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  1. It seems that if.the Bf-110 is Dragons original molds it has been re-tooled as it now has seperate ailerons and flaps per the kits specs. Or is it a new mold all together by Revell? Hmmmmm.... Alfonso
  2. Beautifully rendered -1A Corsair wheel bays!
  3. Not to shoot anyone in the "canvas" boot,LOL... But that pic of the glossy sea blue example clearly shows tape masking on the canvas... Not just 'cause I mentioned it but I think you're safe as is on your rendition! Nice work on the canvas/zipper paint but you forgot to scratch the zipper itself! Lol Gorgeous Work Bro, Really! Just a suggestion...I think the wood block could get get some rub marks on it though to simulate some tire rub on its center, no? Alfonso, the Corsair Pornaghrapher! LOL
  4. Oh and to be clear on the canvas panel, it's the whole rectangle. The zipper is for the thumbnail shaped "door".
  5. Wish I knew/had an answer I can say is 100% for that! I would "GUESS" on a -1"A" maybe some type of boneish to a very pale gray canvas and not sure if they may have got painted??? If for any other reason than to just acknowledge the exisistance of "canvas" and change the tone and treatment of the canvas panel, you know like on a fabric surface, but this has a zipper!! RANT over! LOL GOURGEOUS WORK John!!
  6. John, Been busy working so haven't really had a chance to check out your 17740 build. She's looking Great! Hope I'm not to late on this little bit of info for your build, but the 2 "thumbnail" shaped items on the inner most walls of the wheelbays are zippered, canvas inspection covers and not a metal that would chip. Also in the center of the rear most wall is a wooden wedge shaped block which is to aid in stopping the rotation of the tire in the wheel bay and it would probly have rub marks towards center as the tire rubbed it before the rotation stoped. GREAT WORK STILL!!! My apologies for being tardy again!! Alfonso
  7. Great work all Around John! I'm not sure on the outer wheel hubs color. I've read over the years anything from Lt. Grey or just a Grey, Silver Laquer, White, Black in no particular order. I think they may be Grey left overs or Black as I seem to recall Goodyear Corsairs with the Black finish on them?! On some Hellcat color pics I've seen time and again, there's Intermediate Blue but these are specific to some early VF-5 Hellcats on board CV-10 U.S.S. Yorktown early in '43 while being redied for SWP action during her shakedown. Great examples of non standard Counter Shading/ 4 tone/ 3 tone schemes application on all aircraft aboard her at the time. Not just the Hellcats either as the "scheme" was becoming standard during this time. Great color studies during the change from Blue Grey over Lt. Grey to early Counter Shading and Markings changes throughout their deployment! Sorry, a bit of a rant! Who's to say, we need a time machine.. BAD! LOL She'll look Great Still and I like your finished set! Now the gun breeches. IIRC, The .50's are staggered at 6", 12", 18" from Wing LE starting from inboard to out. Inside of a blast tube wich is the same ID(Inner Diameter) as the opening on the LE. Hth, my apologies to be late to the party but at least I showed up! LOL Alfonso
  8. Totally Gotcha! I understand your reason for doing what you've done and I get it! Didn't mean anything in a negative way by what I wrote either. I just answered your question on the visual differences is all, lol The written word is not my friend! Lol Alfonso
  9. @Thunnus I hear what you're saying and understand your taken route in the end. The reason the canopy hood won't close with the "open hood" plug vs "closed plug" is due to the non scale thickness of the canopy hood which prevents the "open plug" from accepting it into it's recessed home. Not meant to be a bash at Tamiya at all. The canopy hoods clear perspex, it's framing and armor top plate would have to be paper thin to do what it actually is supposed to do in the recesses on the turtledeck in this scale. The only thing to notice in the "closed plug" is the recessed area is over pronounced to allow the canopy hood to close and is not accurate in its shape vs the "open plug" for an open canopy. It also lacks the top of the spine of the turtledeck and its inward taper on the recess and the detail on the frame mounting bracket. This is an area that was always missed on Corsair kits and models forever and a day till this kit. Even Tamiya's 1/48 kit got it wrong! I've always scratched this area as I always felt it as a necessity! Lol My apologies for the "Corsair" rant! I will just have to cover the area with a finger when I view it! I'm sure you'll understand this as I know your "handles" origins... It's like calling a Snook a Tuna! Lol Your kit and your decission, GORGEOUS ALL AROUND WORK STILL!
  10. GORGEOUSNESS!!! 1 question though, are you going to be closing the canopy hood after all that work in there? I ask due to the turtledeck rear cockpit plug insert as it is for the closed canopy option. Alfonso
  11. Oh, Yeah, canopy frame colors... Windscreen inner frame - fl. black Canopy hood inner frame - interior green Hth
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