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  1. will do, at the moment I'm waiting for some re-scribe items. best regards, Dennis
  2. thanks, so you have to be very carefull with the 3D printed parts as they are very brittle, when you put force on it it will brake as I found out during the build. Once again, we have to be very happy with this new company in the LSP world! Dennis
  3. I'm currently building the model, it's very nice but you have to be very carefull with the landing gear as the material is very brittle and mine broke in to many parts. The aft section diameter was larger than the middle section so I had to cut 1mm off and now I have to re-scribe it. For a starting company it is a very nice model.
  4. what a great build, now all we need is a model of it best regards, Dennis
  5. nice, the visor cover is from 306 squadron, I think that is where he flew his last F-16 flight before leaving to the PC-7. regards, Dennis
  6. Gecondoleerd Mark, heel veel sterkte. mvg, Dennis
  7. I think those are the MikroMir sprues from the Fokker E.V kit. regards, Dennis
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