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Here's the next one on the table - the 1/32nd Fly Hurricane Mk IIC. My first British LSP build....

This is a build where the last thing I bought was the actual kit...all the AM was bought quite some time ago :lol:
I couldn't get hold of the standard 2C kit (the one with the NF markings), so I was forced to pick up the Sea Hurricane version....


Luckily, it's basically the same kit, but with a resin insert for the lower fuselage and hook, so I won't have to do any cutting and modifying there, but.....


being the Sea version, it doesn't come with the Night Fighter decals or the exhaust shields that are included in the standard kit.
The glare shields are easy enough to SB from brass sheet stock, and as for the decals/markings, I've seen a sheet for FM-E Flight Commander Gerald Stapmea Stapleton, DFC & Bar 257 (Burma) Sqn, RAF Honiley, March, 1942. The serial number of the aircraft is unknown.
So that'll be pretty easy to design and sort out the markings on my Silhouette machine. A/c finished in "Night" and has standard sized insignia.

Got a couple of extras to throw at it....



I'll probably end up using the resin barrels from Fly, the Master ones I bought a looooong time ago has the flat recoil springs, not 100% sure they're correct.
Now I don't have ANY reference material for Hurricanes, so what info I get is going to be scoured from the net. And not having that reference is perhaps a good thing....I hopefully won't find any super-detailing/correcting rabbit-holes to fall down into :evil_laugh: So hopefully a pretty much OOB build this time. (that being said, having seen other builds of this kit, I know there might be a few fights with the kit)

Here we go!

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39 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Cool project, Iain! Looking forward to following your progress. I do, however, recommend that you take that aftermarket set in the blister pack on the blue card, and drop it in the bin.



Howdy Kev

Yep, thanks for that warning. That was my first thought when I received them in the post. They are horrific!
I might just have to do a close inspection of the kit parts, and replace the dinky bits with tubing. Cheers!

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1 hour ago, Uncarina said:

Go Iain go! I love the Hurricane and looking forward to seeing you work your magic with this build.


Cheers,  Tom

I shall endeavor to do my best!:lol:



14 minutes ago, Scale32 said:

Great subject choice there Iian but how good is that box art!


Cheers Bevan

Yep indeed! That is an example of brilliant artistry!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Work is progressing with the Hurricane......being almost akin to a limited run kit, there are no locating pins, quite a bit of flash, etc etc. So quite a bit of time has being spent on trying to figure out how to get it all to fit together, reworking some parts, a lot of grinding and sanding, test fitting, more test fitting, looking at the parts and how they go together to work out the best gluing sequence when the time comes, etc.
A LOT of deviation from the instruction booklet...if you follow it to the letter, you won't be able to get some parts fitted.:lol:

The plastic is quite soft, but somehow quite brittle at the same time, definitely something to get used to.

That being said....the surface detail on this beast is some of the best I've ever seen. The raised and recessed detail is quite something to behold.....I'm going to have to be very careful gluing the main surfaces together in order to minimize sanding.


The interior detail is quite sparse as given in the kit, but with me having the access door shut, there's not a lot you'll be able to see anyway with only the hood open. That cockpit must have been quite cramped.
There is a lot of scope for SB more details, but I'm not going down that rabbit-hole too much on this trip


Above and below are indications of the grinding and cutting I've had to do to get the fuselage with cockpit fitted, to fit on top of the resin wheel bay and the required cutting of a recess in the lower fuselage piece. Probably around 4mm of material had to go....
I also had to close up the portions of the well with JB Weld where the extension struts are located, I'll open them up again once I fit the two parts together - the recesses on the plastic and resin parts didn't match up.
If you hold up the resin well to the light, you can just about read through it :lol: - but I had to be very careful of where I relieved heights, as I didn't want to create weak areas. Luckily, the outboard areas where the LG are located required very little work, so should be nice and strong!


Below, I've just opened the wing ejection ports and blanked them off on the inside. The radiator intake has been worked on as well to get rid of those pesky seam lines...

Now the cockpit framing below....
Soft plastic, no locating pins, lots of flash - so once everything was cleaned up to a degree, it was a case of drilling, pinning, test fitting, over and over again. But this is the kind of stuff I love about modelling - figuring things like this out and engineering a solution. Love it!:D



Still need to clean up those plastic burrs with a bit of Tamiya extra thin...


The resin seat that came with the kit is great, but the attachment points to the cockpit structure was very dodgy, wouldn't have survived the slightest flex. So I've used telescoping/sliding brass tubing (.9mm and .7mm) to replace the plastic kit cross-members. One attached to the seat, and the inside tube joins the walls of the cockpit framing together. That gives me the option to adjust the seat position once the cockpit is installed.
The height adjustment lever is a SB piece using leftover PE pieces and brass tubing, the kit doesn't include it. Quite a prominent addition IMO


Cockpit framing with set installed.....


Another piece that I totally reworked was the control column - you can see the kit part on the left. By the time I would have finished removing the mould lines, there would have been nothing left...so I made a new one from brass tubing. Bit of wiring, lead foil. The grip has a very thin stippled layer of Mr Surfacer 1000 on it, recreates the almost rubberized finishes I've seen.

Last image is a couple of odds and ends. HGW belts, Brengun gunsight (kit resin part was a bit over-scale IMO) and the rudder pedals

Cheers, Iain

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  • IainM changed the title to 1/32 Fly Hurricane Mk. 2C Night Fighter (Done)

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