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  1. I ordered some items from them a month ago with no problems. Bruce
  2. Nice build Mark I have just bought this kit as I want to do this scheme as well, so great to hear the kit was a fun build Bruce
  3. What Royboy said. A proper 1/32 scale DB tractor would be excellent Bruce
  4. Me too Kev, by the way, it was great to chat to you albeit, I kept getting interrupted by sales and other people wanting to yak ( I was on the table with Andrew Perren at the swap and sell) Bruce
  5. Watched the first two eps and really enjoying it. Even if the CGI Mitchells have no breechs attached to their nose guns! Bruce
  6. Well, there you go!! I had no idea there was a difference between the elevators. Thanks for pointing this snippet out D. Cheers Bruce
  7. Not quite correct D Early RAAF beau fighters had the flat tailplanes but the Mk21s certainly had the late style dihedral tailplanes. A search through the Australian War Memorials photo collection will reveal many photos of Beaufighters with the late style tailplanes. No Mk21 Beaus had the early flat style tailplane Bruce
  8. Thanks for sharing .Love the shot of The Bke Angels over Alcatraz cheers Bruce
  9. Mind blowing Eric. I’m amazed what you’ve managed with the cutter. I see they are currently OOS from the craft store, but I’ve got my name down for one. I’ll have to get a tutorial from you on how to use it cheers Bruce
  10. Hello Tom Great work and progress on the big beast I had a look through my photos of Sunderlands to see if I had any go the beaching gear, but alas, only found the following if they help Regards Bruce
  11. Just caught up with this as I was searching "trumpeter Lightning" Absolutely gorgeous build Regards Bruce
  12. Great work Eric. She's coming together fast Bruce
  13. Great work Stefan. I’m building this kit at the moment, almost finished in fact. It goes together well. The only issue I had was fitting the exhaust pipes to the engine. I just could not get them to line up. In frustration I cut just the ends off and glued them to the sides of the fuselage. I hope you have better luck with them keep it going Bruce
  14. Actually Simmo, you're number 3 behind me and Lynchie ! However, Paul, I now think you should do a Gannet!!!! Regards Bruce
  15. G'Day Anthony, new email is simmersauced@hotmail.com





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