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  1. Not been here for a while and was pointed to this post I would defiantly be in the market for at least one or two sets!
  2. Bravo sir, your work is superb!
  3. That’s the sort of prices I was getting . I need to investigate further. Are the prices in the first page you did for U.K. to Kazakhstan?
  4. Hi guys I have a customer who lives in Kazakhstan and postage is really expensive via parcel force(EMS) DHL, UPS I have even looked at eBay global shipping and they don’t go to the country nor do DPD. I am kind of gong round in circles looking for an alternative good price from the U.K. the size will be 6.5kg 110cmx 40cm x 45 cm. if anyone knows of a courier or postal service that can offer a good service and price please let me know, who knows this may also be beneficial to other overseas customers. thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer?
  5. Just to add insult to injury the box arrived soaking wet and looked like someone had played football in a swimming pool with it. The box was sodden and soaked through. The instructions have just about dried out now . Luckily the decals survived although one wing which was at the bottom of the box did not. There were other smaller damages but nothing I can’t repair it’s just that wing is a mess. I’ll be emailing Jetmads for a replacement along with images and keeping my fingers crossed that the second kit doesn’t become the same fate. Trying to make a claim even though the postie said I should do so and she backed me up on the state it arrived their website will not allow you to proceed if it’s come from outside the U.K. what’s really annoying is that it took near,y 6 weeks to do the same journey that others have had done in 5 days!
  6. Looks like finally Royal Mail have my first kit and it’s not too far away from me. Unfortunately Royal Mail stated that it had not left Turkey after Turkish post had tracking until it left. I have no idea of where it went for nearly 6 weeks in the interval. I suspect it was sat in some corner of a Royal Mail centre and as they did not scan it there was no record. Fingers crossed I should have it soon.
  7. Please note that this current situation is not Jetmads having done anything wrong, it’s their postal service they are using. I have had a reply they are investigating and will report back. It seems that there may be other U.K. customers who are in the same situation as me.
  8. Just my luck I have still not received my first kit sent 30/08/2021. Checking daily there has been no update and having just spent 35 minutes on the phone to Royal Mail they are saying it’s not even left Turkey!!! Aaarrrrrgggghhhh! ☹️ not impressed at the moment so an emai, has been sent to Jet Mads I shall await the reply and fingers crossed an update and solution.
  9. Don’t hold your breath mine was despatched 30th August and tracking stops as soon as it left Turkey. Here we are some 21 days later and nothing more on the tracking and no model yet! It really is not a good system they are using when it takes so long with no up to date tracking as well. I am going to email them later this week after 25 days and ask them if they can look at using another courier such as DPD who I used a long time ago internationally with good prices as well as speedy delivery. My suspicion is that they are not being sent airmail rather surface!
  10. I am thinking that I will probably use casting resin for a glue. Essentially this is a two part mix which should be similar to the material of the parts. I did it on my build of the Dargon Rapide as I wanted strength in the mid spine joint. I ended up using the same resin for the wing joints. Worked a treat and is so much stronger than superglue or epoxy. the other possible alternative is to use the 3D uv printing resin set with a uv lamp but I am yet to try this method on a kit.
  11. Just got an email my ordered kits will be in the post on Monday. Good news is that I have a commission to do a preview as well as a full build for Tamiya Magazine. my order number was 10526. looks like the kit left Turkey late Aug 2021 and tracking has stopped after that. I am hopeful that it’s in the U.K by now and clearing customs etc soon as it’s been here for over a week now! Royal Mail are listed as the operator this side but their tracking doesn’t even show it’s arrived yet. My fingers are crossed my first kit is here shortly!
  12. Anybody got their hands on this kit yet, I am sure like many I am a little nervous having had no actual sightings of the kit they sent out last week on the net! I was told I would get my two sent out this week but no notification of despatch yet.
  13. It is the bayonet mount for my 600mm f4l is and is part number YF2-0128-000. If you cut and paste the reference part number you will see the part. I may have found another source but am waiting an email confirmation of stock, however if you had that part please let me know. I had a fall and the lens and camera took a bit of a hard landing onto me last year. I did not notice that there was slight bending in one of the lugs and recently I used the lens for the first time in a while. I found there was some wiggle between the body and lens and at one point lost connection and got an error message which was no communication with the lens. So I checked the mountings and on close inspection not only was there a bent lug but a minute split at the end of the bent part. hope this all makes sense. In doing my research this lens will not be repairable by Canon as they class it as obsolete and at £78 per hour plus parts plus shipping I found that it could easily be repaired by myself. At the same time I will replace the weather seal as that had a slight split which is a common issue.
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