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  1. LOL - thanks guys By popular vote the flood lighting will stay - somehow. I sealed it up last night after I had taken the pics but before I saw what effect had been accidentally created.
  2. I know I've already posted a fair bit over the past couple of days but I thought I'd share my successful lighting in the one part I had strong doubts about getting lit. The part itself is only 8mm x 5mm x 4mm and there was no way I was going to be able to thread nearly 20 fibers through it, so I went with the flood light method which is cutting off 4mm pieces of single strand fiber and sticking and gluing them just 1mm into the wall and then sealing off the bottom with a strip of styrene (that has some al-foil stuck to the bottom to better reflect the light up). Inside the rear of the wall. I stuck a 2mm SMD upright through another small strip of styrene and then glued that onto the roof. Hopefully the pictures will explain better than what I can in words (sorry for the slightly blurry image there - I was struggling to get the phone to focus) I've already fixed that light leak but I kinda wish I hadn't as I like that floodlit area. Maybe once its been painted black again I can chip a bit out and let that spread. We'll see how much light is left leaking soon enough. Anyway, I was pretty happy with this Thanks for looking Si
  3. Lol, no not quite. I have the Korbanth Superstar destroyer in the stash but after this, I'll need s serious break from StarWars. My next build will either be the 1/350 Scharnhorst or the airbrush spaceship.
  4. LOL - thanks Highlander Quick couple of extra shots showing how high the SD sits above the base:
  5. hey again Got one building done and primed and have started on the second one. I'm hoping to have the first one painted by the weekend. I have already drilled out the holes where the fibers will be going. I lost count after 50 and 8 drill bits later The good news is it won't require a lot big lengths of fiber. I am contemplating sticking in just little bits of fiber and flood lighting the entire inside but I am not sure I can get much light through the top sections. They'd require longer lengths I think. Also, there would not be enough room to angle an LED bright enough to fill the space... unless I used SMD strip? Enough pondering, here are the pics. I used my phone and not my proper camera coz I can't be faffed getting it all set up In black primer with a very light white primer highlight coat brings it all together nicely And together with the new building. I drilled out some vents on the side of the tower and I'll stick in some strips of clear sanded styrene to cover the openings from the inside. With a red LED shining up from the bottom it'll look pretty cool with the sanded styrene diffusing the light nicely. At least - that's the plan and lastly, the new position of both on the surface: Well, I think I have bored you all enough, but as always, please feel free to critique or suggest anything that could be improved. Like, share, subscribe...? LOL I watch way too much Youtube Thanks for looking
  6. That is a very nice update set. I had a good laugh at the kit supplied "pilot" figure. Wonder what drugs whoever sculpted that was on? I almost feel sorry for it Did it come with arms at least?
  7. Kev's explanation of it is exactly what it is - a starship in the shape of an airbrush (and one that I use to -HP-C+). I personally really like a subject that is off center. Im thinking of grey, blue and metallics for a scheme.
  8. thanks guys A distraction the likes you probably haven't seen arrived on my door step today: Must resist the urge to start this one now.
  9. I realised I forgot to add this image which might help see it all together: I have been adding a few smaller structures around before I started these buildings, so I am hoping that it will balance out more soon enough
  10. I found this tower like structure last night in the box of spares and immediately thought this would be a cool addition: Also found in amongst stuff I fully forgot I had, was this little gem (the big bit in the center). I layed out a few parts just to get some kind of structure going. Obviously, its just a base, but what do you think? Should I use it as well or just stick to the one building? Is it a bit too 'Old factory" in it's appearance or would it pass in the world of SW? One thing that I've noticed or thought about is the rest of the tile details. Is it too much with another building? Are these buildings out of scale with the rest of it? I don't think so, but I am doubting my scaling abilities lately, so I thought 'd see if I can get some honest, constructive feedback.
  11. LOL - that'd upset a few hardcore fans on both sides of the genre.
  12. Actually, that's exactly what I have in mind - I just need to find something small enough to fit on the pads but still be in scale with the destroyer.
