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  1. I got a UPS tracking number from freetime. I had assumed they had them in, but I am beginning to think they made a whole bunch of labels for the orders anticipating that they were arriving today. Either way though, it isn't like I am going to start on it anytime soon. I am about four hours away from them so when it does ship, it will be close to overnight if they ship it early though.
  2. You must be using a coupon as it still says $429 when I go. Says in stock though so maybe they will ship the ship now.
  3. Free Time has their share and are shipping.
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. You definitely have put up the good fight. That's all one can ever ask. We have very little control in the end but alas that does not help much. If there is anything that we can do, please let us know.
  5. Stephens International is the distributor, MegaHobby is the online shop, and AAA Hobbies is the actual store you can go visit. It is all in the same building. You should go check it out.
  6. That is interesting as I have not had a problem with them before. I do remember they were in the process of moving. I am not sure if that is going on at the moment. They had a store front called Blue Ridge Hobbies if I am remembering correctly. From what I had heard they are closing that to just do online sales.
  7. Pontos is up there. I think as far as detail goes, Illini or however you spell it is the best, but Pontos has learned that Veteran Models makes great 3D parts and as such has added their good stuff to their sets. I had noticed that in a review. I would suspect that is to allow those that don't want to do LED the opportunity as it is much easier to drill than add.
  8. The detail set is by Pontos which is known for creating great sets albeit their instructions are not the best. I have several of their items and have slowly been using one Iowa set. You really have to study the photos and know the ship decently. I hope that Trumpeter helped them with that respect. Otherwise though it should be an incredible compliment.
  9. Yeah, I said I would get right on that, lol.
  10. Some dealers have their tax system set up for every state. Some are only for certain states. Not every state requires the seller to collect the tax. The ones that don't require the purchaser to self report on their annual income taxes, lol.
  11. Yes, but you still have to pay tax for most places. Free Time has it for $419 with shipping and no tax for me. That was a no brainer. Cheapest I have found except Squadron which has it for $415 shipped but I am skeptical of their current practices.
  12. Thank you everyone. We go back to Memphis tomorrow to start the induction on Monday. We are all hoping that at the end of May/beginning of June when she gets her scans at the end of this group, that all will be clear. Pretty much since this has begun I have stayed right by her side other than doing a few small things for my health, errands, and housework. My wife works full time and luckily makes enough for everything to be covered. I will be happy though when we aren't in a hospital so much. I think a lot of hospitals have no clue how much of a toll it takes on parents with sick kids. My daughter just seems to go with the flow and play. It really doesn't matter where she is. Everyone loves her and she gets visits from all the nurses. Through all this she has had maybe four or five really bad days. Most times when she throws up, she just laughs at the mess she makes and then wants to eat more. Anyway, St Jude's has been the best go. Stays there are not that hard on us compared to the children's hospital in Charlotte. This hobby has always been my stress relief. Hadn't been able to get much going prior to a couple of weeks ago. I started working on a Takom Chieftain as I love that Berlin camo. Felt so good. Next up is a WnW kit. Not sure which though.
  13. I wanted to give everyone an update. My daughter's tumor has shrank significantly, more so than the doctors expected. She has finished her induction and next week she starts on consolidation. There isn't much of the tumor left and her primary doctor believes what is left is dying due to the intensity differences. She still has a cyst and there is one spot which appears to be scar tissue. Her brain structure is starting to develop normally, and her ventricles have shrank which means the hydrocephalus is reversing. She isn't out of the woods yet but this is the best news we have had since early September. On another note, since her consolidation is much less involved, this should afford me some bench time over the next few months.
  14. Since this is a F-16AM, which kit is it going to be based on as none of the are the same when it comes to doing full length stripes?
  15. There is a possibility that you have painted with lacquer and didn't know it. There are unfortunately several paints on the market that advertise as acrylic but have a cellulose/xylene/toluene/etc solvent which is what a modern lacquer is. Regardless though, those solvents will dissolve a large magnitude of compounds which makes them great for paints but can also make them extremely harmful and toxic. So definitely use a respirator and a booth. As far as prep, it is absolutely imperative to use that primer over every surface you intend to paint with thr lacquer as it will dissolve plastic. Also if you do any sort of body prep even as simple as removing parting lines, if you don't use a primer you will get etching which is where the removed objects will dissolve a little bit compared to the surrounding area creating a ghost image. Another concern is if you have colored plastic. Any like yellow, red, orange, etc can actually leach out into the paint and change the overall color. It's best to put a sealer between the primer and color coats if that is the case. There are some good articles out there and even some with MCW paints. Look for ones by Robert Downie in particular as he is one of the best. Clay Kemp is another.
