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  1. to pick one it just has to be the F4U-1, -1A Corsair for me. 4 tone camouflage and dirty girls for me! LOL Alfonso
  2. Ummmm, How do you spell, YES!!!!!!! Alfonso
  3. NICE, John, F-ing NICE!! Alfonso
  4. Gorgeous work going on here! Phantabulous Phantom! Alfonso
  5. My apologies Kevin, but not sure what you were "thinking" at all! Lol The post is about Flight deck colors on the USS Lexington,CV-16. during The Battle of the Philippine Sea, aka The Marianas, Turkey Shoot. Yes he made a reference to the original USS Lexington, CV-2's deck colors, but still mentioning June of '44 , and Alex Vraciu would already mean the Essex class carrier, Lexington. Also USS Yorktown, CV-5 was also replaced by an Essex class carrier, CV-10 USS Yorktown by this time as well, LoL Alfonso
  6. And yes to the Deck being stained in Norfolk N-250 Blue stain. Alfonso
  7. CV-2 USSLexington was lost at the Battle of the Coral Sea. But, ummmm, yeah, He is referring to CV-16 USS Lexington, an Essex class carrier renamed in her honor. So "Yes" Lexington was at the Marianas "Turkey Shoot"! Alfonso
  8. WOW, Just WOW!!! I go to play with sand and rock now, that better for me!!! Gorgeous build, glad it's back, but I'm left dumbfounded! Ok, back to rock and sand, LoL Alfonso
  9. I also am, have been, in the 56th FG NMF undersides on their P-47D(Razorback/Bubbletop) and P-47M's. In my observations/opinion it is clear in all photos of their aircraft, with Gabreskis' mount also included. Alfonso
  10. Go, Jay, Go! Nothing to add to your request on filling as you've got some good input already. I'm in with the "skin" it if possible recommendation. Fill/sand or skinning will still be a chore either way as your build has it's gear installed. In the end, I'm sure you'll win either way! Best of Luck, whichever route you take. Gorgeous Corsair work, just Gorgeous! Alfonso
  11. Thanks, I'm primarily a USN junkie sooo yeah! Had some other things to add to the list but.... Hahahaha
  12. Ok, I'll play. Don't know what the current list of missing 1/32 kits might be but... Here's a few. B-25B, C-D, G PV-1/2 Ventura Grumman Goose J2F-5 Duck TBD-1 Devastator SB2U Vindicator New, F4F-3/4/FM-1/2 and F6F-3/5 New, P-51B/C New, P-47D "Razorback" Etc, etc... Alfonso
  13. Thanks for the well wishes John, Motivation is here, now time the real factor... that's a coming! Great work Bro, Love what you do all around, other modelers works as well. Enjoy Bro! Alfonso
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