  13. Hi again all For the past 2 weeks (well, more like 6 days when combined) I have been working away on the top plate. I decided to make something to go on top as I feel it needs more visual interest. Yeah, I know its the DS tiles I'm using but I don't really want this to BE the Death Star - more, my own interpretation. I wouldn't go calling my display a battle-station. Probably more a mechanical planet It's far from being finished - I still have heaps to do, but before I really get lost in this and put more energy into it, I thought l'd just get a general gauge if this is a good idea or not It's basically superstructure parts from my ill-fated Bismark and other bits and bobs. My favorite bit is the landing platforms this is where Im intending to put it If all else fails, it could always be a new hull part of a space ship Well, that's it for now, but feel free to let me know what you think. As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look
  14. Thanks guys. I've been working on it still and will have an update soon.
  15. Hi all Quick update The edging is all done and putty applied. Still a couple of spots to clean up but nothing dramatic. I've started to add some more detailing to the surface, with some gun batteries which i thought could be quite cool. I'm not trying to replicate the DS or its surface to its filming parents, so the relevancy of their existence is mute. Looking at them, I do need to change the shape slightly to mask their origins though. Just on the bottom front corners I think I'm looking at making some kind of central building structure, like a control center of sorts, again, just to break up the surface more. Not too high, but high enough. I've been furiously rummaging through the spares box looking for something suitable but nothing is matching my idea, so I think it'll have to be scratch built. Anyways, enough words I just started the detailing, but you get the idea of where its going That's all for now, but open to ideas, suggestions or constructive critique Cheers
  16. I wonder what the sticker price will be? If its anything like the Modelcollect B2 (and I do not mean quality), it'll be, what ~ $250 - $270au roughly? I mean the Revell AN224 was $220 and that was 1/144.
  17. Scharnhorst all the way I keep looking at this kit and I REALLY want one. Maybe one day, when I have my a own warehouse in which to display it. I just have to stop watching YouTube videos about it. Its not helping my severe lack of self control
  18. wow - it has been a while hasn't it? Hi all, and thanks for stopping in. First of, sorry for the really long delay in doing anything to it until recently. RL has interfered a lot as have other projects blah blah. We all know the reasons why etc that things go on hold but, I do have an update that's worth showing So, I am unable to paint anything ATM due to weather and other such stuff like getting ready to move up north to Brisbane at the end of the year, plus a reno and as such, that limited my options. But I have been chomping at the bit to get restarted on just something to do with this build as its just dragging on and on (rather my my words) so I thought I would continue on with the base. And I must say, so far, I am super happy with it. It's coming out way better than I had hoped so far! I am almost finished the edging on the top plate as you'll see in a sec and the shape of it is working perfectly. I will need to cast another 2 or 3 plates and some more of the original plating for the bottom and mid tiers, but that won't take too long So, first up, the top plate as it is now: The advantages of using resin is you can sand it super thin and then remove excess bits with a sharp knife to create new shapes And the bottom plate has also had some treatment started to it. There is HEAPS more to do of course And combined, it starts to take shape. There is a tier to go in between them but not there just yet Well, that's it now for the next 3 months.... nah, just kidding. It's 7 if you're lucky Hopefully the next update will come sooner rather than later. Thanks for any continued interest Till then!
  19. LOL - I have to buy a new keyboard now coz I've drooled all over my old one and it doesn't work now after watching the same sort of videos
  20. Yeah no worries bud. I'd love to get this kit but I just have no room for it. Its a good price considering how much of a monster it would be. I really hope you do a WIP for it (hint hint)
  21. Try veteran models, they have a huge array of IJN weapons. BNA have a large selection if that helps
  22. we expect to see the build thread once it arrives! I'd love to get one of these but I have no room at all for such a monstrous kit, so I'd be more than happy to watch you build one instead
  23. Thanks guys. Would it be a bad idea to spray a light coat of thinner over the areas or is that asking for trouble?
  24. I hadn't polished anything at this stage. This was meant to be the final clear coat before polishing started.
  25. hi all I have a problem that I really need help with. If I can't fix it, it'll have to be stripped and that would be a huge shame as I do not have enough red to start over I sprayed on what I thought would be the last clear coat (Gunze spray can) and this is what happened: As you can see, it's gone all hazy and white and left what looks like an oil spill on the hull. I have absolutely no idea how or why this has happened but I need to fix it. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
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