ? regards john
  13. Well to update everyone I did receive a reply from Kitsworld which without any explanation or discussion offered me a refund if I return the decals after questioning the colours on the printed sheet. I have been in communications with several other members from here who have a sheet and experienced the same issues as me with the colours! It looks like the sheet has been printed with a very different colour to that shown on screen and the company stated (I never mentioned a replacement so I am guessing they are all the same?) "These sheets are such a limited run and we have none lef
  14. I intend upon building every model I have so yes, whilst you say it vaguely looked like a buc I would disagree when built it can and does look like a buc. Have you built one and how did it end up? Would love to see it? As an aside I’ve just received my decals from kits world. Whilst I don’t want to inflame a war of words or incite any keyboard warriors views I am going to ask if anyone else was disappointed with the colours of the decals especially the red and blue of the RAF roundal and fin flashes? If I am alone then I shall contact kits world and discuss it with them as I may have
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