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  1. I listened to a recent James Holland podcast where they had the writer on. He was on to talk about Band of Brothers, but mentioned he had been writing on the 8AF series. Writing is finished, filming is due to start in England next year. Production has moved from HBO to Apple or Netflix, I cant remember which. Bruce
  2. Regardless of anything else Starbucks and Barista do not belong in the same sentence! Bruce
  3. Really looking forward to getting mine, which is hopefully winging its way over to me in Oz. Does anyone know if you can make a standard bomb trolley for 250 &500lb GP bombs from the special bomb trolleys that Iconicair already offer? Cheers Bruce
  4. I think Cees means he hopes the company is not closing. That’s the way I took it. Mike, that is a stunning build. I can see why you got it to build for the website. I was really looking forward to the 400, even more so than the Lancaster. Bruce
  5. G'Day Nick Thanks for the comment. Yes I can see what you mean. I think this was more to do with my decal applying and washing skills though. Regards Bruce
  6. The only deviation I would make from the instructions is not glueing the rear bulkhead in place until you have fitted the tail unit. I glued mine and it sat a little proud, thus interfering with the fit of the tail unit. The skin panels will line up fine if you take your time Kurok
  7. Excellent build.I had intended opening one of the cowlings on mine too, so glad to see it can indeed be done . I bet it looks impressive in 32 scale Regards Bruce
  8. Glad I’m not the only one Neo. Thanks for the kind comment, and everyone else that has commented. Really much appreciated. Bruce
  9. Fantastic in every respect Bruce
  10. Thanks Sophie. I haven’t built the tamiya kit so can’t really comment on fit, however, looking in the box, the tamiya kit is far less complex in breakdown, and has rivet detail on the wings whereas the ZM kit only has panel lines, so a lot easier to putty, should you want to do that. As far as cockpit, engine, gunbays , landing gear and wheel well, I think it’s as good as the Tamiya kit. If you buy the IVA boxing, you get the choice of two types of propeller, three canopies, shrouded and unshrouded exhausts, and the three different filter panels, perforated, blank and louvred. Price wise, here in Australia, very similar Cheers Bruce
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments fellas. Barry, you have me looking for the best way to portray that croc. Decal now Cheers Bruce
  12. Well I finally worked out how to post from my Flickr account, so here are a few shots of my recently finished ZM Mustang IVA. For such a complicated breakdown, I had no real problems assembling the kit, apart from a slight step on one side of the cowling and a bit of a gap when attaching the tail. All of my own doing through not being careful with alignment. This kit rewards the modellers who like the build aspect especially. I would certainly do another, in fact I bought their other boxing to do as well. Apart from some HGW seatbelts, its all OOB paint is MRP, and decals are from the box Thanks for looking Bruce
  13. I ordered some items from them a month ago with no problems. Bruce
  14. Nice build Mark I have just bought this kit as I want to do this scheme as well, so great to hear the kit was a fun build Bruce
  15. What Royboy said. A proper 1/32 scale DB tractor would be excellent Bruce
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