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  1. Paid yesterday but nothing showing on credit card yet so no idea of the final unit price. By my conversion I reckon it will be about £140. With postage on top it should be about £165 ish. final price with postage and cc non U.K. currency Was £172.
  2. Thank you Dennis please keep us posted on progress?
  3. Title says it all really I am interested in the companies future releases but at present cannot find a single review of any product. Any pointers to one would be appreciated as the viggen is a big commitment to something from a company whose kits we have not seen. The sire says the D-558-1 was sold out, has anyone received their model and made a review yet ? regards john
  4. Well to update everyone I did receive a reply from Kitsworld which without any explanation or discussion offered me a refund if I return the decals after questioning the colours on the printed sheet. I have been in communications with several other members from here who have a sheet and experienced the same issues as me with the colours! It looks like the sheet has been printed with a very different colour to that shown on screen and the company stated (I never mentioned a replacement so I am guessing they are all the same?) "These sheets are such a limited run and we have none lef
  5. I intend upon building every model I have so yes, whilst you say it vaguely looked like a buc I would disagree when built it can and does look like a buc. Have you built one and how did it end up? Would love to see it? As an aside I’ve just received my decals from kits world. Whilst I don’t want to inflame a war of words or incite any keyboard warriors views I am going to ask if anyone else was disappointed with the colours of the decals especially the red and blue of the RAF roundal and fin flashes? If I am alone then I shall contact kits world and discuss it with them as I may have
  6. I have the aerodynamix kit and added the sheet for a future build.
  7. If I am not mistaken the nose lrmts conversion may well be one I mastered and cast ? keep up the good work.
  8. Pm sent with donation and please add me to the draw if possible? john
  9. Thanks Dave I just don’t want to stand outside with my models on Saturday as we all know how busy it gets. The lanc will be in comp so I have requested to the comp sec for assistance. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can look convincing standing there with a 1/32 Lancaster that I am setting up! Lol
  10. Stupid question, my club were not expecting me to go Friday but events have meant I can now. Only issue is I don’t have a set up pass as they have all been passed out, so anyone who has a spare if they are willing to share it I would be grateful so I can get my stuff out of the car and set up instead of standing outside with a 1/32 Lancaster in whatever weather Saturday brings? regards john
  11. Don’t forget me I’ll be there both days between 32 sig and ipms Dartmoor.
  12. Some 20 or so years ago I had the privilege to be allowed to drive Iain’s Elise on the roads north of where I was living. It handled like a go kart and was a blast to drive on the open road. I was also lucky enough to get a trip in his esprit turbo too, that thing was crazy quick off the mark! Hope iain gets his mojo back for Telford! John
  13. German navy lynx us Navy f-5e if you want Them?
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