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  1. Mosquito Bomber version is right around the corner.
  2. Lots of models bought a ton of Verlindens molds when they went under. Not sure how good a business decision that was since the resin figures fit I a little tough to be nice.
  3. Yeah really sad indeed since all modelers in the US have great memories of squadron as a kid. I guess hopefully someone will buy their detail molds such as True details, Avionics etc. and Squadron Signal did some very good walk around series for sure. We are down to one actual model shop and one HobbyTown now in my town of Louisville. Newer Kit prices are so high and shipping is ridiculous soon guess something has to give.
  4. The Resin2detail engine is available as of December 2020 on their website. But if it’s too large to fit may want to do something different. I know ModelMonkey has one in the design just not ready yet.
  5. I have read a few articles and some state the engine is to large to fit in the cowling correctly. Did anyone else do this engine in 1/24, the clever is nice would just rather use an Oberursel.
  6. Wow that a huge difference and it looks like a drop fit which is awesome.
  7. I would like to know if the quick boost nose makes a difference as well.
  8. That would be a ton of work much better to just get the trumpeter Mig 29A.
  9. I did the same thing and 70% did not come off, oh well is what it is but squadron has been going down hill for ever I will be surprised if they are around much longer. Hopefully someone will buy their resin molds.
  10. Website is down someone said the had the Meng Fokker for $27.00 3 days ago but now the entire website is down. Honestly haven’t had much in stock for a long time. They use to be the best out there.
  11. I vote HK kit as well, I wish ZM would do a more basic kit with just the exterior that would be seen but then again that’s not why you buy a ZM kit.
  12. Check them out sweet and very affordable. Spandu MG's
  13. Agreed the P-47M of the 63rd has the coolest camp of all, to bad there are no decal makers that have taken advantage of this is 1/32 makes no sense.
  14. Yes if it’s a new kit they will make a fortune
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