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  1. Howdy Gang, I'm looking to close up my He-111Z soon. I've been agonizing about the bombardier's pad. Has anyone ever seen a real one? It looks like they were brownish or black. I know, who cares, it's my model do it however I want... This is pretty obvious thru the glazing and I'd like to do it as accurate as possible. (OCD much?) :-) Thank you!
  2. Anybody scan or otherwise save the profiles from decal sheets? Eaglecals are great just for the artwork. I wish Jerry would sell me a CD of just his profiles. I understand "caretervention" is scheduled to discuss my digital hoarding.
  3. "I'd also venture to say that roughly 95% of what I download, never gets used for anything." I agree. A lot of the stuff I have saved is because if I ever want to find it I will know where to look. Mine is organized by country and model. So, I can usually find what I'm looking for. ß!
  4. So, he could have driven one of these trucks. There weren't that many "jets" being trucked around. Very interesting!
  5. This is one of my favorites. I very much need to model at least one truck & Komet combo. Someone else did here (smaller scale though)... http://hawkeyes-squawkbox.com/2009/08/25/after-action-report-ipms-national-convention-pt-iii/
  6. No, I mean "cost" as in lost or cannot get back. I will link to some image, then find a few more. Instead of getting off my duff to go snowblow I'm dinking on the PC saving images... :-)
  7. Howdy Gang, I don't know where my old thread went. So, I will restart it. It's tough displaying some of these large models so I look for alternative ways. One of my solutions is to show the model in transport. I like seeing them out of context. They are easier to display with the wings off. The display is more interesting because it is on a flatbed trailer or something. Anyhoo, let's start this again.
  8. A little tip to other hoarders out there. Hover over an image you like and hold S+right click. Google will perform a search for similar images. That has cost me quite a few hours...
  9. Howdy Gang! I'm curious. Does anyone else have a hard drive packed with images and other model and history related stuff? How many times have I lost images because the host website went down? So, I keep them local when I can. I have spent hours clicking on thumbnails and saving images for my personal library. Does anyone have a suggestion for downloading images in bulk? It gets old clicking the thumbnail, save as, etc and repeat. I've seen some bulk downloader extensions for Chrome, but they don't open the links attached to the thumbnail. So, those don't solve the problem. I wish there was something easy I could use to mine a website. It would follow the links to download the large image. Here is an example. I'd like to download all the images linked from this page without having to manually open and save each one. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/aircrafts-2/heinkel_he111/ Does anyone have a suggestion? I still have plenty of disk space! ß!
  10. The project stalled out. My oldest nemesis: time! I built the wing three times. I'm struggling to heat and wrap it around the wood core successfully. I score and heat the wing as I'm wrapping it around the core. However there is a sweet spot in the temperature range. If I get a little too hot the wing is ruined... I will keep trying. ß!
  11. Howdy Gang! I picked this up earlier in the week. I splashed it on the wall using the projector and cranked the stereo. Lots of great Merlin rumbles etc. The neighbors may not have loved all the bass. :-) I highly suggest this film. The air to air filming is very well done. https://www.amazon.com/Spitfire-Geoffrey-Wellum/dp/B07FF5MBCX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539343534&sr=8-1&keywords=spitfire
  12. I am just sad that it isn't 1/24th...
  13. Looks like a great book to own. I like to have a TV on while I'm modeling. Check out the hour long Dambuster special on YouTube. :-)
  14. Thanks everyone! I was getting bogged down in my own refs and Google searches. So! I will build it with the short tail. I'm using the bat and moon motif sans teeth. I may have to build it again some day with the teeth. That's some great nose art! ß!
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