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  1. Looks like I'll have a bit of time for it today. I really do need to get an image hosting account so I can share it and other projects of mine.
  2. I'd give up a kidney for a '17 in 32nd scale. If Airfix could get the shape right back then, it could certainly be done now. Considering how versatile that basic airframe was, there'd be a huge number of possibilities for subjects.
  3. Got the wings & tail feathers glued up. Next up will be doing the surprisingly well done interior. I did find that a mudguard for the main gear is missing. Horrors! I'll have to break out my Mattel Vac-Form machine to make replacements.
  4. 24th Canberra or Vulcan for me. Or a Phantom.
  5. You'll need a can each of Testors olive drab & flat gray to spray it with.
  6. Stopped at the LHS after work and found the MPC reboxing of the old Airfix Do-17E, in 72nd scale of course. I built this kit when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I've forgotten what a surprisingly good kit this is! Needs decals though. I poked around on the 'net but I didn't find much, and I wonder if there's any detailing goodies for it? I'll build it no matter what, and maybe display it on my desk or throw it in my fish tank or something. This'll be the first 72nd kit I've worked on in over 30 years, and it's brought back a ton of memories. Good times.
  7. Greetings all! Are there any photos of the Bf-109 V10? I've heard it was found buried a few years ago, but mainly I'm curious about how it looked during the war. Thanks!
  8. Thanks folks! I'll take as many photos of my mutt (mostly Manchester Terrier) as possible and start checking out the suggestions.
  9. I did the Raiden years ago. The office was more typical of U.S. Revell 32nd offerings, but still better than most for the time. Overall a really nice kit and my favorite. I do miss Revell's Ki-43. IMO that was one of their best 32nd kits. I believe that was done in the U.S.
  10. I want my dog printed in my favorite scales; 32nd, 24th, & 12th. Where would I even begin?! Preferably with a leg up marking his territory. I'd love to pose those prints next to my subjects, perhaps preparing to wee on a tire or something. Photos from different angles obviously, but what would be best? Ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The Trumpy fuse looks like the pilot closed the canopy and had a massive fart. Check out my own stalled build from years ago and see how I dealt with the wings. Were I to do it over, I'd do the hybrid approach too.
  12. I don't remember if the Trumpy wings have the center lower fuselage attached to the wing center section like the Hase kit does, but in any case you'll need to retain the Hase fuselage center section, and attach the Trumpy wings with a carry-through spar, much like the real aircraft does. Hope this helps!
  13. Probably dosage I'm sure. Five minutes after it was slipped into my i.v., it was as if I hadn't been given any. But I've experienced that before. I'm sure they're being cautious.
  14. Recently I landed in hospital showing ALL the symptoms for gallstones, and in such pain they gave me morphine (which doesn't really affect me) and we were all so sure that I had them that the ER doc stated that scanning my giblets via ultrasound, and later a CT scan, was a formality. But we were all confounded when those scans showed nothing at all. No trauma from passing them either. The CT scan showed absolutely no anomalies anywhere, and my bloodwork came up perfect. The most plausible theory? Shingles. Not everybody gets the rash and I certainly didn't. I'm going back at some point for more tests but that's what we're working on right now. I'll be talking with my GP about the vaccine soon.
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