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7 hours ago, Cicchino said:

What is that wrapped around the bomb?


The bomb is a Cluster Projectile- basically a cluster bomb, it's hard to say what version it is, perhaps a No. 7 Mk 1 with 56 8lb fragmentation bombs.



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On 21/01/2021 at 1:28 PM, LSP_Mike said:

Thanks Phil. Noticed the done up ties, and lipstick of the woman on the ground. German gas can, two primer colors on the doors.

Is this original Kodachrome?

Possibly but probably not a German can but its British copy. It was fully identical except the pressed markings. Out of my memory it had just two letters separated by a small crown: WD for War Department.

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Now this would be a nice kit for Hasegawa to release in 1/32 given their overall approach to tooling.  They do have 1/48 versions they could reference and update as needed to correct any glaring errors that may be baked into the 1/48 kits (I’ve never heard of any but I haven’t been looking).  While the MDC kit is grand, I and others like me, just aren’t keen on building resin kits.

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