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  1. Just brilliant build and finish - cannot say enough how much I like what you have accomplished with this F-4EJ - amazing!
  2. Sure http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3205&cat=1 http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3203&cat=1
  3. I have not got the thing built but working on it. My impression was that these would not right themselves when assembled given the thickness of the plastic and the shortness of the span (say vs. the Felixstowe where the span and weight of the plastic would correct the position) so I removed the warp.
  4. Yeah that review comes off as surprisingly negative. I have started work on the kit and so far the detail and parts cleanup seems quite similar to the two WNW DVII I have built. There are mould lines to cleanup and a little flash as noted on one set of the ailerons, but what I see here seems pretty minor (hardly "1970s level flash.") I have always been a fan of the Roden Dr.I and have several, but I am very impressed with the small details in the MENG that IMHO elevate it above the Roden DrI. In particular: the fuselage top decking/middle wing with tiny Fokker-style fasten
  5. Yeah that is unfortunate, though after cleanup of the mould line on the leading edge of each wing I am just going to replace the "nub" things with a slice of round section rod or maybe a miniature rivet
  6. From another forum there is comments implying that the tapes may have been nailed per Richard Alexander formerly of WNW: I don't know if you follow FB but Richard Alexander posted some Pretty Convincing photos showing that the rib tapes were NAILED I do not follow FB so was unable to find the pics referred to (they do not seem to be in the public area of the WNW fan FB page anyway)
  7. Agreed it is hard to see the rib tapes in that test shot - if present they are much more subtle. However further in that Britmodeller thread the WNW sprues are shown and the elevators were not separate so that at least does not seem like a change that MENG made....
  8. OK, comparing to WNW Fokker DVII plastic First thoughts, DrI top wing has some warp to it (should be flat, its not) but in fairness the WNW DVII wing also has some warp to it. I do not think it will be difficult to remove. DrI has more sprue attachment points, size wise, a few of those attachment points are larger than the DVII wing but most are similar sized. Also dang the DrI was a small wingspan (I have not checked measurements for accuracy but I think this is probably accurate as it was small) A lot of talk/concern about the rib tape treatment in the DrI. Bel
  9. This is a good article for building the kit as different versions and what needs to be changed for an A vs B model: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2801
  10. wow those parts certainly look like a colossal improvement vs. kit parts
  11. Yeah that is pretty hugely off and is very discouraging. I can overlook a fair amount of error but sheesh. For a fix, you would almost have to do a plug that covers from the front glass to the rear and includes the wing root/attachement and at that point not sure it is worth it. Anyone have the Tigger vac form? Just curious how the fuselage is on that? Maybe some sort of vac-injection kit could be attempted?
  12. That really turned out fantastic and so unique! Your scratchbuilding techniques are top notch
  13. Hmm those props are looking brilliant. Its funny how really nice aftermarket improvements can get me to purchase a kit....
  14. Ha no, at least on my part, despite my many guesses I am already setting expectations low and figure the chances are whatever it is it will not be something I am interested in
  15. Feels a bit like our leg is being pulled at this point.
  16. - It will have some form of wings - huh I am pretty sure this must hold true unless you are saying this is a tank or something? - It will have at least 1 engine - hmmm maybe no engines then? - It will have landing equipment - do you consider a flying boat as having landing equipment? I would think so? - It will include a paint scheme and some decals - I feel like this is a must. So a WACO Glider or me 321 gigant!
  17. There was plywood on the leading edge but scalloped so it did not completely cover it back to the spar exactly. It would all have been covered in fabric and rib tapes sewn over them just as the rest of the wing. The Fokker DVII was similar. WNW did not depict the scalloped plywood as visible on the DVII (or at least it was very very subtle) so looks like they went that way for the DRI WNW Fokker DVII leading edge
  18. ha well the last time they announced a big release was imminent another company popped up 2 seconds later to take all the wind from their sails by announcing they were coming out with the same thing. I still recall all the "im gonna pass on the HK kit and wait for the other to come out...." comments here and elsewhere - had to be pretty big kick in the nether regions to hear that after investing much time and effort into a new release.... Honestly they can't win either way and are just probably a little gun shy to announce too early
  19. No argument from me - the stratoliner is beautiful to say the least. I think one would need to get their A game on to replicate that shiny finish however or foil it
  20. I bet its a Fokker Dr.I hehe....
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