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  1. Don't know the exact dimensions to help you out as not my area of knowledge, but a quick Google search, eg: "Don Gentiles Spitfire Mk Vb MDT markings", shows an out of production Aeromaster, The Eagle Squadron, decal sheet with Gentiles mount, MD*T which also has RAF roundels included to compare sizes. The sheet number is 48-364(A/B). Hope this is of some help to you. The same Google search brings up mad pics, models, profiles also. Alfonso
  2. Gentlemen, Ladies, LSPers, From what I've gathered over many years for an F4U-1 and some Early -1"A" -"Salmon" ( with Indian red paste in the chromate base to achieve the shade color/tone)- on everything as a secondary primer coat in interior and exterior application. Fuselage, tail sections, outer wing panels, cowling interiors. This is excluded in... - Cockpit- dull dark green/interior green derivative of a Vought/Brewster/Goodyear application and variations based on paint stocks and manufacture at the time. Excluded are from "Salmon" are the tops/ bottoms of the wing center section, parts of forward fuselage, eg: accessory section covers and sometimes tail gear wheel bay, colors explained below. -"Yellow" zinc chromate primer- exterior of center wing section throughout production. At times the tail gear bay and engine accessory section depending on production block time frame saw "Yellow" zinc chromate in these areas. But later became standard on F4U-1"A" production. There's more to this but these are basics. If not clear, as I know most times I really suck at typing my thoughts, lmk and I'll do my best to clarify. Alfonso Corsair fanatic
  3. Shogun... 1st- Gorgeous build on a Kfir, I have a soft spot myself for the USN FWS aquired F-21 aggressors myself since seeing a conversion/build article of one in an FSM, '86? Regardlessb nice mods and adaptations and Best of luck on your build! 2-Ummmm, where is this pics location? There's a Mig-21 in the background and it's a "WTF" momment for me! LOL "Kfir" that kit out! Alfonso
  4. Simply a Gorgeous George Bro. I had originally "tried/attempted" to write something last night about weathering techinques I saw my Father do in the past that your George reminded me of but deleted it..... Just 'cause what's the point, this, and your other builds are just Beautifully executed and need no de-railing of any sort! You inspire me to get to the bench! Thanks for sharing all the steps Bro! Alfonso
  5. Gorgeous! Way to "Nick" it in the bud, Brian! Nice recovery on the surgery, she's Beautiful Bro! Alfonso
  6. By "George" I think you got this! Beautiful rendition and though meticulous, great recovery on the paint lifts and mask lifts! Alfonso
  7. Ummmmmmm, I just crapped and soild myself.... WTF... WOW!! I remember when this got started way back when and now I'm reminded of the Beautiful work on this! I get in trouble here do to my choice of words but I have none now..except.. Fu..ing Phenomenal Execution! Damn Gorgeous Build! Best to you Bro! Alfonso
  8. Happy Birthday Ron!!! I'll send you a real "Cup O' Noodles", PM your addy! Alfonso
  9. WTFuuuuuuu!? Hahahaaaaaa Always in "Hot Water” especially in the ”States", don't cross the floodgates in the courtroom!!! LOL Alfonso
  10. IIRC, and may be wrong, they were ”cut down” T-28 props. Don’t recall the wingtip tanks but wanna say, and probably wrong as heck, or "close" to right, or left but T-33ish wing tip tanks?? Alfonso
  11. Kaeone57


    Forward Dale, Forward Always! Be Peace! Alfonso
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