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We have 32nd B-17, B-24 and Lancasters (plural!). What's next? B-29?


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On 11/1/2019 at 2:14 PM, Pup7309 said:

I thought there was a thread about this a while back...Good reality check Tom. The wingspan on the HB 1/32 B24 was too impracticable for my storage space but I really wanted it until I read reviews (and then didn’t want it as much.) So will continue surgery on the old monogram 1/48 in the hope an accurate upgrade comes along. 1/32  B29? Nah.

We’re all modelers, why not make the wings removable? Small screws would do the trick.

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On 11/4/2019 at 6:05 AM, Fred Jack said:

We’re all modelers, why not make the wings removable? Small screws would do the trick.

Moveable re/movable wings is a great idea, assuming subject/ display-storage space, cost, kit quality etc factors all align. In this case no.

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I have come to the conclusion that injection molded plastic is not always the right medium for the really huge stuff. For example if one wants 1/32 Vulcan then do it in Vacform. The weight in injection molded plastic would probably be punitive unless it became a multi media kit and had brass undercarriage.


I am not a subscriber to the thought that some airframes are ‘just too big’ in 1/32 either.  I think this is more a question of whether the manufacturer (or builder) applied the right kit engineering to any medium the kit is in. Let’s take the B-29 for example: It has a 53” wingspan in 1/32. The wing to fuselage join on a B-29 has a nice, crisp delineation meaning that with a nicely engineered fuselage stub spar and some strong rare earth magnets, one could have a simple way to disassemble a finished model.


Generally I’d like to see intelligent kit design in whatever medium makes it possible for us modellers be able to easily disassemble and store models of airframes that are large.


Kind regards,


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2 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

No need for a B-29 for me.  I need more Japanese twin engine models

Yeah, baby that's what I'm talking about. Frances, Betty, Dinah, Helen and a Sally! We already have a Ki-45 "Nick" [ a very nice kit by the way] . A B-29? Too big for my place , would have to park it at the airport! I have another shelf that needs to be put together ,that would be for the Japanese stuff if someone decides to tap into this .

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