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  1. Dang it sorry to get peoples hopes up, my fault.
  2. Saw it on HyperScale’s which was CAD drawing of the nose. Not sure the scale but man that would
  3. I have a Hasegawa K-4 and a Revell G-10 ERLA, not and expert and want to do AIMs markings for Red 2. Thank you for any help
  4. Yes if the trumpeter K-4 was corrected from their early 109s, I would jump on them due to e bay has them for $35.00 and free shipping from China
  5. Just don’t get it, Testors did the kit 100 years ago and it shows since it’s a true Dog.
  6. Any update and any idea of the markings by chance.
  7. Revells blades look incorrect, are Hasegawas more accurate or are there better aftermarket alternatives
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