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  1. To avoid confusion, presumably this comment and the ones preceding mean "Skystreak," not "Skyrocket." The one kit they have released is the Skystreak. The Skyrocket was advertised to be next before it got bumped by the Viggen.
  2. I'd also observe that just because a part comes in photoetch doesn't mean it must be used. Sometimes the best use of a photo etched part is as a pattern to fabricate the part out of some other material. For example, one can try to thicken photoetch meant to represent tubing, or one can just replace the photoetch with rod or wire of the appropriate diameter. This may not be the case in your instance, but it's worth noting.
  3. Read down the web page a ways and you'll get your answer (probably not the one you're hoping for).
  4. I don't believe so. I'm afraid you might be a few years too late.
  5. Me too. I debated, but I have absolutely no interest in the real bargains (e.g., Felixstowe), and I have several unbuilt WNW kits of the more mainstream subjects already which, at my current build rate, will last until I'm over 100 years old.
  6. Like others who've posted here, I was really interested in a couple of the WNW sale kits. I was just about to hit "buy" when I went downstairs and reviewed all the unbuilt kits in my closet. I know what's in there, but actually standing in front of a closet full of kits and handling the half-dozen WNW kits I already have was a good reality check. As tempting as this sale is, I decided to pass. I don't want to eventually saddle my kids with more unbuilt model kits than I've already got. I haven't completely sworn off buying new kits, but they're going to have to be subjects I really, really want, not subjects that are just sort of interesting and happen to be on sale for a good price.
  7. Beautiful model. Too bad the horizontal stabilizer has been set to "speed brake" mode. Somebody at the museum really ought to reset it.
  8. My Nieuport (late) kit arrived today. For what it's worth, I'll agree with the previous comments. In my opinion this looks to be a very, very nice kit. Given the quantity of unbuilt kits in my closet, and my age, I'm cutting way back on new kit purchases. But I've always loved the Nieuport 17, and I like to support bold ventures by small businesses like CSM. I hope this kit is successful for them and they're able to bring us more in the future. I'd love to see a SPAD 13 with a similar level of quality.
  9. For what it's worth, I ordered a late Nieuport directly from CSM during the pre-order special a few weeks ago. I just got an email with tracking number showing that it's been shipped.
  10. The Aerospace Museum of California at the former McClellan AFB in Sacramento also had one you could get right up to. I haven't been there for a few years, but as far as I know you still can. No ribs on the tip tanks of their a/c, hence my appreciation for photo 46. Even more appreciation if Paul Fisher comes out with photo etch for them. I've got a set of his resin tip tanks waiting for them.
  11. Actually, you're looking at the two parts sitting on my laptop screen (tips propped up with a tine bit of clay underneath). The grid pattern is courtesy of Microsoft Excel. You're looking at the them in left-side profile, upside down. Glad it helps.
  12. For whatever reason, this photo appears to have uploaded upside-down, but hopefully it will still be helpful. The shorter nose is the Encore resin part, and the longer one is the Monogram part. There are 14 vertical lines to the inch. I propped the parts up with clay to keep them as square to the surface as possible. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O1BwIMe22W2Azy0VXNIg6VH-uzYg4sK3
  13. I don't have a micrometer, but I measured the height of both parts pretty carefully with a combination square on a flat surface. The resin part is about 1/16 inch shorter. If you're willing to accept the Encore resin piece as "correct," I suggest cutting that length off the tip of the plastic part and then filing/sanding to reduce the diameter of the new tip and induce the very subtle kink extending about 1/4 inch back from the new tip.
  14. I just dug out my Encore kit and eyeballed the shape of their resin nose in profile alongside the Monogram plastic part. To me, the resin nose shape does look much closer to your photo than does the plastic part.
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