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  1. I sometimes feel the same way, but I've learned to ignore it and just build my stuff oob (mostly). You don't HAVE to fix these issues if you don't want to. I had to teach myself that and it helps. Build for yourself, build for fun, fix whatever you want. And those wo do want the most accurate F-18 or B-24 will be happy to have all the info they can get. Best get back OT now I think.
  2. Sent him a PM on Facebook, hope it's nothing serious...
  3. Have they become rare now? Seems like yesterday stores were selling them for less than half of the RRP...
  4. Mine just arrived, what a beast! Even with the aforementioned flaws there's a lot of value for money in this kit! Shame they didn't include seat belts on the PE fret.
  5. Recently got my hands on Zvezda's La-5. Can't say how well it goes together but I was impressed with the amount of detail you get for the money. No PE for the seatbelts but it has a pilot figure you could use instead. Me-262 series from Hobby Boss also gets a vote from me. Though, once again, no seat belts.
  6. A big thanks to the LSP team and all sponsors for organising this! I assume the usual 25% rule applies?
  7. If you're not allergic to 1/48 they're also doing a new tool A-26 Invader
  8. Awesome news! I'm far more likely to get one now.
  9. Site says Feb next year at an RRP of 35,000 Won, about 31 USD or 27 Euro. Not bad at all!
  10. I read somewhere that some PE parts for the floats are missing from the kit, any truth to that?
  11. I'm becoming more of an OOB builder as well. Maybe a minimal amount of etch or some fabric seat belts... Spending time researching/fixing inaccuracies and dealing with fiddly AM parts has more than once been a mojo killer for me... As for this one, I'll gladly build it as it is.
  12. Got myself a few cockpit detail sets from the Eduard sale.
  13. The original company was US based I believe but it was sold once or twice
  14. Yup, I could be persuaded to aquire one of these.
  15. I'd like a Defiant or a Javelin but since they're having financial difficulties they'll probably play it safe and go for something that sells well.
  16. Not very good at saying serious crap like this, but congrats for winning such a tough battle!
  17. Apart from the price there's no reason not to go for the Bandai kit. (unless you prefer the ESB version) I've compared several of their kits and the fine detail of the Bandai kits blows any Finemolds kit out of the water. Also, the Bandai kit is larger by a fair bit, despite being the same scale. The Falcon and a few other FM kits are too small for their scale. And before anyone starts, I know they're not real and therefore can't have a scale, blah blah blah...
  18. I agree that in terms of depth you'd be comparing the city fountain to the Mariana Trench but to me, when comparing aesthetics and ship design, Star Wars wins hands down. I played the X-wing and Tie Fighter games before I had seen any of the movies and I've always loved the way the ships look. Here's one for the German armor modelers
  19. Couple of online stores already have it on preorder for less. I'm hoping it will drop below 300 at some point.
  20. https://www.revell.de/en/products/star-wars/star-wars-bandai/bandai-millennium-falcon-perfect-grade.html Seems to be the full option kit with lighting and PE. RRP is still over the top but I'm sure we'll be able to find it cheaper. And best of all, no import taxes! Also looks like they plan on releasing other Bandai kits in the future. I'd say this is potentially great news for us Europeans.
  21. If I say stuff like that in a pub I either get "A what?" or "Oh yeah, model kits, I used to build those when I was a kid!"
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