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  1. Wheels and Wings had the Eduard boxing of the P-40N. Saw it there yesterday. Never looked at the price.
  2. Interesting to see what kits are discounted, and which ones are not. Also the depth of discounts on some of these kits is a pretty good indicator of what is selling well, and what the slow movers are. I noticed there was $10 off the camel but $100 of the felixstowe.
  3. Ah the internet, the place where someone will argue for days about why his ‘86 Hyundai is twice the car that your 2019 Lexus ever could be.
  4. I seem to recall dear Edgar, God rest his soul, stating that the Mk. Vb and Vc landing gear also had a rake angle difference of 5 degrees. Can’t remember which one was which or why it was even different.
  5. Try wheels and wings in Toronto. I don’t know if they have any, but it is the last place I remember seeing them.
  6. A back yard DYI restoration of a kittyhawk to flight condition from scraps.. 5 minute video. https://www.cbc.ca/cbcdocspov/features/mechanic-genius-restores-a-vintage-kittyhawk-plane-in-his-backyard
  7. Nope, not everyone produces outstanding decal guides and research notes like.... What’s that company called again? Fundekals.
  8. I have the above referenced decals, and I know very little about F-15’s. What year or years do these decals depict? The paint is mod C, and they are pre MSIP. But what approximate calendar years should these be depicting? Here is the link, http://www.dacoproducts.com/KAst01.php. These are for my Tamiya 1:32 F-15C. Thanks
  9. A fine suggestion depending on where you live. Canada has one of the lowest de minimis in the world, making international ordering very costly. Secondly any paint but especially water based paints do not ship particularly well in temperatures in the -30C range, a temperature we are currently facing. In fact a previous restock order for the local hobby shop needed to be discarded due to freezing, 200 plus bottles needed to thrown away. So ordering paint from outside Canada makes sense in the summer, when I’m not painting or building models.
  10. Who can keep track of all the brands? Every time I look in a big shop or a magazine there is another newest and greatest. Lacquers, enamels, acrylic, too much. Every time I get accustomed to a brand, it gets discontinued, or not easily distributed to retail stores. The only constant paint I never had an issue finding and using is Tamiya. Luckily it is such a great paint, just wish there were more pre mixed colours. I’ve said good bye to Polly Scale, Aeromaster as they are gone now. Gunze, and Xtracrilics are too hard to find. I’ve said good riddance to too many brands to remember. A bit surprised that no one has said Mission Models Paint, it seems to be for sale everywhere. I’ve used it a few times and after some original choice words and phrases for it, getting quite accustomed to using it successfully.
  11. No I can’t, lowest I can recall was 79 cents for the only paint available, testers enamel. That was at K-mart, and they stocked a good selection of kits in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’ve never seen pactra paint on the shelf. I’m going to start a new thread about paints.
  12. That’s the same kit I finished this year.
  13. I have a question about the 1:32 Tamiya Corsair kits. Can the real aircraft have one wing folded up and the other down in the flight position? I am planning a build and this will help me fit an extra aircraft into the case. I know the Hellcat can do it. I don’t really care if it is rarely done or operationally never done, but can it physically be done? I’ve watched videos where they both move together. I’ve also watched the restored Reb Bull Corsair fold one up then the other, but both wings were popped loose went up a small amount then the starboard went up followed by the port.
  14. Glad they added the nice figure, the book and decals for another company's model and didn't gouge for it. But I'm all alb 5ed out, so I ‘ll pass on this one too.
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