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  1. Revell to release a Ju 188 and a Ju 88G-6 I feel it in my bones. My not they could print money with either for sure.
  2. I think it’s called flat resistance wire, If anyone knows would just like what millimeter I should buy
  3. Damn I hate that for him great guy
  4. Well at least I put in on their radar here is the response. As for the relevant aircraft models you mentioned, we will feedback them to the development department for consideration. According to the latest news at present, QS series products have not new models will be released. Thank you for your attention
  5. That is what I heard as well from one of WNWs designers before they closed shop
  6. I hope their sales are going well and the release a D.VII in 1/24
  7. How did Revell In 1995 with so much information and drawings mess up so bad on accuracy, doesn’t make much sense but it is what it is I guess.
  8. I need to find that article again or the magazine
  9. I don’t think there a whole Lotta shortcuts around this other than scratch building the entire fuselage is probably a better option
  10. Oh and hopefully Italeris Machi 202 is spot on my fingers crossed.
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