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  1. How about this one? Looks dicey!
  2. I would accept a 1/32 B-58. That would be AWESOME! The SR-71 in 1/32 would be quite impressive as well. :-) I wish I had time for all these cool ideas... Brent
  3. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for the tip! Brent
  4. I thought I would drag thread this back up. Fun way to display a big Warthog. :-)
  5. That's a nice hint. To spend your money go here: https://www.model-space.com/gb/model-planes.html
  6. I think Sanger made a Sterling vac. Other than that you will have to scratchbuild.
  7. By "everything" I meant the big Monogram models of the 70's. Most of them have been recreated in 1/32. The B-29 is the only one left, I think
  8. I've been using Bare Metal Foil adhesive. A few of mine have started to peel. My theory is thermal expansion. The plastic is expanding and contracting at a different rate from the aluminum. So, it starts to delaminate. I have been considering trying epoxy. CA doesn't work... I too have foiled lots of models. No paint comes close to what foil looks like. Brent
  9. Howdy, I am unhappy with applying aluminum foil to my models. It looks great at first, but it peels off over time. I'd like to try litho plate. Where does this come from? Do I have to call local printers and ask for their scraps? Thanks! Brent
  10. Howdy Gang! I was rooting thru the stash last night. I was pawing all the old Monogram 1/48 bombers. Almost everything has been done. Those that haven't (A-26 & B-26) will probably show up soon. However, the B-29 hasn't been mentioned, has it? What other monster kits will be coming out of China? We can build most all battleships and carriers in 1/200. I understand even a Titanic is due soon. Why not a B-29? ß!
  11. Alain: Yes, I want to build the prototype. I am assuming it wasn't armed yet. Good idea with the 262 panel! D: I know the Hasegawa kits would be easier. But I have a stack of these old Revell kits. I have to consume them somehow! :-)
  12. I am interested in any refs for the Me-109Z. All of my refs are drawings or rendered images. My library does not contain any images of the actual airframe. So, I don't know how complete it was at the time it was destroyed. I'm basing my Z off a pair of old Revell 109Fs that I had languishing in the model crypt. It is sort of a slammer/kitbash/scratchbuild project. I think the only mods I will do to the plastic is to delete the wheel well bulges on the upper wing surface. Otherwise I will leave it the same. Oh! I will delete all armaments and fill in the blast tunnels in the noses. I may attempt to busy up the already cramped cockpit with more gauges and controls. The engine management system would have doubled. Any ideas? Brent
  13. Yep! Larry's is inspirational. I see someone made a 1/15 scratchbuilt RC model. I'm going to reach out to see if they will share their files. I can scale them down and laser-cut my own formers.
  14. "BTW Brent, It was nice meeting you in Windsor Locks a few weeks ago when Rick bought that pile of kits from you" I agree! I hope you and the gang enjoy them.
  15. Howdy Gang! It's Sunday and I am dreaming of scratchbuild projects. I don't have a good source of plans for the XB-42 Mixmaster. Does anyone have a source? Thanks! Brent
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