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  1. interesting scheme. i was not sure of the "mottle" finish until I saw pic of actual a/c. great "sponge" work and overall finish.
  2. Superb effort. I enjoyed following this build and watching you conquer those WTF moments. Clearly a unique scheme you don't see too often. Always liked the early BOB Spitfires and Hurricanes camouflage and markings. Earth/Green and those B&W undersides, what's not cool about that? MRP rules indeed!
  3. Thanks Mike! Cheers Kev! Thank you. It's all in the photo angles. Time to take the plunge and brush up on your colorful metaphors. Thanks Chuck Cheers Richard. Thanks Graham. Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear and Gunze Leveling Thinner about 1:2 ratio. For a dead flat use XF-86 and Gunze Rapid Thinner 1:2. These ratios work for me. You should start at 1:1 and see what best for you. Thank you Pascal. Cheers Lothar. Far from perfect, but I'll take it!
  4. Thanks Kev. I truly feel like I got a 800lb gorilla off my back with this build. I'm sure there will be more challenging builds in my future, that 190C comes to mind. Of course you may publish. I'd be honored.
  5. A Thing Divine For Nothing Natural I Ever Saw So Nobel Special Hobby Tempest Mk.V #32052 was used for Evan Mackies mount. Mackie, RNZAF, was the highest scoring Tempest ace with 20+ kills. Albeit, most of Mackies kills were in Spitfires. This kit is a most difficult build. I started this almost 2 years ago and binned it several times as my MoJo was clearly flattened with this. From the cockpit, wing root and landing gear construction offered me plenty of WTFFF! and Are You Kidding Me! moments. There was a good chance you may have heard my screams. This kit is clearly recommended for experienced modellers only. I chose Mackies build as I have several Kiwi friends and the lack of ordinance and invasion stripes show the beautiful lines of the Tempest. Weathering kept to a minimum as this aircraft was delivered to Mackie May 1945. See my build log. Build Details Yahu 3214 IP, center panel only as side panels do not fit Barracuda 32334 Nose Correction Set, 32140 Tempest Wheels, 32011 Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Part II (Acemaker II gunsight only) Master Model 32096 Tempest Mk.V "short" Cannon Tips Maketar Masks 32122 Tempest Mk.V REXX 32043 exhausts ANYZ AN011 .5mm Braided Thread, AN016 Line Connectors MV Lenses 197 Amber, LS800 Red & Green, PN21 Clear Albion Aluminum Slide Fit Tubes .3mm, .5mm, .7mm and .9mm MR Paint 77 Nato Black 110 RAF Green 111 RAF Interior Grey Green 112 RAF Medium Sea Grey 115 RAF Ocean Grey 118 RAF Sky 122 RAF Marking Yellow 123 RAF Marking Red 135 Insignia White 183 Oxford Blue Vallejo 306 Dark Rubber Various Alclad Colors Tamiya X22 Clear, XF86 Flat Clear MiG Washes Dark Wash Streaking Grime 1203 Engine Oil 1408 PLW Deep Grey 1602 PLW Green Brown 1612 MiG Pigments Light Dust 3002 Black Smoke P023 Rust P025 Russian Earth P034 These publications, highly recommended, were critical helping me on this build. Especially the landing gear rake. Airframe Minature No.4 Hawker Tempest Osprey 27 Typhoon and Tempest Aces of WWII Warts and all this build yielded some great lessons. Thank you all for your encouragement and support during this build.
  6. Its a wrap...finally. A few teaser pics and will post in RFI. Follow this link.
  7. The photo shoot is under way.
  8. I sure hope so as the nose and prop are just a bad off as the Mk.V.
  9. This comparison the Tempest wins the beauty contest. Albeit, I'd take the Jug to a bar fight and leave the Tempest home.
  10. Cheers Iain! Thanks. This was a very difficult build. I have the Mk.II and I am hope to see a Prop correction offering soon.
  11. Cheers Nick. Thanks Richard Thanks Rocat Brian! Thanks. Cheers Kev Stay tuned. I've been slammed with family duties (all good) and prepping for my youth Ice Hockey Coaching certification exam. Background check next week! Thanks John.
