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Not trying to stir the pot... I ordered a kit from WNW just as the shutdown and controversy happened. I figured one way or another that in time all would come clear. This morning I finally got an E-mail from them.. looks like they are shipping my kit shortly.


....." Hi Vaughn

Due to the global freight issues we are experiencing, we are choosing to send your order via Fedex which allows for tracking of the package. 

This is at no extra cost to you as we appreciate the delay you have experienced and we want to ensure your order arrives safely at your door.

To send a package via Fedex we do require a contact phone number.  Could you please send that through to us and we can get your order on the way to you. 

We will then be in touch with tracking details.

Best wishes
Rachelle "


In my dreams it's a positive sign they 'might' be coming back... in reality it's most likely they are just clearing the last orders from existing stock... but at least something is happening.

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Just received...


Hi William

Thank you for placing an order with us and for your patience.
We have a significant backlog of orders, but we’ve been working on shipping over the last few weeks and I’m please to report that your order is on it’s way.
Unfortunately our usual shipping supplier has proved slow and unreliable so we have made the decision to use Fedex. 

Tracking details are as follows -


All going well your order should be with you within a few days.
Thanks again for your patience. 
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6 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Does rather sound like they are cleaning up old orders. I'm glad people who ordered from them are getting what they paid for.

I'm hoping the company steps up and let's people know what is going on.


I hope so too, but I've just had a look, and there's no change on the website, still the same annaouncement under "News".

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On 6/12/2020 at 4:29 AM, vince14 said:

I guess that might happen after they've cleared the backlog of outstanding orders.

I'll be surprised if they do not clear out the warehouse in New Zealand, one way or the other.


They might turn the website back on and take customer orders themselves, or, what I think is more likely, they will move everything out to a handful of their preferred retailers around the world and get the process over with quickly.


I will be surprised if we do not have a limited timeframe for getting some of the kits again at MSRP.





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