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  1. And where did you get a picture of the sprue of the upcoming late P-51D by Revell?
  2. Awesome job Mike, does anyone know the other markings that are included on the sheet with Frenesi.
  3. The Tamiya canopy is a ton better option if you can get one, I ordered mine from Tamiya USA
  4. Are they still in business or did anyone buy them out. I have the 1/24 Sopwith camel and it does not have a propeller since I got it through trade. Didn’t know if there was any chance of finding one
  5. I gave the 1:28. copper state engine but unless they up scaled there is no way this engine would be big enough for the 1:24
  6. Thanks Ralph that’s a really easy and since the kit part fits spot on and the aftermarket is not.
  7. And if so should I go eagle parts or the newer quickboost cowlings. Thank you
  8. Just wondering if it’s worth buying or just stick with the Revell 1/28, thanks
  9. The good ole days may not return as Tom Petty once said
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