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  1. Yep - I'm going with it regardless if 1/35 - liked it so much I added another
  2. any word on the decal release eta? No rush but I do not want to miss it
  3. Great news indeed! Im getting forgetful in my old age though, wasn't HPH/Infinity doing an A-20? I seem to recall that from several years back. Also, pretty sure at some point they displayed a BV-138 in process? Was that a fever dream maybe? Not trying to turn this into yet another "wish list" but I swear we have seen these other subjects well under-way by these folks but now we see Beaufighter (which dont get me wrong I am all in for) so just curious what happened to those others as well
  4. Yep this continues to come together really well! Regarding the stainless steel tubing, nice solution there - what did you cut that with? I have some myself but cutting it has been a challenge - my usual razor saws don't do well with it and using a dremel was doable but getting a clean square cut is challenging....
  5. RB Model 1/35 Minigun in the ICM kit (not glued yet) - I had a tough time building it but I think doing a 2nd one I would now have an easier time of it and know where there are challenges. Not sure if it scales right - even though 1/35 it may be just slightly large here....
  6. agreed on the kit minigun being weak. For my part I picked up the RB Model 1/35 and am in the middle of losing my mind trying to assemble it Size wise I think it may work. Just need another night to finish it.
  7. Some aftermarket resin - not familiar with this company doing them though: Seats: https://www.scalemates.com/fr/kits/evm-rs-32002-ah-1g-cobra-pilots-seats--1363258 Turret: https://www.scalemates.com/fr/kits/evm-rs-32003-turret-ah-1g-cobra-early-production--1359789
  8. Very well done - top notch weathering and paintwork!
  9. Your decal work looks fantastic - must be almost done and on the shelf? My package arrived with this kit and indeed it is very very nice and the resin add-ons top notch!
  10. Yep nice recovery there! If anyone does produce brass replacement I hope they consider doing the tailskid also; I realize a piece of wire would do in a pinch to replace, but it has a taper to it that wire would not quite get.
  11. Yeah, I am unsure what is reasonable and unreasonable for something like this - it is a huge kit, if I recall with complete engines and everything? How many hours will it take to build? I feel in the end the entertainment per hours to complete is going to still come out pretty good at least compared to say a movie, a fancy meal, concert, etc?
  12. wow crap that sucks - I just glued mine in over the weekend now I wish I had drilled em for wire or something.
  13. I use the same method as Chuck - blue tack I think is the brand? I spray directly down
  14. ooh great idea here - definitely following!
  15. Ha yeah I did just that - the kit and resin upgrades on the way to me now. IBG should give you some $$ as I think you may have helped sell a few kits here
  16. Looking fantastic there - really coming along well! Kit looks great and seems like nice aftermarkets to improve on it gotta get me one
  17. Yeah some decal aftermarket would be nice. I am wondering if the 1/32 vs. 1/35 or that they are doing both scales apparently might have put off some decal companies? I personally had a couple old sheets in the stash so have some options but some new would be good also....
  18. Def agree with John1 - those seats and other cockpit upgrade bits look great and I sure hope they offer them separate for those of us who already purchased the "basic" kits....
  19. I am just behind Seiran01 - mostly built up but not finished the cockpit as was waiting for Quinta set; I have that now and hope to get that done soon - fit so far has been quite good though I had to do some fiddling with the doors that cover the fuselage sides - may have been my own incompetence.
  20. not my cup of tea but glad to see them and hope they sell a ton of them and those sales fund other never kitted 1/32 subjects, maybe another WW2 twin or similar....
  21. Excellent details on this subject and on Gayler; I also am extremely fascinated with this particular Wildcat and have wanted to build it since seeing some very high resolution photos of the a/c on the ocean bottom.
  22. Yes indeed these look great - glad to see the AH-1G out so quick. Also good to see you are doing sets for the older Trumpeter stuff; any chance we might see a set for the Trumpeter Wildcat?
  23. next they will do a line of race cars in both 1/24 and 1/25th scales
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