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1/32 Hasegawa Ki-61 Tei Hien

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14 hours ago, mc65 said:


so far I had not found any profile that made me snap the spring to start this kit, a gift from a friend.
but the one you're going to do, the 55 Sentai one, I find it beautiful.
sure, it's a Tei... so I searched for the Wolf Pack set, but without success.
do you have any idea where to find it? looking on the web it seems unobtainable.


TIA, Paolo

Hello Paolo!  I bought Wolfpack Tei conversion last year and had a hard time finding it.  I think I bought the last one in stock at Modeling Planet.



10 hours ago, dodgem37 said:

Good show.  Nice-looking I.P.




Thanks Mark!



4 hours ago, Kahunaminor said:

Hello John,

Good to see another project on the go. You mentioned back on page 1 your wish for raised bezels on the Aires IP. Whilst not relevant now, are you aware of the below listed products from Airscale? Probably already on your radar (so to speak), but I thought I would point them out regardless as they may be of use at some later date.






Ahhh... thanks for the heads up, Kent!  

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4 hours ago, themongoose said:

Thunnus if you need anything for the mask let me know. I’ve gotten pretty good with making patterns for my Silhouette. Happy to help out if you want a set. Love those markings!


Thank you sir!  I use AutoCAD to create my masks for the Silhouette Portrait.  I've already drawn up a preliminary mask for the tail markings and will scan the Wolfpack decals for the hinomarus.  I might do a test run on the unpainted tail just to see if it is workable.

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Thanks guys!  The D-9 is my priority one project and as long as I can keep that one moving, I'll be letting the Hien wait.  I've slowed on the Dora build as I contemplate the wiring additions in the engine compartment so I've tinkered a bit more with the Hien.


The cockpit sill and bulkhead behind the pilot is offered as part of the Aires photoetch fret.  It is thinner and has rivet detail that the kit plastic lacks. And yes, I have been running a mask test on the tail markings!





There is a fuel regulator nestled between the vertical walls that I am going to add.  




I've made some modifications to the starboard cockpit wall. I've added some wiring and an oxygen regulator.




The regulator was cannibalized/modified from the Revell Bf109G-6 kit and based on drawings found in the Japanese language book on the K-61/Ki-100, Model Art #428. The oxygen line was made by winding copper wire over wire and will be trimmed to length after the cockpit has been assembled.


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this is very interesting John!

a very nice subject and an absolute fantastic start.. as always..

i think all IJN and IJA aircrafts are a real challenge to build especially when it comes to painting


keep up the good work!



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Thank you Spyros!  Hopefully, this build will be as entertaining for you as it will be educational for me!


Additional futzing around the cockpit prior to the painting stage... the lap harnesses are from the Aires PE fret.  I heated them with a lighter to get them to be a little more pliable.  The pad under the buckle end was replaced with a piece of foil as the brass was too stiff to manipulate within the confines of the seat.




The port sidewall was slightly enhanced with some wiring and a throttle linkage rod.



This is the resin cockpit floor. The control stick and the larger lever have not been glued into place yet.



Some of the resin+brass components have been sprayed with a primer (Mr Primer Surfacer 1000).



The I fabbed a couple of canopy release levers because I thought the PE versions were a bit overscale and awkwardly flat.



That color illustration I posted earlier made me think about the oxygen tube.  It is shown to be attached to the mask.  Would it more interesting to have the oxygen tube connected to the mask instead of the regulator?  I didn't have a mask but I did have this head...



So I snipped and carved the rest of the head away, leaving just the mask.  So now I have a few more options when it comes to posing the oxygen tube.


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From that illustration of the pilot and the drawing from the book it looks like the oxygen hose should come out of the front of the mask around the chin area and not out of the bottom?

Edited by Ebf2K
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18 hours ago, Alex said:

Those photoetch bulkheads are a definite upgrade!  This is going great places - excited to follow along...

Thank you Alex! Some pieces, like the bulkheads are great upgrades but others, like the canopy release latches, are not.  I usually take a look at the aftermarket stuff before putting it in and asking if it improves the model or not and there many instances where I have elected not to use.



3 hours ago, Kaeone57 said:

NICE, John, F-ing NICE!!




Thank you as always for checking in, Alfonso!



2 hours ago, Ebf2K said:

From that illustration of the pilot and the drawing from the book it looks like the oxygen hose should come out of the front of the mask around the chin area and not out of the bottom?

Hmmm... I actually inferred from the drawings that the hose was coming from the bottom and not the front but I could be wrong!


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