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  1. Thank you for the replies. Ahem, Thomas.... it was a blinding glimpse of the obvious until I realized that was a solder paste tube.
  2. Hey guys. I'm going to attempt soldering Master FuG220 Brass Antenna. Looking for solder Recommendations/Coaching. Solder Paste? Really thin solder wire? I have Dual Soldering Gun and Soldering Iron from my Archer Kit days. Both are 80's "vintage". Is it time for and upgrade? Thanks - Rick
  3. Awesome finish Kev. The metallic paint, shading is excellent. I cannot imagine a build targeted as a "quick project" turns into a months long trek. Why I never.....
  4. Great finish on this beast. If build angst is anything like the Mk.V kit then a well deserved bravo for pulling it together for a beautiful finish.
  5. Thanks so much Mike. I have those pit images and are helpful. That line drawing is a gem. What is your source for this? I have copy of Hood's "He100 Record Breaker". Some nice reference images and good historical data. Lacking interior interior shots.
  6. No shell ejector chutes on this so more cutting and swearing. Using a reference drawing I locate the shell ejector chute location. And here we go... Drill then cut. MDC ejector chutes are prefect for this. F.I.C.E.
  7. Some work on the pit has been nothing but an interesting journey. I'm raiding my spares bin for detail. White stryene strips place to floor instruments. I seat will be glued to the floor. 30mm cannon cover is an Aires resin for Bf109. The white rods on seat will be used to guide the harness in position. The mount in front of the rod is the trim wheel borrowed from an Bf109. Instrument panel smoothed to accept pe replacement. The Revell IP is almost identical size as the He100. Mount tabs are thin stryene strips for the dashboard comb. There's gonna be plenty of this action through out the fuselage assembly.
  8. Looks like the floor will spread the wing root area. Not perfect but clearly an improvement.
  9. TBD if the cockpit will spread fuselage at wing root. There will be a spreader placed top of fuselage to accommodate the wide canopy.
  10. Between yard work, walking the dog and Ice hockey I had some bench time and the test fit was as expected. Geeze. Stabilizers not spared. and the hits just keep on coming. Lovely lower wing and fuselage join. HORRAY!
  11. Listen for the screams! Test fitting the wings and fuselage over the weekend.
  12. Hi Sasha. No reference for rivet pattern. I used rivet detail on several Luftwaffe planes such as Fw190 and Bf109 and used reasonable assumption. I guarantee you the probability of accuracy is low.
  13. Not sure if under control as of yet. Many steps to proceed and successfully complete before I call this under control. The cockpit, the wing cannon, the landing gear all will receive plenty of attention. At any point this could go downhill fast and end up in the 86 tub. Test fitting the wings and fuselage this weekend. You may hear the screams.
  14. Lower wing gets some Pounce love. Lower wing riveting complete. The landing flaps (top and bottom) are rendered as being fabric. Will have to remove the "ribs". Sanding becomes somewhat futile as the ribs are deep and sanding them down presents an uneven surface. 3M Acryl Red Glazing Putty thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner is applied with a brush. After cure sanding yields the even surface I'm looking for.
  15. A few weeks to simmer after the A29 Super Tucano finish then sorting through and thinning my stash I cleaned my bench and started another project. I was leaning towards a WNW or Tamiya kit. You know, those kits with exquisite engineering? Nope! Instead it's another short run project with plenty of challenges. Special Hobby He100D. Why? I love the story behind this aircraft. Fast with beautiful lines. Beating out Willys 109 in all categories except the political one. This will be a "what if" build with late 1945 scheme with a WGr.21 loadout, perhaps a He100G3 designation or He113D6. Also this a/c will have no internal evaporating system. Fun with things resin. Cut and sand...it's a beautiful thing. Template used to assign launcher mount holes marked and drilled out. Stepping out of my comfort zone I'm going to rivet entire a/c. Starting with the upper wings the Pounce Wheel(s) are put to work.
  16. Positive vibes to you wife, you and family.
  17. Is build is dated, 2019. I never posted the WIP. Al least I don't recall posting a WIP. My search did not turn up anything. This was during a major house rennovation, living at my awesome sister-in-laws house. My little head was about to pop during this. Dealing with contractors, schlepping kids to ice hockey, equesterian, school sports & events. Enjoy. Cleaning and sanding parts. HUD film cut for gunsight using my Dspiae cutter. Cockpit get some attention. HUD film cut to desired size awaits. HUD film secured on gunsight with Future. Canopy is masked and painted inside with Tamiya NATO Black. Then mask removed then inside tinted with 3 parts Tamiya Clear Smoke and 1 part Tamiya Clear Orange highly thinned with MLT. About 6 light passes with airbrush get the effect I'm looking for. Ballast added using Deluxe "Liquid Gravity". Tamiya fits just amazes me. No issues with gaps ir ill fitting parts. Ready to insert cockpit essentials and mask.
  18. Finished. This build fought me every step. Almost made multiple trips to the bin. You may have heard the screams. *I never got my lazy butt organized to post finished pics in a timely manner. My 2nd COVID19 build during the "lockdown". Mirage 2000 HAF, 332AWS, 114CW, Tanagra AFB, Greece 1997 Italeri 012 1:72 Mirage 2000C ResKit 720021 exhaust ResKit 720034 wheels Eduard EDSS172 interior Eduard 672060 AM39 Exocet missiles Eduard 672070 IRIS-T missiles MasterModel 72018 NATO Refuel Probe ICARUS 72001 decals Hellenic Air Force Jets Part I Gunze 307 Dark Ghost Grey Gunze 308 Light Ghost Grey Gunze 69 Off White French Air Force Blue Modern - Gunze 72 Intermediate Blue and 337 Medium Grey mixed at 2:1 Alclad 101 Alumnimum Tamiya XF69 NATO Black Tamiya X23 Clear Blue Tamiya X26 Clear Orange Tamiya X19 Clear Smoke Nice comparison with F16 HAF Viper (Tamiya F16)
  19. Thanks Matt. No one as happy as I to get this build finished and cleared off the bench. After bench tidying up I'll decide. Will defiantly be a 1:32
  20. Thanks. It's kinda fun swapping out the explodey things. Reminds me of my days playing with GI Joe "action figures".
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