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  1. Based on the real photos you provided of the mosquito HK looks to be way off for sure. How does that happen with all the research that is out there nowadays I have no idea.
  2. So don’t get rid of my Revell Mosquito with all the paragon stuff I guess.
  3. Ahh so you still used the Hasegawa canopy after you sanded the spine. Did you leave the canopy open or did you close it up.
  4. I am sanding the Hasegawa fuselage spine to round it off since it is flat. Will the Revell ERLA canopy fit the Hasegawa kit? Thank you
  5. Thank you I also have the glass nose from the Revell kit and as I plan to do and Oboe Mosquito. If the fit is good the clearing of the Revell glass won’t be and issue since it will be painted black.
  6. I’m just going to build the kit straight out of the box, sounds like the issues aren’t that bad.
  7. Thanks Kevin I think I’m going to leave them be since this is too much work I feel.
  8. Perfect scale let’s Goooooo!!!
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