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  1. The good ole days may not return as Tom Petty once said
  2. Is that $56.00 US, if so strange you can get the 2 seater for 30 to 35 bucks
  3. Wonder if anyone in the USA will get it in here???
  4. Really like to see the fuselage and if it’s better than the Trumpeter kit.
  5. Damn that’s pretty cheap for real
  6. Sweet love this airplane, can’t tell on the price in USD.
  7. Dang it sorry to get peoples hopes up, my fault.
  8. Saw it on HyperScale’s which was CAD drawing of the nose. Not sure the scale but man that would
  9. I have a Hasegawa K-4 and a Revell G-10 ERLA, not and expert and want to do AIMs markings for Red 2. Thank you for any help
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