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Miniart 1/35 AVRO 671 ROTA MK.I RAF / Focke-Wulf Fw C.30A announced

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3 hours ago, ericg said:

What a waste! Why on earth 1/35th scale?



I guess they figured it was closer to a helicopter than a plane?   No excuse in my book, but hey-ho. Although an autogyro by definition may look closer to a helicopter, in reality its closer to a plane. Both have fixed powered horizontal engines, a lifting wing and need of forward momentum to continue to fly, and neither is capable of hovering.   The only difference is a planes lifting wing is stationary, and an autogyros rotates. 

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On 7/18/2019 at 4:27 PM, ericg said:

What a waste! Why on earth 1/35th scale?

A very pleasant surprise from Mini Art, more power their elbow (and anyone else that wants to join the party) It is nice that manufacturers are producing more interesting and unusual kits of this nature. Not just because the hobby is crying out for some 'out of left field' items, rather than the 'same old, same old' items, but because it has the entertaining secondary and added benefit of sending the nattering nabobs of negativism into a paroxysm of whinging about the scale used.


Just enjoy the experience. More power to Mini Arts elbow.      

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