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  1. "I'd go up to his place and hang out but if I got pulled over I'd get ordered right back to where I started. And I don't want to risk spreading it either." I think you've misinterpreted me. I had no such plans.
  2. SEAC camo it will be. Got some Eduard goodies for it from S.B. For fun it's going to be my own "what if" warbird. Martin-Baker seat, a modern TFT instrument suite, etc.!
  3. When I saw the engine photos, I thought they were reference photos of the original. Beautiful work!
  4. My best friend called called me last night and delivered some bad news. His condition has worsened but he's still pretty cheerful about it, but with CV-19 he's confined to quarters, as it were, and can't take the risk of being in a hospital setting. His specialist's nurse contracted CV and is in the ICU for example. I'd go up to his place and hang out but if I got pulled over I'd get ordered right back to where I started. And I don't want to risk spreading it either.
  5. +2! For me it was as much for the enjoyment of the build, but technical interest and history of the subject was right up there too, especially as my father and my uncle were in the RAF and had a few tales to tell. It was an escape too; my father was an RAF officer accustomed to command, and my childhood wasn't the happiest in part because of it. He was more a commanding officer than a father, so often I stayed out of the way by building or reading. I think my hobbies helped keep my sanity afloat at the time!
  6. It's a surprisingly good kit in it's own right. I have a first issue of it. I'll find some Gulfhawk decals for it, or extend the upper wing with sheet stock and eliminate the fabric effect along the way, which is too exaggerated for my liking; actually I'll do that no matter what. Good luck with it and enjoy!
  7. I just can't wrap my brain around this kit. Yes I've looked at some of the builds here but nonetheless, I'm stunned. Good luck with yours!
  8. Received my order today. Even after reviewing the builds here, all I can say is, Holy flying wing, Batman! I thought Tamiya's Corsair was insane. It might as well be a 50s Aurora kit by comparison. A different league altogether. Looking forward to this one.
  9. Afyer polishing the canopy, there was a problem: the molded-in framing detail was gone too. Waiting in the wings was a True Details Fast Mask kit. Remember those? So I carefully lifted one of the canopy masks and transferred it to a piece of my favorite aluminum duct tape. After carefully cutting around the mask, I had an aluminum canopy frame! But I had to allow for the slight dimensional difference and voila! A self-adhesive canopy frame. Worked out brilliantly.
  10. It's definitely the 32nd version I ordered, both by price ($152) and by description. What I actually receive? That's another story, but I'll know in a few more days.
  11. Got the markings applied today. No decals! I haven't airbrushed national markings in a LONG time. And it was fun, which is the main thing!
  12. Double-checked my order...... I hope one of their smaller scale versions wasn't in the 32nd scale bin........
  13. Likely! Glad I pulled the trigger when I did.
  14. Thank goodness for Sprue Bros! When I was working up an order with them the other day, I noticed they had Z-M's Ho-229 in stock which had been a fly in my ear for quite awhile. Couldn't resist. Besides, I'm hoping that when it shows up, I'll be called back to work! Sometimes fooling the gods works. I've looked at some of the build threads here and it looks like a good challenge.
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