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  1. Good lord no wonder the 109 had trouble with landing mishaps
  2. I would argue in many cases yes we are "missing" an actual good/accurate kit for many types but whatever.
  3. Yeah, a new accurate P-51B in 1/32 remains my top want. Still, haven't done a wish list in a while so here is my current: P-51B (I believe has been mentioned as in process by a couple manufacturers but nothing has materialized) A-20G (I know HPH/Infinity/HGW has mentioned one in process for years) Beaufighter (a new tool would be nice, again I think Infinity has mentioned on in process?) BV-138 (HPH maybe doing one?) B-26 Marauder Pe-2 Other "nice to haves" in 1/32 that would get my $$ -new tool accurate P-38 series -La-5, La-7 (Did the HPH already but would do another if avail in plastic) -F6F Hellcat (just a good accurate basic 1/32 kit in the Hasegawa style please) -Wildcat - Trumpeter isn't bad but showing its age, if someone did a new-tool accurate kit I would be in for a couple...)
  4. Sounds more like an affliction ha - like I have more decals than I have kits to apply them to - bad case of Decalcomania
  5. Yeah a little confused at all the kits that have been shown in progress by HPH then now Infinity. I feel like the A-20 was shown in progress like maybe five years ago approx? First was HPH, then HGW now Infinity? Haven't we also seen or heard of a BV-138 and a Beaufighter in the works as well with masters well underway (maybe just a fuselage for the Beau?) Surprised at so many irons in the fire so to speak. As Dave says above though I hope their next plastic kits improve on the Helldiver - while I have not built it myself every review or in progress I have seen has mention it is rough....
  6. Very interesting releases to be sure. I'm still a little perplexed at the 1/35th and 1/32 cobra releases though - while I know there is not a huge difference in sizes it is still noticeable and I was hoping the 1/32 cobra meant they were going that scale for additional choppers but maybe that was a mistake.
  7. Thats really coming together nice - well done!
  8. Neat to see the Mando in this fighter but it does not seem as practical a ship as the Razor Crest was. I guess this is the Mando's mid life crisis - kid has gone away to college, family sedan got wrecked and instead of replacing with a useful truck or SUV he gets a old hot rodded up sports car.....
  9. Wow - what a beauty for sure - fantastic finish and a real eye-catcher!
  10. Nice price and it is a very nice kit. Also noted that Eduard have decals out for it? Really surprised at that!
  11. Yep amazing effort here would love to hear more! Though it reminds me of the pain in we do not have a 1/32 Marauder in injection kit form (wasn't someone working on that at one point??)
  12. looking great and very interested in your engine detailing. I am working on the same engine myself currently with the AnyZ set and yes as you noted the braided lines can be challenging to work with. In my trial and error over the weekend one thing I found was that you can insert a bit of fine lead wire through the braided line and just put a tiny bit of glue on the ends to keep the braid together and not discolor the entire line. The lead wire inside made it hold a certain "bend" better - I may go that way on mine though not sure yet if its worth the extra work....
  13. Fantastic - glad to hear it is still planned!
  14. also curious on if a dash 3 conversion for the 1/24 Airfix F6F? Thanks!
  15. Shoot I got an old set of Rhino intakes that I would send ya but they are for the Tamiya F-4J so not sure they would work (I am not up on intake diffs between Phantom marks....)
  16. I just right click each image and select open image in new tab as a workaround
  17. very cool subject and some great 3d modelling going on! Just curious, what is the structure with the holes in it that surrounds the turret gun barrel? Just support structure?
  18. I like Roden and own many of their kits, have built a couple and yes they are not that bad and I dont think deserve the level of negative press they seem to get. But Pup asked for opinions, and again mine is the MENG is quite a bit better "out of the box."
  19. Definitely the Meng kills the Roden on fine details, better pit, etc. but the Roden still is decent and I suppose if you can find it dirt cheap it would be a way to go if price is the concern. The only "major" issue with the Roden IIRC is that the horizontal tail has this strange depressed area in the middle of it that you would need to fill. I have the Roden about 1/2 done - really need to get back on it - it is a good simple kit I feel. Aviattic has some nice improvement parts as noted - the cowl is very nice and improves the "face" of the DrI which is important IMHO.
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