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1/32 Revell Messerschmitt Bf109 G-2 converted to an F-4 Trop

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After seeing Revell where going to release an early G, I started wondering if it would be possible to to convert to an F-4 Trop of JG 77  and after getting some really useful information over on LSP discussions decided to take the plunge. So as well as the kit I ordered a number of Roy Sutherlands beautiful resin upgrades as well as a set of Reskit F wheels which will be an easy fix for the smaller tail wheel as well as much crisper detailed main wheels.






And my subject choice is taken from the Exito Decals Bf109 sheet








Looking forward to this one and hopefully and pull the colour scheme off and do it some justice.


Regards. Andy 

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So early steps on this one starting with removing the cooling intakes on each side of the fuselage as well as filling various hatches on each side as well.






Then a start on the cockpit and first up the instrument panel, I'm using the Barracudacast panel which comes with am extensive cockpit placard decal sheet.




Some small changes made to backdate the panel and move the Revi gunsight socket.




Next up will be detailing the cockpit tub.


Regards. Andy 

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Thank you all for your comments, not had any time over the weekend but managed a little work today and cleaned the Barracudacast spinner up and test fitted the Quickboost F Propeller blades which were narrower in chord compared the the G series.




Fit was good and happy with the result, now need a decent bit of bench time to concentrate on detailing the Revell cockpit.


Regards. Andy 

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Still busy working on this one alongside my G-14, I now have the cockpit completed and ready for primer. I added some plastic stock to lift things a little and various sizes of wire etc as well as using the Barracudacast rear bulkhead.










Looking forward to getting some paint out and getting the fuselage buttoned up.


Regards. Andy 

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