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  1. Blue Brew applied. Marbled and blended. Intakes added. And....what for it...Putty, Sand, Repeat. Putty, Sand, Repeat... Touch ups completed a little gloss overall. On to the next step.
  2. Fuselage and fuel tanks buttoned up. Eduard PE and bake lines added to wheel wells. Always love a good weld. Stabilizer surface controls sanded to correct shape. Wings and stabilizers secured. AVM resin "Belly Box", fuel tanks and wing racks "pylons" cleaned up. Test fit yields some putty, sand, repeat in my future. Stabilizers secured.
  3. Test fit cockpit details. Lots of Eduard detail. The huge canopy looks tinted. The seam was removed on the canopy frame. Tamiya clears X19 Smoke with a touch of X26 Orange highly thinned with MLT. A few passes then after full cure a dip in Future. Some reference pics did show a faint seam on the canopy glazing. After getting my hands on a close up image of the canopy the seam is actually a wire with no seam on the windscreen. I will correct this.
  4. The Eduard PE gunsight looks awesome and the angst begins when it sits too high obstructing the fit of the windscreen. I tried the kit supplied PE gunsight...same results. So, time for some scratch building. First had to reduce the top of dash coam so the gunsight will sit low enough. Then with plastic card A mount is secured. Plastic card as viewed from inside dash coam. Test fit, looks good. Reducing top of dash coam I lost the access panel detail. Eduard PE look like the best solution. Meh, I just did n
  5. Cockpit sidewalls added. Test fit with pit tub and rear IP coam. Looks good.
  6. Radar nose cone painted Gunze 307 Dark Ghost Grey after paint cure is masked. Camouflage is French Air Force scheme, Light Grey and Med Blue Grey. Starting off with Gunze 308 Light Ghost Grey I marbled the upper disruptive pattern then... give the undersides full coverage. Marbling done I blend with ez passes of well thinned Gunze 308. The Medium Blue Grey is a recommended brew by Icarus. I used Gunze 72 Intermediate Blue and 337 Medium Grey mixed at 2:1. Thinned 1:1 with MLT.
  7. Putty, sand, repeat. Putty, sand, repeat. There at more gaps on this kit than a Lauren Hutton/Michael Strahan conference. Windscreen secured and final masking of cockpit. Gunze Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 overall primer. Seams and problem areas hit with Gunze Mr. Surfacer 500.
  8. Fuselage buttoned up. Lots of putty on the nose cone. Then scribe correct lines. HUD film positioned with Future will look pretty cool when light hits at particular angle.
  9. WIndscreen masked and painted inside NATO Gray outside Gunze black primer.
  10. IRIS T missiles painted overall Gunze 308 gray with warhead band painted Alclad 103 Dark Aluminum. More tiny decals...6 for each missile and 5 for each launch rail. Eye strain assured...
  11. Looks great Derek. I have no desire to amp my build up. Plenty of shortcomings with this kit. I'm keeping this OOB as much as possible. Belts and explodey things are only upgrades.
  12. Ha, thank Matt. Chunky indeed, I'm keeping this as OOB as possible. Already I'm seeing fit issues. Let the angst begin.
  13. Eduard Exocet and IRIS missiles will be used for the load out. Some assembly required and were ready for some primer. NATO Black on warhead then some masking. Warhead gets a shot of Gunze 305 Grey. The liquid mask applied on warhead after paint cure. MRP 135 USN White applied overall. Now for some tiny decals.... Decals on. Panel line wash on deck. First, on to the IRIS-T missiles.
  14. Cockpit gets some detail. Buttons and dials are painted using toothpick. Eduard PE belts are annealed shaped and painted and secured to the ejection seat. DeLuxe "Liquid Gravity" used for ballast. Closing the fuselage. Looking kinda "clunky". External tank, wings and fuselage closed up. Windscreen taped to protect gunsight from preliminary handling.
  15. Hey guys, just checking in to say hello. Been lurking past few months with occasional posts. Some really great builds completed and ongoing. Things have been crazy busy for me, all good. Both kids winter sports (I'm a coach), now spring sports (coach here too), yard work, 200sq ft veggie garden and a 18 week old Labrador Retriever. Basically no bench time since late January. Have 1:48 A29 Super Tucano ready for about 2 dozen Archer Resin decals and 1:32 TAM Mossie pining for attention. Sue and I celebrated 18 years of marital bliss this month, I conti
  16. Σας ευχαριστώ για τις ευχές για τα γενέθλια αργά και για καλή υγεία. cheers Derek!
  17. My Papu (Grandfather) started this business in 1921. This year marks 100 years in our family. My twin brother is current owner. How many restaurants do you know that have been around for 100 years? Owned by same family for 100 years? Watch the video, it tells the story. Ernies Texas Lunch 100 years Mods, if this inappropriate remove. I'm super proud of my brother. If you look close you'll see a pic of my twin brother Ernie (15) and to his right you'll just make out over half a dozen models I built. Model on - Rick
  18. Many WWII movies I truly enjoyed. These 60's movies will always be my favorite. Where Eagles Dare (Huge crush on Mary) Harms Way (Cheesey special effects, I just loved the cast...so many heavy weights in one movie)
  19. Nakajima NK1C Sakae 12 from TAM A6M2b This build A6M2N is TAM A6M2b using MDC A6M2N Rufe conversion. Also my first build 2012 returning to this hobby after >30 year hiatus. I look at it now and I'm tempted to strip paint off for repaint. My skill-sets have trended since this effort.
  20. I'd love a walk through your garage then teeing you up for some great discussions. My little head might pop from all the information/education.
  21. Positive vibes to you and your family Theo. Stay safe and model on. Best - Rick
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