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  1. Greetings all Just picked up an early production run Airfix Hurricane for the princely sum of $35USD. Refer to my title considering my recent Spitfire find..... Down side is that the vinyl tires were resting on the lower wing. Epoxy putty will be needed to fix that, but it's doable. I received one as a gift when I was a kid, but it never got built, and I sold it on years later when I found it stashed away. I looked around the box with a fishy eye, and I'd forgotten just how well done this kit is. Unfortunately my few remaining kits will have to wait as I'm relocating. It's going to look great parked next to my Spitfire when the time comes though. Really looking forward to it.
  2. Greetings all! Seems like HU 78 is unobtanium now that I need some, both for my Airfix Spit & HK Lanc. Just got a new compressor so it's time to start airbrushing! I haven't looked around yet but if any of you all have suggestions, I'd really appreciate the advice!
  3. Is that a unit insignia on the front?
  4. Great news! The LHS I bought the kit from had a boatload of them arrive from an estate, so I got a smokin' deal on a replacement. Now I have new stock for the spares bin!
  5. I'm considering taking a mold from the inside and then add the missing section, then vac-forming a replacement from the plug thus made.
  6. As I recall the navigator's astrodome at the aft end of the canopy is a full dome, not the partial one as depicted in the kit.
  7. Kit is currently OOP but it doesn't hurt to try. Thanks!
  8. Today I ordered Airscale's instrument panel, Barracudacast wheels, and RB Production's Sutton harness. Sadly though I can't get the warp out of that right upper wing sorted. Anyway, thanks again for looking in and advising!
  9. Reminds me of the Shep Paine diorama booklet that came with the old Monogram version of that vehicle. Absolutely awesome job there!
  10. I've cast a fishy eye at foiling this one, then polished. Maybe.
  11. Still trying to give that upper right wing a go but it's not looking too good. Don't be surprised if a want ad shows up! Anyway, Airfix's upcoming Mk.IX should be a stunner. However I firmly believe they should reprise their BoB Spit & '109E.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I've found the upper right wing half to be badly warped. Not sure if I can fix that yet. If not I'll try and source a replacement.
  13. Try copper snail tape from a garden center.
  14. Greetings all! Been awhile as usual. This time the 'vid got me and recovery will be slow. To help with this, I just picked up an early MPC boxing of the Airfix kit for a song. I built one when I was staying at my uncle's house over summer vacation as a young kid. Listening to the tales told by my uncle and my dad while building it are a priceless memory. And that of course is what drew me to it. Anyway, I'm not going to go too nuts on this kit. What aftermarket is out there? Cockpit & gear wells, decals, etc? Thanks folks.
  15. How did those Fury pilots keep their aircraft trimmed?
  16. I did research the area and consulted with co-workers there or who have lived there. It's a beautiful part of the country and the vast majority of the people from all walks of life I've met here have been wonderful. If I'd been able to secure some reasonably safe lodging, and we hadn't seen so many leave employment with us back in L.A., I'd be staying, but that is not to be. Except for the break-ins and the frustration of trying to find a place, my experience there has been very similar to the one I had in Charlotte. Yesterday I went to Zonolite Park in North Druid Hills and had a great time. I saw my dog smile for the first time since I got here. Speaking of dog, he's a Manchester Terrier and is great on the road. He and I have travelled a good chunk of the U.S. But I'm worried about him. He's not his usual self and will be getting a check-up with his vet when we get back.
  17. Pulled the trigger this morning. Not happy about it at all, but family comes first.
  18. You don't need to buy kits with missing parts. That's not the sort of kit you're looking for. Now move along.
  19. Getting more worried about my dog. Often his breath smells of urine which can mean kidney trouble.
  20. Okay then! Since I relocated out here, four people at the main office in SoCal have quit, I haven't been able to qualify for a place except for when the listing states "we accept Section 8 and vouchers", and my truck has been broken into twice here. And my dog is still upset. Looks very likely I'll be turning around and heading back to help fill the shortage. A former neighbor has kindly offered me a room as well. Signed, Angry & frustrated in Atlanta
  21. Arrived this morning and headed straight to my new office. Called a property management company about a small house for rent nearby. Never got a call back. Nice. I'll be living out of a hotel for a short time. Unfortunately I couldn't come down early for a few days to set something up. Hopefully I'll find something soon. And my dog is back to being upset about the situation which is breaking my heart. He'll get over it though.
  22. I loved reading his threads and gaining insight into his persistence and enthusiasm. Too many people would've throttled back and merely existed in his situation.
  23. I finished packing and left before dawn from Southern California. Stopped for the night in Grants, New Mexico. Long day! I'm worried about my dog though. When we left the first rest area in Arizona, and kept heading east, he finally realized something was up, and he cried for more than an hour. He's been better since but definitely not happy about it! I'm hoping the trip continues to go smoothly. And I can't wait to get settled once I'm there. I may actually have some spare time to get things done!
  24. When I was a kid it was Chuck's Hobby Hangar in Woodland Hills, Ca, and Karl's Toys in West Hills. In the UK there was a hobby shop near my uncle's home in Sandhurst, and a big shop in London where I found an Airfix 24th Spitfire for the equivalent of $5 US thanks to the exchange rate. In Glasgow I don't recall an LHS but just about every small convenience type shop had a selection of kits. Fun times!
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