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  1. Back to my comment: Unless you were building it as part of a 1/32 diorama, would the scale really present much of a problem? I can't really see what people are getting so upset about. I'm happy to build in either scale.
  2. I've always got by knocking something together with a few bits of foamboard and a scalpel and slotting them together. I draw the patterns in Illustrator and spraymount the printouts on for cutting guides. I also draw parallel and centre lines to aid alignment. This was invaluable when building Revell's 1/32 Lysander. A turntable from an old computer monitor stand competes the package. Having just built the 219, found loads of cheap washing up sponges helped cushion the model while working on it. The acrylic one above looks interesting though.
  3. I've had problems like this during the hot weather we've been having in the UK. I resorted to using Vallejo matt, applied with a brush. I'd previously tried spraying various makes (including Tamiya matt) with flow improver added. It then took a week to dry and the finish wasn't much better either. I'm think of going back to Humbrol enamel for the satin, as I don't remember ever having problems with that!
  4. My wife is a phd student which takes up most of her time and money, so she has no problem with me having a hobby that takes up similar amounts of both, subject to the odd moan about paint/glue fumes and the usual 'where are you going to put all these?' complaints. Trouble is, one day the phd will be finished...
  5. Sea Fury. NOW you're talking! Buy a few more tickets.
  6. I can understand that. It. Was more of a general comment about munitions in this scale. Kits always provide plenty of service stencil markings for the plane, but not the bombs and rockets, and that’s the bit I don’t understand.
  7. They look fantastic, but why oh why do they never come with decals? Tel
  8. Nothing short of jaw-dropping! Did I read that right? That he's using litho plates for the skins? Tel
  9. Is that link ok? It's being blocked by our system: "Compromised Websites Sites that are vulnerable and known to host an injected malicious code or unwanted content"
  10. Fascinating! Would my skills with Adobe Illustrator ever be useful in this area? I know I've exported to some CAD formats in the past. Tel
  11. Looking good Ryan. Think I'll be doing that one next.
  12. Definitely the P-51. It's awful! You can see right through it. I remember spending hours scratch building to sort it out. The tyres are wrong too - same ones used in the Hurricane I believe?
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