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  1. I forgot to add that the driver in the box art looks like his mother was frightened by a werewolf. And his passenger looks a little pensive.
  2. Just got mine today. LHS ordered it for me. They decided not to stock them as they're $229 retail! But considering I saw an original issue on ebay for $1,500, a relative bargain. I won't be leaving mine alone. I'm going to fix a few minor faults and add bigger wheels & tires for starters.
  3. I wonder, on that thought, if there's a retailer in Europe or the UK I'd be able to order one from?
  4. I wonder if/when this reissue will be available in the U.S.? In spite of the size of it, a nice trip down memory lane.
  5. It's a neat kit. I built one when it first came out. It's an adaptation of their earlier Turbo kit. Monogram made a 'sort of' Pontiac L79 400 out of the earlier kit's 301. The 301 had a much shorter deck height and in 1/8th scale, a very noticeable difference. The kit's block scales out to the 301's dimensions. I don't recall the height difference, but it'll be near 1/8" in scale. The intake manifold will need to be sectioned to allow for that, and the runners lengthened. On the "real" Pontiac V8s, the oil filter was mounted to an alloy right-angle adapter, with the filter itself hanging vertically. On the 301, the filter was on the block directly and it was horizontal. Easy correction to make. Most if not all the Pontiac 400 powered '79 Trans Ams were WS6 cars, which were 4-spd manual with disc brakes all around with the deep-dish snowflake wheels which the kit represents nicely. Modify the center console to represent the manual trans shifter, add three pedals under the dash, and with the aforementioned tweaks to the engine & a 4 spd trans, a stunning and BIG model can be built from this kit.
  6. Greetings all Just picked up an early production run Airfix Hurricane for the princely sum of $35USD. Refer to my title considering my recent Spitfire find..... Down side is that the vinyl tires were resting on the lower wing. Epoxy putty will be needed to fix that, but it's doable. I received one as a gift when I was a kid, but it never got built, and I sold it on years later when I found it stashed away. I looked around the box with a fishy eye, and I'd forgotten just how well done this kit is. Unfortunately my few remaining kits will have to wait as I'm relocating. It's going to look great parked next to my Spitfire when the time comes though. Really looking forward to it.
  7. Greetings all! Seems like HU 78 is unobtanium now that I need some, both for my Airfix Spit & HK Lanc. Just got a new compressor so it's time to start airbrushing! I haven't looked around yet but if any of you all have suggestions, I'd really appreciate the advice!
  8. Is that a unit insignia on the front?
  9. Great news! The LHS I bought the kit from had a boatload of them arrive from an estate, so I got a smokin' deal on a replacement. Now I have new stock for the spares bin!
  10. I'm considering taking a mold from the inside and then add the missing section, then vac-forming a replacement from the plug thus made.
  11. As I recall the navigator's astrodome at the aft end of the canopy is a full dome, not the partial one as depicted in the kit.
  12. Kit is currently OOP but it doesn't hurt to try. Thanks!
  13. Today I ordered Airscale's instrument panel, Barracudacast wheels, and RB Production's Sutton harness. Sadly though I can't get the warp out of that right upper wing sorted. Anyway, thanks again for looking in and advising!
  14. Reminds me of the Shep Paine diorama booklet that came with the old Monogram version of that vehicle. Absolutely awesome job there!
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