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  1. Well, moving a little with the engine.
  2. You see quality details in the new Airfix kit. I'm doing the Ju 87 B2 to 1/24 of Airfix and it shows the increase in detail in the Hellcat.
  3. That's how I drive the engine. I added some hoses with fine electrical cable.
  4. Hello again. I've been detailing the engine bulkhead a bit by adding some fuel line. And this is how it has been after painting and messing
  5. Thanks for your contribution. I really like your Stuka, it has a level that I can not reach, but I will try to do mine as best as possible and within my possibilities. I think my Stuka will take me a lot more time to build.
  6. To start the side walls of the cabin.
  7. Thank you. I hope not to disappoint, I see a great level here!
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