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  1. Thank you they look nice, Eduard has some good ones too
  2. Not sure if any Quickboost seats match close to the Wildcat.
  3. Thank you all I think your correct about the kit parts being pretty good. I would be happy to replace just the seat really
  4. Not sure if this is a dead match but they look close
  5. oyoy5

    Hasegawa 109 G10 and K4 1/32

    Fascinating for sure would love pics to see how this is done have wondered myself if the Revell Rear fuselage would work. Mike do you have any pics by chance?
  6. oyoy5

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    Fokker Triplane or Fokker D.VIII
  7. oyoy5

    Trumpeter Mig 29A and UB question

    Thanks Dave short term memory gets me
  8. I have the horribly inaccurate Revell kits, I have t seen much regarding the Trumpeter kits are they worth the money regarding build and accuracy? The Revell UB kit I thought was a little more accurate but just wanted to know how good the Trumpeter kit is. Thank you very much
  9. Your opinion is greatly appreciated
  10. oyoy5

    Tamiya versus Revell F-15C

    im amazed the Revell kit is in the ball park with the Tamiya kit, this must be the best 1/32 jet Revell ever did since the Mig 29 leaves a lot to be desired for sure
  11. oyoy5

    Tamiya versus Revell F-15C

    Easier build really, sounds like Revell is not bad at all
  12. oyoy5

    Tamiya versus Revell F-15C

    Yes everyone says that’s an issue that I have viewed.
  13. To the expert’s which is better I know Ravel is much cheaper but is Tamiya that much better on the single seater? Thanks a bunch