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  1. There's a new picture on Scalemates that has the Snowman Models logo next to the Takom logo, so it seems to be a collab between two manufacturers. Maybe that's what's going on? Although these days it's pretty common for different manufacturers to release the same subject. Spies everywhere?
  2. Could be, it's over twenty years ago when I built the Revell kit so I might be misremembering it.
  3. Isn't the Kangnam kit just a copy of the Revell kit? I've built the latter ages ago and the parts division seems VERY similar. In any case I'm looking forward to the new Takom kits, they've done some of my favourite armour kits so I have high hopes.
  4. Got a half built Eduard E3 somewhere, I quit after trying to get the radiator scoops to fit... Bought the Cyberhobby instead.
  5. Just spotted this over on Scalemates. Doesn't seem to have a thread yet: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amp-tba32-2022a-brantly-b-2--1391155 Not a big fan of AMP, but I quite like the looks of this one.
  6. It's pretty much identical to the 1/48 Tamiya kit so it should be pretty good.
  7. That seems surprisingly cheap considering the Tempest was around €80. Maybe this will be an all plastic kit?
  8. Only LSP I finished in the last few years was the Revell Phantom with the black and orange checkerboard pattern. I did really enjoy that build though. I'm gonna sneak in Airfix' 1/48 Javelin as my most enjoyable build so far.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! Not really going for accuracy but it would be nice to have it resemble a plane that actually existed. So the Draw Decals would be the better choice? Not sure how easy it is to get them in Europe but I'll have a look.
  10. I'm in the (slow) process of building the old Revell P-38 to hang in my son's bedroom. I'd like to do the Yippee version. The Peddinghaus decal set seems to be the most readily available but the opinions on the manufacturer seem to be rather negative... Anyone tried them? Any other recommendations?
  11. +1 I held off on a chance to buy the HPH kit because I'm hoping ICM will do one.
  12. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/freedom-model-kits-12001-f-ck-1a-mlu--1016498 Might be vaporware by now
  13. Nah, this is the one designed by Trumpeter!
  14. One for me, please! Or two if they release both versions!
  15. Q: Is it done yet? R: Yes! We gavno modeli, we gavno modeli today! Hope this is a real thing, I like russian jets!
  16. I have three of their jigs and they certainly have their use. My main gripe with them is you have to use a screwdriver to make most adjustments, might be a minor thing to some but I I find it annoying. Other than that they're nice and their biggest one allows for some really big aircraft to be mounted. I've seen similar stands made from acrylic that also look interesting and are probably a bit more sturdy, don't remember the brand.
  17. Looks like a stealth fighter to me...
  18. Will be interesting to see a quality comparison between the two and to see if this might affect the price of each kit. Or maybe it's a joint project? Copper Wingnut State Wings Models
  19. Weird aircraft design, I like it! Are their other kits any good? Short run I assume?
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