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  1. LOL, this kit is a prime example of what Tamiya has become. Some of it is nice quality but a big chunk is toy like. I am sure it fits nicely together, but I have Revell kits with better detail...
  2. The 1968 and 1969 LeMans winners were Mk1 versions. The Meng kit and 1966 winner are Mk2. The 1967 was a Mk4. The main differences between the Mk1-3 are the front and rear bonnets. The 1968 also had a wider rear track and the 1969 was even wider. The Mk4 looked more like a brick in the center section. They are all GT40's though as the basic chassis are very similar. Engines varied by race and owner as well as some dictation by the rear bonnet. The Gulf Mirage can refer to two different cars by J W Automotive. The first being similar to the GT40 but with a much more narrow r
  3. Just looked. The only differences on the PE between the X-15A-2 kits that had the tanks and dolly is the layout. Everything else appears to be the same. The kit without those items has a smaller fret and the A-1 has a different main IP.
  4. Not without some extensive cutting, filing, and reshaping. Resin has a shrinkage with it. I can't remember what he said the range is on the stuff he uses. Say it is 3%. Then for every foot you do you are off 3/8's of an inch. The issue then isn't so much the overall scale of the aircraft or car but rather the fit of the kit. Many of his items had connections that were not in parallel and straight. This is why those who pirate works can often be easily spotted.
  5. I will get a good look this weekend and will be able to tell for sure.
  6. If you get it directly from Special Hobby it is about $88 shipped to the US. That isn't too bad so the price there is pretty reasonable. It has a ton of resin also. There are some short comings in the kit, but that has been discussed at length. As for this kit, the only things that are different from the last boxing with tanks and dolly are the addition of the stand and ramjet. The latter giving rise to the former. This one finally brings an end to the X-15 series with the exception of the A-1 with the XLR99 but that can be made with some kit bashing.
  7. Between his cars and planes I think I have about 30 of his kits with several duplicates. If my memory isn't failing, I would say I was a customer of his for over 20 years. I can even tell you when certain kits were made by the resin he used. All of mine will more than likely be built if I live long enough and there is still the F9F-8B on my workbench begging for me to get back to it now that I have some time. As far as him coming back, I highly doubt he will ever go back into business himself. He has said he may do some patterns for others, but right now he is in a huge fight
  8. In terms of color registry they continue to be the best as all monitors and displays are color calibrated from the factory. This allows one to know that the red they choose will be the same red they see on another computer and the red they get when going to print. That is by far about the only thing that makes them worthwhile anymore as PCs will never be able to go that route. Between the constant fighting between Samsung and Apple (which Samsung BTW was making their screens until the rectangle phone lawsuit), the reports of Apple integrating software "slow-downs" in their upgrad
  9. Andy's HHQ is actually in Portland, OR, and is MBK-USA. I suspect that the primary reason Andy went to Germany not long ago was to finalize a deal with them. His hobby store remains in Tucson AZ though.
  10. But he wasn't Russian. He was Lithuanian....
  11. As stated above, the anti-ablation coating was pink. The white is an over coating. I would say any primer with slight texture would work just fine. It wouldn't be too noticeable in 1/32 scale.
  12. I think I paid $625 or so shipped. It's huge and since shipping has gone up, the price of it goes up. I think the UPS driver was a bit angry when he had to deliver it.
  13. http://modelpaint.tripod.com/booth2.htm
  14. There is an article from years ago about how to do all the math. Let me see if I can find it later. Biggest tricks are to use solid wall ducting and use as few 90 degree turns as possible. As mentioned above you can also use in-duct fans to assist. If you can run 6 inch ducting, that would ideal. If not, go as big as you can. Anything vented directly inside is a big no-no. Doesn't matter what type of paint as you can still get particulates in your lung. The only methods to really reduce those are the water (bong) style filters or properly fitted N95s. It is doab
  15. To do it properly you need a squirrel cage fan or something that is brushless and then compute the CFM needed based on the type and length of ducting. Most people don't use even remotely near enough CFMs to adequately vent out.
  16. I don't think anyone would dare touch it to ring it
  17. Harold sells them direct. If you would like his info, just PM me. Sometimes Model Builder's Warehouse gets them in, too. As for the Trumpeter kit, I can't remember them all but the area under the front bonnet is not very detailed and there are some dimensional issues. It was a good start for the KA detail set. If Meng's kit is nice detailed and only needs the basic items, it will be worth the difference in price at least to me.
  18. Harold Bradford of Historic Racing Miniatures makes the best Daytona Coupe in 1/24th scale. It is lightyears ahead of anything that SMS, MFH, and Gunze ever offered.
  19. It is, as I had DHL send a box from HLJ from Japan to my front door in a day and half my time. I can get UPS parcels from Europe in the matter of a few days up to a week. Same goes for FedEx. USPS is unfortunately heavily reliant on commercial aircraft. It will be a long time before they catch up. The backlog from those packages are spewing over into the ones that would normally go via truck. Add in all the mail in ballots which require no less than three mailings (one to get the form, one to mail the ballot, and one to mail it back), all the political paper ads, the increase in mail ord
  20. It appears they updated some of the sheet as it does say a few pieces are now printed by Cartograf
  21. http://www.hobbydecal.com/detail.cgi?number=al32001v1
  22. DHL got a shipment from HLJ to my door in NC in a day and a half...
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