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Most beautiful, iconic, fixed wing aircraft ever built.............go ahead, make your choice......

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Guys and girls, ofcourse i knew by starting this thread it would be obvious that.......well each and every aircraft (and not neccessarily fix wing ofcourse) has its own specific lines that appeal to many different preferences, so i would say for myself propellor wise it would (ofcourse dah) be the P51, but jet wise it has always been the Hawker Hunter,,,,,:rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, jbrennan said:

Amazing - a thread about nothing. do you folks ever build any models !


Wait a minute, this site is about "building" models???????

boy, did i get this wrong....:blush::coolio::innocent:

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Well i have to admit i have to get my rear in gear again after a long time to get building again, so in the mean time i'm still trying to work  on the Cheyenne (originator/designer our LSP Lee White) and the RB57B/F in 32nd scale which is taking too long to accomplish this time.....



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