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  1. Thanks Mike! Looking forward to posting again. I also brought my What if P-82 (double P-51B) build and another surprise kit to the West Coast with me... Let the fun begin! Alfonso
  2. Thank You Rick! As I thought it's just a fluke on the Vector set I aquired with the kit. Will try and hit Vector up and see if I can just get/purchase the cylinders as the rest of the parts I was able to "true them out" ! Apprecite you replying to me though! Thanks again! Pics and build threads a soon come! Alfonso
  3. Greetings LSPers! Been away for a bit and making my way back again. Life and it's ups and downs is the culprit for my absence. Slowly been working on some kits again and will post them soon. Anyway, on to the questions... Recently I acquired a Hasegawa 1/32 F4B-4 and P-12E that came with a Vector engine and Lone Star cockpit. I will be converting her into an F4B-3 using both kits and some scratch. Not sure how old the sets are and here's the questions. The Vector engine set, though beautiful, has it's share of mismatched/short shot molded parts. The cylinder heads being the biggest issue. The mold seems to have slipped and has caused the cylinders to be off set on their vertical seam. -My questions are for anyone who has used this set if this is the norm or is it an isolated issue on the set included? -Does Vector replace mis molded parts or am I stuck? Out of 9 cylinders needed, 6 are really bad! To paint a picture for you, as I haven't taken a pic yet, imagine 2 cylinder halves that are misaligned causing a large step on both sides of the seam! Also working on a 1/32 Cuban Mig-21MF and will be using Akan emerald green for the pit. Question is.. -Any other thinner than theirs for their laquer paints out there? Thanks in advance! Alfonso
  4. It seems that if.the Bf-110 is Dragons original molds it has been re-tooled as it now has seperate ailerons and flaps per the kits specs. Or is it a new mold all together by Revell? Hmmmmm.... Alfonso
  5. Beautifully rendered -1A Corsair wheel bays!
  6. Not to shoot anyone in the "canvas" boot,LOL... But that pic of the glossy sea blue example clearly shows tape masking on the canvas... Not just 'cause I mentioned it but I think you're safe as is on your rendition! Nice work on the canvas/zipper paint but you forgot to scratch the zipper itself! Lol Gorgeous Work Bro, Really! Just a suggestion...I think the wood block could get get some rub marks on it though to simulate some tire rub on its center, no? Alfonso, the Corsair Pornaghrapher! LOL
  7. Oh and to be clear on the canvas panel, it's the whole rectangle. The zipper is for the thumbnail shaped "door".
  8. Wish I knew/had an answer I can say is 100% for that! I would "GUESS" on a -1"A" maybe some type of boneish to a very pale gray canvas and not sure if they may have got painted??? If for any other reason than to just acknowledge the exisistance of "canvas" and change the tone and treatment of the canvas panel, you know like on a fabric surface, but this has a zipper!! RANT over! LOL GOURGEOUS WORK John!!
  9. John, Been busy working so haven't really had a chance to check out your 17740 build. She's looking Great! Hope I'm not to late on this little bit of info for your build, but the 2 "thumbnail" shaped items on the inner most walls of the wheelbays are zippered, canvas inspection covers and not a metal that would chip. Also in the center of the rear most wall is a wooden wedge shaped block which is to aid in stopping the rotation of the tire in the wheel bay and it would probly have rub marks towards center as the tire rubbed it before the rotation stoped. GREAT WORK STILL!!! My apologies for being tardy again!! Alfonso
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