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  1. I really tried to convince myself to try to get a few more WNW but I did a sanity check and reviewed my stash earlier in the afternoon and came to the realization that I have way too much already
  2. Man you said it - great times for large scale models all of a sudden (I would add the dual Apache kits and Mi28N, Kotare Spit, Aviattic Pfalz the list goes on....) but agreed still would really love a really good P-51B in 1/32
  3. Wow amazing Christmas surprise if it does make it out so soon!
  4. amazing - so excited to see this confirmed!
  5. Wow that is amazing - really well done! As someone currently printing a large multipart figure on their own Saturn, the work to do that is not to be underestimated - the amount of clean-up, prepping, etc. for the parts can be a huge effort but you seem to have knocked it out of the park with this one - congrats on such a well done project!
  6. wanted one for years so fingers are crossed
  7. I think we are darn close though not able to check currently - I took the base measurement for 1/32 from the diameter of the flange on the Vector 1/32 R-2800 as it seemed the most accurate and best looking (vs. the Hasegawa or Trumpeter engines.) I think it was right at 7mm or .275"
  8. Ha - well I can't wait for two or more new-tool P-51B 1/32 kits to show up any time please....
  9. Just slowly plodding along - far short of the folks 3d modelling entire aircraft but I think I have this part about as far as I am going to take it - again its pretty small but should print OK
  10. Gotcha - thanks! I should be able to scale it off the drawings from Jay but just lacking a front-on drawing so was hoping
  11. That is really cool to see - thank you for sharing! Do you have the entire brush assembly? If so, any chance for additional pictures and maybe dimensions? Thanks!
  12. Well again not a lot of plastic being touched but I am trying a different kind of model - trying to make the Curtiss Electric prop system as from the drawings/pics - not done a whole lot of 3D modelling at least not in many years - mostly just chopping or slightly modifying models from others. But I guess I will see how it goes! The Brush Housing is started. Not sure how much detail to put on this as the whole thing will be like 10mm wide in 1/32....
  13. Just fantastic - kudos on such a fine build and finish! I recall from the build thread you used chipping fluid? Curious what brand that was and how the chipping is performed (do you sort of scratch/pick at the locations you want chipped?)
  14. well I am also excited to see it - though I may be late that month with the house payment. And it might be ramen noodles for the month lol Assuming we do see it come to production - feels like it has been a while since HPH has released a new kit (I could be wrong?)
  15. holy smokes that is some great info there - thanks will be reviewing! Question - when I click to make the images bigger I get an imgur error though - is there some way to link to your imgur gallery maybe?
  16. On a Wildcat but I think the same unit? Sure wish had bluprint or plan drawings for it and also the CE Prop Gov as most of that bit in 1/32 seems to be the type used with Ham Standard props (has a disk on the side)
  17. Hi Jay - that is some fantastic information there! I think I will attempt to replicate the ignition system you show there! If you had any more pics of that from the Dotte Mae restoration or their facebook page you mention (sadly I do not Face book) that would be great. Regarding the brush housing and prop gov - I believe this pic I found shows those components?
  18. Hi Jay W - certainly - I have done some investigations but not 100 percent on what would be correct. The Barracuda-Cals instructions say that "Sleepy Jean III" is P-47D-28-RA serial number 42-28641. I had assumed the R-2800 in this would have the "turtleback" distributer/magnetos on each side so no mag on the center top of the front housing of the engine. Just a prop governor though in between the distributer/mags - on the smaller front plate top of the front housing like in the linked photo. The harness/injection ring I am unsure of. I had thought that earlier engines would typically have the "tubular" ring and later engines would have the "flat" ring like I 3D printed above but not sure. Any input is most appreciated!
  19. So not a whole lot of hands on plastic the last couple days, but I did do some messing around with my 3d printer to see how small I can print with it. I am pretty happy - the tiny toggle switches are perfect, the injector ring for the engine you can read the "Pratt & Whitney" on the printed part and the throttle quadrant very nice and an improvement over the kit part and better (IMHO) than trying to use the flat photoetch levers that come in the Eduard or Aires cockpit sets. Note these are not my 3d models; the switches are digital files purchased and downloaded from ANYZ. The throttle is a model I purchased of a full size replica of the P-47 throttle on Patreon "Thunderbolt Controls." I had to edit it quite a bit to re-proportion some things so they would print so small. I hope to at some point print the full size model. I did change the throttle lever itself to a different style I noted was present on the Dottie Mae P-47. That file was found on MyMiniFactory website by UnionJack68. Finally I found an entire Pratt & Whitney R-2800 on Cults3D website by user FANCHERELLO - amazing 3D model they have done - I printed the injection ring from that for possible use with this build. As far as the actual build, I have done some re-scribing of lost panel lines on the wings and a little more paint on the cockpit parts hope to have some more progress in the next couple days on that front....
  20. Ohhh fantastic - glad to see this is still in process at least. Hope it does come to production some day (along with that A-20 we saw a few times in the last five years...)
  21. Models for cockpit and exhaust Look great! I can say I am having pretty good luck with my Elegoo Saturn if you were looking for a 3D printer for your own (though lordy its messy and stinky) Just printed a 1/32 Pratt Whitney injection ring for R-2800 today and you can even read the PRATT & WHITNEY on it (note not my model just one I got off the interwebs)
  22. Ohh - nice subject! I was just looking at this kit in the stash the other day - definitely following along with your build!
  23. I would be in for a couple sets of Beau canopies
  24. Very nice build - really is going to be a stunner - excellent job with the masks and markings!
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