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  1. Really didn’t want to Upset anyone by creating a totally new post.
  2. Thanks Dave for all your help, I very much appreciate it.
  3. The nose looks way more like and A variant, was just wondering
  4. I sold both my D.VII spurs for 40 bucks which I felt was fair. All of the WNW kits will be reissued at some point by another manufacturer. I can wait
  5. No that’s really sad and highway robbery.
  6. No offense but the Meng Fokker Dr.1 is cheaper and a ton better than the Merit offering.
  7. I like the SPAD I had the Fokker Dr.1 much of the interior looks closer to 1/48 than 1/24 way way under scaled so that has to be fixed and why they put a Cleget engine in it I have no idea since decals are not for Jacobs Triplane.
  8. Modelers are odd people so it make sense.
  9. Man the prices went up for sure,
  10. What a joke that totally sucks.
  11. So will they all become property on Meng at some point?
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