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  1. This gentleman also produces some nice WWI figures. http://www.zinnfiguren-martin-hille.de/index.php?cat=c16_Ritter-der-Luefte.html&XTCsid=1gk6mr96bfbnfhhv05nn9im3a6 Jim
  2. Thanks, Guttorm for all of the excellent pictures! Much appreciated. Jim
  3. Martin, The engine looks fantastic. Jim
  4. Looking forward to this build. Jim
  5. Thanks for the information, Kevin. Jim
  6. Fantastic. A beautiful build. I love the tonal variations. Jim
  7. Beautiful seat and cushions. I will certainly be watching this thread. Jim
  8. Kevin, From what company do you order your Gunze acrylics? Thanks. Jim
  9. Marek, What fantastic craftsmanship. You are an artist. Jim
  10. Dave, I just discovered your build thread. Beautiful work! Jim
  11. Hi, Doug. Please put me down for a Cr.32. Thanks. Jim
  12. Hi, Alan Mine arrived this weekend. I sent the payment today. I did notice that seven of the stencils on my set were incomplete - missing areas of lettering. Did anyone else have this issue? Jim
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