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3D-Printed Mondoshawan (Fifth Element)


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This was supposed to be a quick little side project to give me an excuse to print something on my Elegoo Saturn 3D printer, but like most of my projects, dragged on and got more complicated. I decided to try to recreate the metallic effects and overall weathering as close to what we see on screen as possible, and late in the piece, I decided it needed a base for stability purposes. So what was supposed to take a few days has ended up taking a few months, but here it is.












Thanks for looking! Now I need to get back to one of my many unfinished aircraft projects!



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Wow that is amazing - really well done!


As someone currently printing a large multipart figure on their own Saturn, the work to do that is not to be underestimated - the amount of clean-up, prepping, etc. for the parts can be a huge effort but you seem to have knocked it out of the park with this one - congrats on such a well done project!

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