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  1. That’s a great idea, I think I’m going to use the Hasegawa kit with the Revell cockpit and wheel wells.
  2. Was wondering since Revell cockpit looks better I guess that would be too bad to kitbqsh in.
  3. Got both and I guess I will try to take the best of both, Didn’t know if anyone else had done that
  4. Life will never be perfect my friend.
  5. Yes I just bought one as well as well as the late tail section
  6. A Ju 88C-6 or G-1 would be awesome, my fingers have been crossed hopefully they will do these in the future.
  7. Just wondering I have the Revell Germany issue and was wondering if the later release USA version addresses the canopy distortion issue the German release suffers from.
  8. Man that just made me want to dump the Revell kit for the Hasegawa kit!
  9. A K-4 would be great, and I to would also like to see Revell reissue the Ju 88A-4 and the He 111H-6. I really hoped they would release the a Ju 88G or S. Fingers crossed
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