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  1. Episode 5 so far the best one, however, I have seen first 4 episodes for couple of times already and I really like it.

    I have read the book for 3 times in past 2 years so it’s easy for me to follow the characters and events but I could imagine that for audience without any knowledge of 8th AF  it could be really hard to build connection to main characters

  2. some tests of printed IP on their FB page.



    and comment from JSProducts regarding the planned release schedule:

    "Mid 2024 is the target window for the CH-124 and Mk 50, followed very closely by SH-3 types, and MK3 back half of 2024. Then the list moves to the various Westland European mk's."





  3. It's great to see that the guys at the Border are bold enough to release even twin engine plane and that they are improving with every new release.


    Considering myself 1/32 "scaleist" :) I'm pretty happy that they have announced He-111 and not  Ju-52, G4M (IMHO 2 possible future releases for them), He-177 or other multiengine plane not kitted in 1/32 before which could change my one scale rule for the aircraft models. Seems that the Border is avoiding US subjects (maybe to please "Big Brother"??) so I don't think that we will see anything like C-47 or PBY in near future.


    On the other hand I have several ship kits in 1/35 in my stash and Akagi deck with some planes to display (Kate and A6M) fits to this category :D
    Btw this is interesting concept and I can imagine part of Mogami flight deck with some F1M2 or E13A1 reconnaissance floatplanes as a future release.
    Even better would be to get nice kit of crowded deck of USS Enterprise before the Midway or Hornet deck with Doolittle's B-25B :D


  4. Latest Old Man Blog posted



    Seems that Ki-100 is in latest stage of development

    and that P-51B is getting closer



    and another one


    There's more! !
    Among the ◯◯ machines that are sure to appear for those who aim to become pilots, the one that I want the most is finally here! Moreover, there are three types from ◯ to ◯ in 1/32 scale, so I'm so excited that I can't even sleep. I want it!



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