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  1. The differences in length, width and depth between the Trumpeter and Hasegawa cockpit is considerable; I’ve always found the Trumpeter kit to be a little too portly for my tastes. Note that visibility into the Jug‘s cockpit is more limited than that of a P-51D for example - I‘m finding the work I’m doing on my P-47 Cockpit is going to quickly disappear below the canopy sills.
  2. Note that the AIMS sheet markings for ‘Oh Baby’ are less than ideal Based on pics, the ‘Oh Baby’ should have a white or yellow shadow, and the font style looks off The mission markings are over-scale the buzz number is the incorrect size as well. I ended up resizing and making a stencil for the buzz number on silhouette. As noted there are no dots - it takes two layers of punched white decal to cover the blue spinner without the blue bleeding through hope this perspective helps
  3. Following this build with tons of interest! the D is high on my want list, but having seen the nose correction done, I can’t seem to bring myself to buy one until a corrected nose becomes available, along with the corrected wing airfoils. If I spend the money on a kit of this size, I’d really like to do it up right; same goes for a B-17E should the updated nose we’ve see; there become available.
  4. Started looking at my collection and thinking about the best kit (accuracy, ease of build, enjoyment) I have by manufacturer, here’s where I landed - how about you? Tamiya: F4U Hasegawa: Ki-84 Revell: P-51D Trumpeter: TBF/ TBM HKM: B-25 ZM: A-1 Special Hobby: Yak-3 Hobby Boss: Il2-3m Roden: Fokker Dr-1 WNW: Fokker D-VII Airfix: Typhoon PCM: Spitfire XIV regards, John Cicchino
  5. If this makes it into Hobby Lobby, I will have a squadron in no time,
  6. Thanks all for the responses! I was hoping to find a suitable aircraft to use the new Aviattic Swirl cameo on, and the Oeffag seemed to be a good choice, but not sure I want to take on the work Blackbetty did in his incredible build ( I have two other Bavarian Albatrosses already in the queue). I’ll probably look for other alternatives to use the swirls. Thanks again!
  7. Alex, for those of us without access to a 3D printer, any recommendations on how to obtain this correction set? Maybe you other LSPers would be willing to produce a copy for purchase? All help appreciated, John Cicchino
  8. How difficult a conversion would it be to take the Roden Albatros III OAW to an Oeffag version? Or am I better served waiting for WNW to produce one. All help appreciated! Regards Cicchino
  9. Wolf, Your work is immaculate. I have a question regarding the Taurus resin screws. I really like their detail, but I've struggled to place and glue them properly. Any tips on the process you use from removing from the pour block to getting them in the right place on the model and getting them glued down. Certainly appeciate any insight. My optivisor and needlenose tweezer combination isn't quite getting me there. John Cicchino
  10. Jim, No joy on locating the Spit XII on Ebay. Perhaps I'm not looking in correct place? Appreciate any help. thanks
  11. Is anyone aware of how to purchase Jim Brown Spitfire XII; it seems to dissappear from ebay stores and I'm not aware of any contact information or website that I've seen. Any help appreciated.
  12. Mal, Try Google-ing Steichen Gerald Ford. Should find a picture from the hangar deck up.
  13. I've asked this over on Hyperscale as well. Can anyone point me to a clear picture or drawing, or even identify precisely what the tall aluminum colored box like device ion some Korean War P(F)-51s is. It appears to extend most of the way up the armor plate behind the headrest and seemingly only equips some aircraft. I'm assuming it's a type of radio gear, but it doesn't match the readily findable WWII types. I've googeled and regoogled, and have had some Hyperscalers point me to some info, but it doesn't seem to match pictures. Any help is appreciated Second question regards finish of RAAF, SAAF, and ROKAF Mustangs. RAAF and SAAF aircraft apprear to be painted aluminum, while ROKAF look more like natural metal. - any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any insight! Regards, Cicchino
  14. I was able to purchase the Spiteful tailplane only for use in a Spitfire 47 conversion, replacing the under scale Matchbox pieces. casting is first class, and it was a pleasure dealing with Graham.
  15. Progress so far. Perfect putty went on easily with a plastic scrap spatula. I used a damp make up sponge to wipe the excess. right now wings are puttied and appear to be pretty smooth, going to hit them with a primer and see what we have. Total time, puttying and clean up of both upper and lower wings was less than 45 minutes, no sanding, no lost detail. If this works, it could be a very easy remedy to Trumpeter's mad riveter!
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