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  1. Scott has the book and maybe he can chime in? The thing is that BuAer #'s on Corsair production have splits depending on production block. I have only one book that has them (BuAer#s) all and as I said is in storage. It is a Motorbooks International release titled " F4U Corsair" and I can't remember the authors name? I do not recall if Danas' books cover all #'s or is just specific to the change # itself? On a side note, the AK colors look "Truer" to me in MHO! LOVE what you're doing and as I've said before... Extremely Envious that you are doing a Corsair and a -214 bird at that. Sh$$, Modelling at all makes me even more envious as I am trying to do something with plastic on an aircraft in general! Lol Great Show All Around! Alfonso
  2. John, LSP, All my stuff is in storage at the moment. If you have the Dana Bell book, check the BuAer #'s to see when the glass was removed on the production line as I do not know off the top of my feeble brain. Also some were painted over soooo more guess work. Wish I had a better answer for you but, that's the Best I can do ATM!
  3. 7yrs later and still treading water but at least I can swim! Watch this space 'cause I'm doing my best to get back to this and, well, everything in general! Be Peace, Shawn and "Float On"! Alfonso
  4. YESSSSS! Old dog...new paint/skill tricks!! Peace, Alfonso
  5. Gorgeous "WHAT IF" rendition... and the execution.... Well, GORGEOUS! Peace, Alfonso
  6. John, Scott, LSP, World, Still not 100% either on what the top color on the Port replacement wing was/is... Hard to tell on the photos and movie reels I've seen/remember. The photo's of her(17740) taxiing always made me think the sun is causing a glare and she's in a coral dust cloud in the pic... I'm retarded sooooo...yeah... Black and White..Hard to get it right!!! Life "Lessons"! Lol Still GORGEOUS WORK! Peace, Alfonso
  7. John, GORGEOUS WORK ALL AROUND!!! Not 100% on this, but I think, and can't fact check at the moment as all my references, and mental notes, are in storage, but I "think", and not sure ATM, the relief tube itself and funnel are rubber, so interior green "may be" incorrect for this? There is for certain, a drain underneath the cockpit, near where the "bombsight glass", or covered over panel would be on the underside of the fuselage near this area, great for weathering/staining options if so! Streaks from a "Leak" for a better description if you get it... Hopefully not! Lol
  8. Greetings John, LSP and My Brotha Scott, I'm Alfonso, the confessed Corsair Sicko! Lol What I mentioned to Scott, and to clarify, is the Port wing is obviously a replacement from an earlier Corsair and most probably a F4U-1 "Birdcage" in the early Blue Gray over Lt. Grey scheme with 6 position cocades. Keep in mind that the underside of the outer Port/Starboard wing panels, past the fold line were also painted in Blue Grey in this scheme. I think it's safe to say the top was sprayed in N.S. Sea Blue and the underside was left as is due to the insignia still being present. Gorgeous work so far and I'm envious as I haven't had much modelling time in about 7 years after my divorce. Ups and downs and all that, but still flying! Lol Great Work! Peace, Alfonso
  9. Will definitely be getting 1 of these. Prefer a -3 but..... Still it's a GREAT looking Hellcat and in 1/24, shhhh#####t, I soil myself thinking about it! Also of note is the fact that they got the PW R2800 correct! If the sprues are obtainable, it's a GREAT fix for the toylike 1/24 P-47 power plant with minimal work on the distributor differences....blah, blah, blah! Mileage/Knowledge may vary! Lol
  10. Oops, I had only read as far as Iains' post. Yes, the turrets are a great problem. But we are very fortunate to have "Our" LSP community and all the benifits of many members with connections to solve this issue. We, meaning LSP as a whole can probably put our feeble brains together and solve this! I think? Okay off the soapbox, again! Lol
  11. Iain, LSPers, Totally agreed on what you've said here! I too come from the time of "No Fear" modelling. What I mean is... Though a challenging fear may have existed to go out of a comfort zone to fix, scratchbuild or enhance something, I always just said.."F" it and went ahead and did it. I'm so glad I am wired that way. Not just in modelling but life in general. I got attacked awhile back on a post about the new tool Revell P-51D for saying about the same thing. Basically an opportunity to "Model" is what I meant then and still now. Though I don't model much lately, when I do, well.... I Model! Okay, off the soapbox! Lol Be good LSPers and PLEASE, go model something as I can't ATM and so wish I could! Alfonso, the steel balled ghetto kid! Lol ✊
  12. Gorgeous Work Brian! Your Tigercat is coming along, Very Nicely! Alfonso
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