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  1. Sorry I misunderstood so the Revell blades are pretty good.
  2. I’m not totally sure the more articles I read the more confused I get.
  3. I see a K-4 on the horizon for Revell which would be great if it’s like the P-51D. That would be awesome.
  4. Thank sounds like great news for all of the Bf 109 fans around. Can’t wait to see what occurs.
  5. Thank you Radu, I’m really thinking at this point of buying the Trumpeter kit since at least the shape is a little more correct. I’m sure the build will be very tough compared to Hasegawa but I am willing to deal with that. What are your thoughts there
  6. Crazy fact Trumpeters G-10 fuselage is oval and not squared..........
  7. Yes really sucks the only thing you can do is leave it open and no one can see it does not fit when closed.........unless you want to show it closed if so good luck since it will look like crap. Maddening is the word and the Revell G-10 Erla ain’t perfect either...........MADDENING
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