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  1. I‘m not afraid of vacs at all and was working on and off on the kit for a while, using the great build referenced above as inspiration, but I realized the pending release from Infinity was a game changer and the vac was binned. No offense to John and Tigger, I have several others from him, and it was a good enough starting point until I saw the injection molds on here a while back. regards, Cicchino
  2. What a weathering inspiration. What is that wrapped around the bomb?
  3. I worked for a man in the early 80s who was a paratrooper with the 504th PIR in WWII; he was wounded at Salerno and sent home. Sharing an office with him for two years, all he spoke about was he jumped with 92lbs of gear. Never a word about anything else. Ernie Wilensky, died just a few years ago.
  4. Ugh Spell check Margie Maru is his p-51s’ names. And he was an excellent ‘combat’ leader.
  5. Chris, l’m not aware of any similarly flattering nicknames bestowed on the enemy by the allies; hence my confusion. Why would the axis do this but the allies didn’t?
  6. For all the schemes that have been done to death, Jack Bradley’s Margie Mary’s have been underserved. Bradley was a 15 victory ace and excellent com at leader: not sure why we haven’t seen more.
  7. The nick naming convention I’m always skeptical of is the one where supposedly the enemy offers a platitude like “whistling death” or “der Gabelschwanzteufel”. Doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.
  8. Wow, this post ended up with more legs than I thought it ever would! Per the last post, I was thinking of an underlying lozenge layer adding some depth to the finish similar to black basing / marble coats. Working on a black plane now (P-47M) figured a white one would make a nice contrast.
  9. No longer pondering I actually took the unprecedented step and actually opened and read the instructions. Now don’t I feel like Col Jessup - thanks for all the replies and sorry for sending you all on a goose chase.
  10. Sitting pondering the stash and looking at Göring’s D.vii from WNW. Would anyone know if the white was applied over the standard factory lozenge or was it a special scheme painted directly at the factory like Richthofen’s DR.1. all thoughts and opinions most welcome! regards Cicchino
  11. I have the AD-5W complete with decals. No thoughts of selling it, but there are more a few others ahead of in line.
  12. Paraphrasing a north German saying: “so flat you can see who will be visiting you tomorrow”
  13. I have a Tigger vac on the bench now which I believe will now go hold, but a Tigger B-58 just showed up on the stoop this week. Really looking forward to an IM Wyvern!
  14. This likely belongs in Tools and Techniques forum. I found this awesome tool on a model rocket page: PayloadBay.com. click the ‘Transition Tool’ link and you’ll find a fantastic tool for creating masks for stripes on conical surfaces like propeller spinners, bomb stripes, etc. It’s simple to use and I’ve already successfully created masks for P-51 Spinner stripes. I’m sure it could print onto decals as cut guides. This is a game changer. regards and stay safe Cicchino
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