  16. That looks very nice. May have to start looking for a scheme I like.
  17. Well, it may or may not help. California passed a couple of laws last year that allow for an utility company to pass any settlements from lawsuits onto their customers so in essence if you sue them then everyone's rates will just go up to cover it. Very sad. I can understand in why they passed it as they don't want companies to go bankrupt or have one giant lawsuit that would ultimately wipe the company out leaving thousands without utilities. On the other hand, they also filed bankruptcy. That all depends on how the federal government handles their case and what type. There is the possibility that they won't be dissolved and are able to wipe the settlement off the books. There is also the possibility that the settlement money will go directly to the insurance companies instead of to the individual. Basically, what I am trying to get at is that I wouldn't celebrate any victory until Paul or anyone there has a nice fat check in their hands without any strings attached to it.
  18. The older you get the worse your immune system is so yes age has a lot to do with it. Also if you have never had the chx pox or have had that vaccine, your odds of getting it are super slim. Once you have had the chx pox it stays in you with your immune system keeping it ever so slightly at bay. All it takes is something to cause your immune system to weaken. I had shingles at 37. The new vaccine (Shingrex) is around $275 a shot and you need two which is also why it isn't given out like candy.
  19. Not necessarily. Many countries have started placing limits on bank transactions especially those surrounding internet sales like using PayPal. Some countries have just outright banned PayPal all together. However, most of those that limit bank transactions still allow debit/credit transactions. You can either preload your PayPal or use your debit /credit card to pay. I have often used a card on WnW through PayPal and have never once had to notify my bank. The error on their website comes from trying to use a direct checking or savings account.
  20. I had somehow missed this. Is there anyway to still get one?
  21. I have met a few people on here and done several exchanges with others so this isn't too far off the beaten path. Two weeks ago I basically dropped off the map. I had thought that the appointment for my daughter would be routine and we would just be going back in a week or two. The appt turned into a need for an MRI so down to the ER we went so we could get it done fairly quickly. The MRI coupled with a very high BP turned into an emergency surgery for an EVD. That necessitated another full sedation MRI on Saturday. That tumbled into a craniotomy for a biopsy and permanent shunt. A little over a week and a half later we have a diagnosis of MBEN which is Medulloblastoma. It is the Sonic Hedgehog version. Yes, it is named after the video game. Right now my wife and I are in discussions with St Judes on how to proceed from here. We have been on a huge roller-coaster ride. At one point we thought we were just going to have a few weeks or months left to where we are now with possibly a 50% or greater chance with chemo for survival over five years. I am certain there will be bad moments as well as good ones over the coming weeks and months. If we start chemo, we should know after two cycles if it is working and if she is tolerating it. We keep telling ourselves about the side effects but also that kids are resilient. Our daughter's quality of life takes precedence though. I wish I had a crystal ball. This forum and the hobby as a whole has been a source of great enjoyment for me over the years. It's a great escape at times so I will be on and off here at times. If I reply or message someone and then disappear for a bit, this is why. Luckily my daughter is also my boss as I get to be a stay at home father. This isn't how I had hope to spend her first years, but she has been such an influence on both of us, I am determined to enjoy it as well as provide as much enjoyment as possible for her. If anyone wants to follow along and get updates, we created a Facebook page. It is impossible to answer every text, call, and email so we figured this would be the best communication method for everyone. We also can share schedules and pictures. It is called "WylieRae's Love". https://facebook.com/groups/370951637189652?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment It is closed so if you request to join, just put LSP for the answer to the question. I know we don't often use our names as our screen name on here.
  22. I would be tempted to do one with an X-15 to take down to the museum near here. Now if it was a B-29, I would already commit.
  23. That would do nothing as that much tubing would cause too much static pressure for any hobby booth to overcome including something like the Ace Peacemaker. 15 feet total length without any bends in non-corrugated ducting is about the limit without using booster fans along the way.
  24. If there is a dryer vent that isn't being used, you can use it. You can also vent up and out an eave. Beyond that, there are no options for non-ventilated systems outside of using a water/charcoal bath. There isn't much if anything that would be strong enough for that type of system on the hobby market. As far as the solvent warnings, you can only use flammable paints with squirrel cage fan or a type with sealed bushings. Otherwise you risk ignition.
  25. They are manufactured in Taiwan. It is possible that some of the early airbrushes had faults, but since they changed some of the line up, like I stated before, I haven't seen a single issue. I don't know how it could really be possible for the needle to misaligned considering how the tip seats. As for the comment to Mel, like I had stated, a vast majority of the airbrushes out there are copies of each other. Very few are "original" so it really comes down to quality. I have seen even a cheap Harbor Freight do very well if it is stripped down, cleaned, and any imperfections corrected.
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