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  1. Probably dosage I'm sure. Five minutes after it was slipped into my i.v., it was as if I hadn't been given any. But I've experienced that before. I'm sure they're being cautious.
  2. Recently I landed in hospital showing ALL the symptoms for gallstones, and in such pain they gave me morphine (which doesn't really affect me) and we were all so sure that I had them that the ER doc stated that scanning my giblets via ultrasound, and later a CT scan, was a formality. But we were all confounded when those scans showed nothing at all. No trauma from passing them either. The CT scan showed absolutely no anomalies anywhere, and my bloodwork came up perfect. The most plausible theory? Shingles. Not everybody gets the rash and I certainly didn't. I'm going back at some point for more tests but that's what we're working on right now. I'll be talking with my GP about the vaccine soon.
  3. The performance envelope of the '262 was virtually identical to the Lockheed P-80, so assuming an actual contest, one winning over the other would've come down to the pilots flying them. I have no idea the actual reason for the '262 not participating, but it was probably a combination of big egos, concern for safety considering the '004 engine issues, and the sight of a defeated enemy's aircraft staying with the pack probably winning out in the end.
  4. Thanks again for the advice folks! Newest wrinkle is that the company I'm working for is seriously considering re-opening a facility in New Orleans. They pulled out a few years ago when the economy was still bad, but they're looking at going back. And they'd like me to run the operation. They've given me first crack at it if they decide to go for it. Anyone in Louisiana?
  5. Thanks folks for the feedback. Much appreciated! I've been to Charlotte, NC and really enjoyed the time spent there. I wonder how Atlanta, and Georgia in general, compares? Probably hotter and more humid I'd bet!
  6. Greetings all! Been quite awhile since I posted. Been insanely busy; I've started my own electronics service business last year, and while it's been slow, I secured a short-term contract with an electronics manufacturer this last February. When the contract ended July 1st, they asked me to stay on permanently. I can't go into what I'm doing, but it's challenging work and I've already helped them solve some engineering issues and that's got their attention, so I'm being fast-tracked for promotion, which may include me relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. Are there any LSP members down that way, or nearby, at least? Ironically as many of you know, I've been looking into the southern & southeastern states for several years, and now I may finally get my chance! So if anyone here has local knowledge, advice, and LHS info would be immensely appreciated. If I can slow the pace down from 12 - 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, I may actually have time to start building again! Sincerest thanks in advance, Ross
  7. Last I heard they were going to make one flight and save it for posterity afterwards. The engines have been rebuilt and have been run on a test stand. I believe many issues with the originals' durability problems have been resolved. And to clarify about the replica 262s with modern engines: the dummy engines WERE intended to look like the original 004s, at least from the forward access panels when removed. Tischler's team replicated the outside of the main turbine casing of the 004, but smooth on the inside of course. That huge aluminum casting formed the counterweight needed to keep the aircraft balanced properly. The modern engines sit quite far back in the cowling.
  8. Even though it's a hairdryer with wobbly exhausts I'd love to see an F-22 in 32nd scale, simply for the fact that I've seen the Raptor in flight and it's something I'll never forget. Too bad the demand isn't there. Maybe that'll change some day.
  9. So sorry you had that experience, Jennings. Could be worse though. I had the misfortune of flying Laker Airways many years ago.....
  10. I pointed that out to those who needed to know and got laughed at. One of the responses was "the aircraft will never fly in turbulent conditions" when I expressed concern about torque on the main spar/box section when the fuselages would start moving independently in such conditions. I'm sure they can predict the weather and clear-air turbulence with 100% accuracy. Sarcasm aside, I'm sure they ran the numbers for the stress loading on the wing. However I've heard that sort of arrogance in reply before and witnessed tragedies as a consequence. I hope it'll never be an issue. Maybe they don't know what an HE-111Z was or why their engineers had to connect the rear fuselages together. They lost a couple of aircraft before they figured it out as I recall. But the Stratolaunch is a composite structure and can probably handle it no problem.
  11. Came in awfully hot. And did some of the engines keep running afterwards? Sad about the crew needless to say.
  12. You're correct. You'll need to shorten and modify the new kit's wing root fairing to match the -B wing.
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