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  1. That's stunning! Beautiful work. I have season 1 on Blu-Ray and I hope to get more. I like the series overall, but for me the cheesy bad acting is part of the appeal, although some of the episodes make me wince in pain.
  2. They should do a combi kit of the more famous DR-1s and call it Meet The Fockers. Imagine the legal trouble they'd land themselves in.
  3. I might go for the Spud XIII. 24th I believe is the perfect scale for WWI subjects. Just call me Tater Salad.
  4. The Komet had an even more curved windscreen than the Uhu, yet it had a very thick armored glass panel behind it. I suspect that, given the aircraft's role as a nightfighter, it was as much for protecting the pilot's eyes from flash if the target exploded. As fitted that panel doesn't look very thick at all from the photos I've seen.
  5. The above two videos are a treasure trove of details for the Wildcat.
  6. Are there any known wartime photos of Komet W. Nr. 191659, the one that was captured by the British and flown by Captain Eric Brown before being shipped to the UK? I'm not sure if it's been repainted in it's wartime configuration, as it's displayed today. Thanks!
  7. Today while working on my Komet, I remembered having a roll of copper snail barrier tape, so I tried it instead of my usual aluminum duct tape. I found that the copper is a little more forgiving, almost like lead foil. I recommend it for just about any area aluminum duct tape would be used. And it has a very good quality adhesive. Most nurseries or garden centers will have it. But these days it's a bit expensive since copper is in so much demand. And I'll sleep better knowing maruading snails won't attack my Komet.
  8. The double-breasted Bearcat. A favorite of mine.
  9. My own love of aircraft of WWII is purely technical. Yes for me there's a bias, slightly, towards German technology, but it's certainly not ideological. My own mother, for example, from her family's flat in Glasgow, near the Clyde, watched an FW-190 make a bombing run on RN warships. The bomb it "pickled" went down the gangway of an RN cruiser but didn't go off. My grandfather mentioned later that if that bomb did what it was supposed to do, nobody would've survived in her neighborhood. But she described the Bf-110 as the most beautiful WWII plane she'd ever seen. Probably from other raids or
  10. That's looking a fantastic build! My wallet is starting to twitch...... Those videos are fascinating to watch. Never realized just how sophisticated the '108 is until now. However when it was pointed out that an aux fuel tank AND the battery were added to the luggage bay, I sounded like C3P0 when they were flying into the asteroid field. What a dumb thing to do. Glad they're returning it to stock!
  11. Interesting to note that Weeks' aircraft has most of the canopy & windscreen framing on the inside of the plexi, like an AR-234. I wonder if the military versions had a reinforcing strip on the outside as well, or if this was a change made for all?
  12. They've been scaling back their vac offerings for a long time. I'd imagine that demand for them has been on the decline and it's just not worth the cost of producing them.
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