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  1. Nothing short of jaw-dropping! Did I read that right? That he's using litho plates for the skins? Tel
  2. Is that link ok? It's being blocked by our system: "Compromised Websites Sites that are vulnerable and known to host an injected malicious code or unwanted content"
  3. Fascinating! Would my skills with Adobe Illustrator ever be useful in this area? I know I've exported to some CAD formats in the past. Tel
  4. Looking good Ryan. Think I'll be doing that one next.
  5. Definitely the P-51. It's awful! You can see right through it. I remember spending hours scratch building to sort it out. The tyres are wrong too - same ones used in the Hurricane I believe?
  6. Looks really cool Graham! I'd like to source some as well, as I always end up making my own bomb markings, and that stuff comes in various degrees of quality. This always seems to be where the kits fall short. No idea why.
  7. It's down to chess or scrabble these days.
  8. Incredible. Never knew anything like this existed. They sound reassuringly expensive.
  9. So basically, that sale site was one big con. I can't understand what the handling charge is all about. when you've already paid a $24 shipping charge? And yes the missus did hit the roof!
  10. Just got hit with that today! Well i can’t say I wasn’t warned. Don’t these b****rs have an agent over here?
  11. Had a message to say my Fokker E.IV is on it's way.
  12. Wow! Can't wait to see a review. When someone figures out how to get hold of them that is!
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