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1:200 USS Missouri Build Log - Trumpeter w/ Pontos Detail Sets


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OK, I'm back!  I have a dozen or so more photos to share with you,  Thanks for all your complements so far.  As you can imagine, I'm kinda proud of how it turned out.

Here's more of the crew and some of the rigging.


BB-63 - 19


Here's more crew and more rigging.  I used thin EZ-Line for the rigging.  That stuff is fabulous.  I love it!!


BB-63 - 20


I gotta say that for a battle wagon, there's a LOT of rigging on this monster.  I probably don't have the exact layout, but it's close.  And besides, who's gonna know??


BB-63 - 21


People all over this ship!  Some sailors have to work regardless of the historic event taking place down below.


BB-63 - 22


Lots of activity everywhere!  The red flag at the very top with 5 white stars indicates a 5 star general (Douglas MacArthur) is on board. 


BB-63 - 23


All sorts of activity here too.  There's always work to be done when you're on a warship at sea.


BB-63 - 24


Some kind of a discussion going on here.  Wonder what it's all about?  Some swabbie do something wrong??


BB-63 - 25


Some workers starting to do some work on seaplane #11.  Or at least they're standing there thinking about it.


BB-63 - 26


Most of the crew, though, are at the surrender ceremony.


BB-63 - 27


According to a book I have, the table is one from the galley and the crew threw a green tablecloth over it to hide it.  The tablecloth is actually a piece of tissue painted with glue and then green paint. The three signature documents are tiny pieces of Evergreen plastic strip.


BB-63 - 28


General MacArthur is at the microphone stand while the Japanese delegation is standing off to the right.  The viewing platform in the foreground is scratch built.  I don't think you can see it, but there are two cameras on tripods on the viewing platform; a video camera and a still frame camera.  They are in front of the two sailors in blue.  These are also scratch built.


BB-63 - 29


In this picture I placed a US quarter to show the relative size of the sailors and officers. For those of you across the pond (and beyond), a quarter is 2.42 cm diameter.


BB-63 - 30


The ship now rests under a Plexiglas enclosure where I don't intend to touch it for quite some time.  It seems like every time I even look at the boat, I break something off. It is an extremely fragile model.


BB-63 - 31


BB-63 - 32


BB-63 - 33


And naturally, I have to toot my own horn just a little:


BB-63 - 34


OK, Ladies and Gentlemen, that's it.  I wish I would have kept track of the hours I have in this.  I'm not sure I even want to know the dollars I've spent on it.  But, all in all, it's been a really enjoyable build and I've learned a tremendous amount in the process.  Would I tackle it again?  Probably not unless some dude offered me $10.000 to build one for him.  


So, what's my next project?  I'm not exactly sure.  I do know that I don't want something nearly as complex as this was.  It's time for simplicity!!!  Actually, I'm trying to decide on one of two kits, which are:



BB-63 - 36


or here:


BB-63 - 35


Which one should I tackle next?   Oh my, decisions, decisions.  Take care, Folks, and thanks for the kudos!!

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