  12. Finished Bench shot and test shot on photo table with iPhone. Full SLR photo shoot in a few days. Stay tuned. These 2 side by side clearly show just how big the Tempest is.
  13. Some streaking underneath the radiator. Some streaking applied. The landing gear was nothing short of a nightmare. Every piece did not fit and required a slight trim to fit. Install parts H22 and H23 after full glue cure add parts I51. You'll need to trim H22 and H23 to fit on the main gear H11 and H12. A word of caution. Be sure to test fit landing gear leg H11 and H12 to determine if cut was necessary, it was for me. For me in order to get an accurate landing gear rake I glued parts H11 to D4 and H12 to D3. Once glue cure i will use 15 minute epoxy to glue landing gear to wheel well. As the epoxy cures I am constantly adjusting the landing gear rake using the profile drawing from the Valiant Wings Tempest publication. Tail gear installed as well. After epoxy cure of 48 hours I'm comfortable enough to get the big Tempest on her legs. Roy's wheels added with epoxy and given a long cure time. Color me satisfied with the landing gear rake.
  14. Panel Line Wash applied. Weathering will be kept to a minimum for the following reasons...pick one: a) Mackies Tempest was delivered May 1945 so it's in pretty clean shape. b) My weathering skill-sets are not advanced The cockpit. Roy's Acemaker II gunsight looks really nice all jammed into the dashboard comb. Pardon the dust
  15. Amazon - Molotow Liquid Chrome I also have the 1mm marker. When brush I keep to single brushstroke. It covers really well. Airbrush is low PSI for me its about 15psi, no more than 1/2 inch from surface and apply wet. It levels nicely. Let cure for at least 24 hours. I play it safe and let it cure for a few days. Practice on paint mule.
  16. If I get to my ZM He219 before the apocalypse my finish will be an overall black RLM22 as on He219 V1 W.Nr 219001.
  17. Brian you gave me enough motivation to cure any yellowing issue with my MV Lens. A shot of Molotow Liquid Chrome for the fix. Right after paint the chrome finish is meh. After paint cure the surface smooths out and the chrome finish is pretty good.
  18. Here is link for NASM article on He219 wing painting. The "meandering" or "Swiggles" paint scheme has been closely replicated. The RLM76 was applied over the RLM75. The He219 was mfg by several contractors then assembled at one site. The NASM He219 will have the FuG220 array. Currently The He219 is being assembled on the floor and sits between the Fw190 and the Ar234. NASM He219 as of 9 Sep 2019. Main wheels recently added. Much work to do. Take a look at the wing root and you can see the original Meandering/Swiggle application of RLM76 which was carefully replicated. Read the article I provided in this post. Clearly this bird is destined to be the "Rock Star" at Udvar Hazy.
  19. Decal and initial staining has been sealed with gloss varnish. While the varnish cures on aircraft I gave Roy's wheels some love with a shot of varnish. Will pick out details with PLW. While all things varnish cure I work on bits of landing gear, landing gear doors and even some radiator action.
  20. Thanks Gaz. The stands are Flight Pose www.flightpose.com Get all 3 sizes.
  21. Adding brake lines and I've decided to try ANYZ products Line Connectors AN016 and Braided Line .5mm AN011 Black. ANYZ product is exceptional casting. I also have the Spark Plug set which must be seen to believe. Various size copper wire .3mm and .35mm used. I threaded the wire through the Braided Line so the Braided Line will hold shape. My micro drills .3mm and .35mm I drilled out the ends of connectors, yes it's a painstaking event. Using epoxy to secure the wire to Line Connector I'll pull the Braided Line back then paint the Line Connectors. I have a good feeling about this. May try same approach with ignition lines.
  22. Thanks Padubon! Weathering can hide some warts. My skill sets on weathering are minimal. One of these days I'm gonna break out my oils and all the PLW and Filters and have at it. I suppose, for now, my weathering prime directive will be "less is more".
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