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  1. Rated P.G. in my book. Pure Gorgeousness!! Keep on Rocking it!! Alfonso
  2. Gorgeous work, Bro!!! If I may add to your paint work, don't forget to paint the zippers on the canvas inspection panels, Sorry, Corsair junkie problems! Alfonso
  3. This is Hellishly Caty! NICE!!! Alfonso
  4. If I read you right, you are referring to the rear armored plate that goes around the gunners back. I don't recall any padding on the ring mount? Alfonso
  5. WOW!!!! A 1/18 piece by piece, scratch built, Pratt & Whitney R-2800, for a 1/18 Corsair... Loving this. Gorgeous work Bro! Alfonso
  6. Ok, hope so. Thought it was F... The World! Lol Just got home from work. Looking into imageshack now and hopefully some pics in a little bit. Alfonso
  7. Thank you Gentlemen! I'll have a go after work tonight and if all goes well.... some pics of the Mig and what I'll be working with. @Don, Imageshack FTW? Lol Alfonso
  8. Glad to be of help on your build Brett! Not an expert by any means, but I know U.S.N aircraft of WWII pretty well as they've always been my passion. Maybe being Pisces drives me towards the blues! Hahahaaa Use the Trumpeter instructions to place parts correctly to a certain degree, eg: the rear control sticks, and not for color callouts. Like I said before, the Detail & Scale and Squadron Walk-around books are all you need for a Dauntless. I have them both, but they're in storage in Miami and I'm in California. If I had access to them, I'd post/send pic
  9. Thanks Karl!!! Will figure it out, with or without help. I only know "English", at a street kid level and Cuban "Spanish" at the same so German would be tough! I have a hard enough time typing my thoughts in a manner that's understood to begin with! I can articulate when need be in person but it's tougher for me than making time out for modelling. The kits I mess with, when time allows, listen well when I talk! Lol Alfonso
  10. Great Work!!!! Wish I possesed the written word and consistent modelling talents you and others show and express. My day will arrive! Lol Great Work John, seriously envious! Alfonso
  11. Your Welcome Bro! Just another "2" cents worth, if I may... I'd give the canvas panels an oliveish wash to "dirty/age/texture" the fabric up a bit if you get me? Then "play" with the fasteners a bit too, since these covers were to access whatever is under them! Nice mod work on the removed stick on the rear canvas boot! Not to make you do a "do over" paint wise, but "I think" the canvas boots on fore/aft stick mounts should be "tanish" and not black. You did black, so just give them a wash and dry brush some tan/ browns and use the black as a base coat, if y
  12. Going to bed, figure this out in the afternoon tomorrow. It's 4:15 AM here and I gotta get up at 8:30... Alfonso
  13. Soooooo.... Been a bit since I've posted pics. Tried to login to my Photobucket, no joy. Tried to open a new account, no joy and now they want money... No Joy!!! I'm sure it's been discussed before, but... Where can I go to post pics?? Alfonso
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