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  1. Nice tank. Now is the beginning of the painting phase and it looks very good. Attentive to the aging process !! a greeting José
  2. Hello guys. I go very slowly with the detailed interior, but I think it will be worth it. Little by little the Great Wall of China was built. A few microadvances of the gearbox.
  3. Hi Tom, I have to congratulate you on your work as it looks great !!!! The paint job adds spectacular value to the model and it's nice to see how far along you are. Greetings José
  4. Thank you very much for your comment!! I like your work a lot too !! a greeting José
  5. Hola Tom. Realmente se ve muy bien cómo te queda la pintura. ¿Qué pintura roja has usado? Por otro lado, ¿cómo has hecho las palas de los ventiladores del radiador? No son los que vienen en el modelo. Estoy muy feliz de ver lo avanzado que está tu proyecto. Saludos José.
  6. Good afternoon guys. I have put a few nuts on the sides of the barge and have done work on detailing the gearbox. Hope you like.
  7. I did not remember that you clicked on the photo directly to copy it.
  8. Hola modeladores, algunos pequeños avances: I can't upload photos, I don't know what happens.
  9. Yes, in the early model reference 0928 it comes with the two mantelets. And I would like to emphasize that in addition to the fact that the barrel may be loose in the photo, it may be the metal barrel. Be careful with that, the metal cannon is very heavy and beats even the entire turret forward.
  10. Hello again. Yes, I have also knocked over the glue bottle several times !! I also found on my Panther that the shafts were going too tight in their housings so I sanded the shafts lightly until I was able to fit and remove them again. Greetings.
  11. Hello guys. I am following this thread closely and I want to say that although the Hobby Boss Tiger I 1/16 is fine I think the market is demanding a 1/16 Tiger I with detailed interior. Trumpeter, if he was smart, should bring out a late Michael Wittman-style Tiger I and they'd sell a ton of tanks. I myself would buy one for sure !! But if Takom takes out that same tank I prefer it to Trumpeter since the details of Takom seem finer than those of Trumpeter. That is to say, indispensable for me Panther, King Tiger and Tiger I, the triad of the felines at 1/16.
  12. Great job. I love the final look of a clean, realistic finish. A very nice model. Congratulations!!! Jose
  13. This is fantastic, invasion of Panthers !!! It's quite a show. Cheer up Tom !!
  14. Quiero decir esto: Source Trumpeter
  15. Hi Ryan, my name is Jose and as you know I am building the same tank as you but in an early version. About your Panther I like what I'm seeing at the moment, it seems to me a very clean construction. On what Uncarina says about enlarging the axle holes to rotate, I have a question. If the holes are enlarged, will the shafts not rotate upwards due to the weight of the tank and it will be sunk on itself? It should be remembered that the model's torsion bars are made of plastic and when twisting them by turning they do not return to their original position since it is plastic and not steel, which
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