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  1. Well in around 2008, I would have never expected we would EVER see any 1/32 two seater WW1 aircraft done in my lifetime (at least in top quality injection moulded kit form) let alone things like the Gotha, or the Felixstowe (good lord when that was announced from WNW I was incredulous.) I really think most of the subjects you list will get done by WNW over time (especially the DH4 and BE2.) The reality is that even with PJ's backing, doing more than two or three all-new subjects a year is probably their max? The SPAD XIII kind fell into their "we wont do kits that were already done by others" initial stance but that may come in time as well now, or Copper State I could see doing it (really their Nieuport 17s are excellent)
  2. Their A-6A/E Intruders are pretty solid jet kits Aside from their early working hinge gimmick, the revised Wildcats are also not bad
  3. For the Dauntless there is also: Yahu Instrument panel G Factor brass landing gear
  4. So are there any period pictures of what the ignition wiring looked like, what color it was etc if the "braided" copper-ish look is incorrect?
  5. Worst case, there are cards and postcards on Ebay pretty cheap that seem to have OK versions of this squadron crest that might be a good reference/usable: Players Cigarette Card 35 Squadron Postcard 35 Squadron
  6. Very well done and what a fine presentation in the diorama! What method did you use for the paint chipping on the wing tops? That looks very effective....
  7. well I beg to differ on that but to each their own. I have found it very handy for planes with more than one wing, especially when fixing the top wing in place and rigging the dang things I would gauge it less handy for single wing WW2 era or Jet/Modern but I still feel it has been useful to reduce the amount of handling I have to do late in the build....
  8. I have the Vertigo purchased from UMM here: http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_162&products_id=7045 Took a bit of assembly (I used glue for acrylic sheet) but that wasnt bad and it works well for biplanes
  9. And is the demand for telephone, hamburgers, toothbrushes the same amount as for 1/32nd scale WW1 model aircraft? Not sure it is? Will the demand support two companies doing the same exact thing? My fear is not, and we will have one less 1/32 scale model manufacturer because they see no point of trying to compete with WNW. So we get fewer 1/32 subjects in the long term. Thats all im saying - I guess we will see how it plays out.
  10. Maybe competition is good for the customer but not sure how well that works out in the long run? WNW is going to win any long term competition as they have the almost unique situation of having a billionaire backing them. I could see CSM just saying screw doing any more 1/32 subjects as it is too risky - if they pick something that likely would sell well then there is even more risk that WNW will do it and announce 2 seconds after CSM does to kill their sales. The HB D.I surely seemed pretty safe to CSM as a choice but just interesting enough that it might sell well, and WNW had not touched anything from that front as yet but here we are. The subject field of 1/32 WW1 model aircraft is a pretty narrow interest and demand only going to be so much; it would seem that the two companies having some level of communication about this would make sense but what do I know
  11. My Family is pretty OK with the hobby as long as walks are frequent and the supper bowl filled a few times a day
  12. That is extremely cool but think about all the shelf-space that would take up in 1/32
  13. Great progress on the build there - it is really coming together nicely and the paintwork sharp... Thank you for sharing those photos as well!
  14. Yes - honestly this is the best part of this release lol I never really had any issue with the Roden kit, but sure the WNW will be better in many ways and it will find its way into my hands at some point
  15. I am sure it will be nice. Sure brings back memories though years ago when I was into 1/48 WW2 subjects and I purchased the brand spankin new 1/48 Hasegawa P-38 and thinking wow that was a hell of a nice kit and how anyone could do better. Of course if I recall it wasn't maybe the easiest thing to build but the P-38 design itself makes for a more complicated kit assembly. No doubt Tamiya will somehow make it easy. Of course here is my cry about why couldnt they have done it in 1/32... whaaaah!
  16. Yeah that totally rocks - not an easy build but you knocked it outta the park!
  17. yep assuming it sees release in my lifetime and reasonably accurate Im on board for a Korea A-26 - Versatile Lady nose art would look mighty fine in 1/32 im thinkin....
  18. Paper - unfortunately I cannot recall who I bought from the last time Sealer - Model Master metalizer sealer I have had great luck with Micro Sol/Set seem to work fine
  19. Engine seems to be going together OK here - pic below is mostly just press fit together. Did remove some flash and sand the seam on the crankcase but nothing dramatic...
  20. Agree it is a difficult call sometimes - but even if some sign of rivets are done on the new kit please be more subtle than the Trumpeter P-40B - not a terrible kit and I have seen some nice builds but the rivets are VERY pronounced to say the least....
  21. Yeah its strange they did not at least include a cut-line on the inside of the fuselage halves to open the window behind the pilot for the early F6F-5 and give the clear parts needed.
  22. Interested in that myself - the one the instructions say to use (Q3) do not look quite like what is shown in the few pics I have on hand - what I am seeing looks more like part Q4
  23. two different types of rocket rails/pylons provided so 6x type 1, 6x type 2 then 6 halves with no rails that just complete the rocket
  24. Can only add to the others saying extremely cool work there! If you do end up offering sales of it I would be interested....
  25. sounds good to me; masks seem ideal for a kit this big and with the typical large white geometric symbols and numbers carried
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