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  1. It is already taking shape and I like it more and more. A greeting
  2. Hi. The model is on the right track. Cheer up and forward !!
  3. Hi. So far I like what I see. The model features fine details.
  4. Hi all guys. I want to wish you a very Happy New Year hoping that the situation improves for everyone. I have had a few days of vacation and I have taken the opportunity to start mounting the chains of the Panther. It is a very tedious job but if you standardize it it can be a bit bearable. These chains are characterized by being of a great definition, which is why I consider them of great quality. Although at 1/16 they could have added more details such as the cast numbers on the links. These are details that already appear in some chains at 1/35.
  5. Thanks for your words. Yes, it will reach a large size, as stated in the box 55.3 cm long.
  6. Thanks. I like photos, they have great historical and emotional content. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Hello fellow Model makers. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.
  8. Sounds like a nice transformation to me but be careful, other modelers tried to lay the cooling pipes and as a result they warped the first two or three axes of the tank. If those pipes are of the right diameter, you shouldn't have any problems. So cheer up and go ahead. Greetings Jose.
  9. I put some photos after changing the color of the transmission by Calvary Brown of Model Color Vallejo. I hope you like it. I am sorry for the poor quality of the photos but to get an idea of the colors I think they are enough.
  10. I'm glad you like it but I have changed the transmission color to Calvary Brown 982 Model Color from Vallejo. I like this color better. I hope you like the change !!
  11. Hello everyone. I have started to paint the gearbox and some other parts because I think it will be better that way before putting them in place on the hull. I start by priming with this: The result is this: Then I go on to mark the indentations with black paint: And then I go on to give it its lightened color in some areas: The colors for this step are: Base color Steel Gray by Green Stuff Wor
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