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  1. A K-4 would be great, and I to would also like to see Revell reissue the Ju 88A-4 and the He 111H-6. I really hoped they would release the a Ju 88G or S. Fingers crossed
  2. Another option i found is ordering the magneto parts sprue from the Tamiya Corsair, they look to be correct for the P-47M or at least close
  3. Really like the light blue dark blue camo but looks like I will have to make my own
  4. Why are there no colorful schemes in 1/32 looks like I have to scan my own at Kinkos
  5. The Hasegawa M engine is incorrect per references and does not have the turtle shaped magnetos and trumpeters engine for the N looks closer and more detailed.
  6. Simpler and less complex than ZM would be very welcome
  7. Pretty sure 2 are for Erla build machines.
  8. Are all three marking that come in this kit kit incorrect? If so what aftermarket is out there for this variant? Thank you
  9. And where did you get a picture of the sprue of the upcoming late P-51D by Revell?
  10. Awesome job Mike, does anyone know the other markings that are included on the sheet with Frenesi.
  11. The Tamiya canopy is a ton better option if you can get one, I ordered mine from Tamiya USA
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