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  1. I’m keeping the Trumpeter kit as well, lack of cockpit details and there is a ton of information out there. I think Revell being on the sales market while this kit was under construction may not have helped it much. I could be wrong but this one is a miss I feel.
  2. The reviews I have seen it’s getting beat up pretty bad, at this point I think I will stay with the Trumpeter Kit didn’t think I would ever say that.
  3. So if no distributor for Revell is anyone getting in stock of current kit Me 262 P-51 Spitfire He 219 kits now. Or when they are gone they are gone.
  4. I agree I have 2 Hobbycraft Spads the upgrades Camels with the Clerget and Lerone engines. Someone needs to get the mds of these and the P-51s they did. It’s a damn shame if we never see them again.
  5. Yes Revell is not Hasegawa, the FW 190A is a good example though I do like the Revell He 219
  6. Is this the only correction that is necessary.
  7. Thank you for the help sounds like a good kit.
  8. But it’s gotta Be a ton better than the Revell Kit. Not sure if the Mig 29C they did is more accurate.
  9. Thank you all for all the infoemation, I am leaving the nacelles as is based on your comments thank you for the feedback.
  10. Just wanted to see if it’s good and goes together well before I buy one. Thank you for any help.
  11. Cause I am horrible at cutting it off the entire nacelle and repositioning it. I am to the point I think I will live with the kit as is.
  12. Think that’s for a G-6, I found AIRES did in their set.
  13. Thank you they look nice, Eduard has some good ones too
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