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  1. I was always under the impression that the Royal Navy stopped using the Corsair at the end of WWII. Recently I was reading this book, Vought F-4U Corsair by Martin Bowman. According to the book in question by Martin Bowman, the British Pacific Fleet dumped most of them overboard in Sydney harbour Australia, in late 1945. With the last of four remaining squadrons of Corsairs disbanding in August 1946. Later in the book was a section written by a former post war pilot in the USN, Ensign Fred Belchman, claiming Royal Navy Corsairs were involved in a cross deck landing in the early 1950’s on a lantflex exercise in the Caribbean Ensign Belchman gave plenty of accurate details with his story. Now Ensign Belchman didn’t receive his wings until 1950, so he can’t be confusing his with an earlier event. Is this possible? Or just an example of another clouded memory, and poor editing?
  2. Everybody likes what they like. After all the kits that have been tooled lately, this may not seem so far fetched. Zoukei-Mura seems like a suitable source.
  3. WNW has a poor track record about being truthful in casual conversations with the general public. I was texting today with Mr. Tamiya today. He laid out his business plan for the next 6 years. But of course I can’t disclose.
  4. You will need different 1:32 scale tools to service the engine. Also there are differences on the firewall with the layout of components, hence the different bulge to the cowl.
  5. On the WNW website the Fokker d vii early is listed as a pre-order, it has been available for about two years now. Says a November restock is coming. This is the first time that I have noticed a kit is available for restock. Meaning they have sold out but are getting more. I know that some kits have been rereleased but they are different in some way, different decals, adding a figure or a dualist series. Maybe they are changing their once sold out never to be rereleased exactly the same policy is changing.
  6. I really like the full top and full bottom approach to the Lancaster fuselage. With just the actual sidewall missing. I could build my Lanc like that and be happy. As for the Dr. 1, I always said they would, now I just have to wait a little longer.
  7. I haven’t dealt with the Aires pit myself, but you don’t often read the words Aires and better fit in the same sentence.
  8. This is kit is often overlooked or forgotten about, however it is truly an outstanding model
  9. I try to stay out of these types of threads, but. Basically every car company makes SUV’s, do we really need another one? Clearly the market answer is yes we do and every company wants their own piece of the pie. Why? Because they are what is selling these days, they weren’t 40 years ago, and may not be 40 years from now. At this moment they are the big sellers. Notice they all come in same colours too, from brand to brand you can get a silver SUV from almost every manufacturer. Not so with minivans anymore, only a handful still making them, who knows how well they sell. But I can sure make an educated estimate of the ratio of SUV’s to minivans I see rolling around the streets near me. Let’s see Jaguar, Ferrari, or even Ford’s reply to a request for a minivan in my favourite shade of purple. I’d also like it in stock at least three local dealerships, and I ‘need’ it for less $20000 with 0% financing. Modellers seem to think the industry is a collective where we make kits that don’t compete against each other. If I was starting a modelling company today, I’d choose a F-14, Me-109, P-51, or F-16 as my first release. Otherwise there won’t be a second release. There is a very good reason why we are not up to our knees in Judy’s, Val’s, and P-36’s, because if anyone did tool one the warehouse people would be buried in unsold kits, and the manufacturer up to their eyeballs in debt.
  10. Wheels and Wings had the Eduard boxing of the P-40N. Saw it there yesterday. Never looked at the price.
  11. Interesting to see what kits are discounted, and which ones are not. Also the depth of discounts on some of these kits is a pretty good indicator of what is selling well, and what the slow movers are. I noticed there was $10 off the camel but $100 of the felixstowe.
  12. I seem to recall dear Edgar, God rest his soul, stating that the Mk. Vb and Vc landing gear also had a rake angle difference of 5 degrees. Can’t remember which one was which or why it was even different.
  13. Try wheels and wings in Toronto. I don’t know if they have any, but it is the last place I remember seeing them.
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