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  1. Gracias por tu comentario. Creo que pegaré las dos mitades del casco, pero no las placas en las que están ubicadas las escotillas del conductor y el operador de radio para que la placa se pueda quitar y se pueda ver algo más en el interior.
  2. Hello again everyone. A few small previews and gearbox fit tests.
  3. It has been very beautiful on you, that three-tone camouflage I have always liked.
  4. A great job!! A shame not being able to see your Panther finished.
  5. Thank you Tom, I greatly appreciate your words. The truth is that you have to arm yourself with courage to mount the chains. But it is also true that it takes great tenacity to assemble the entire Panther at this level of detail. I have been with the Panther for more than 1 year and I have not finished the hull yet. So I think I have Panther for 3 years maybe. How are you doing with your 1/16 Panther? Maybe you've finished it already.
  6. Hi friends!! After a long time absent from the forum and after the summer holidays I present some advances in my Panther. The manufacture and assembly of the axle grease lines brought me many complications and I opted to use different materials such as copper and lead wire. Copper wire Lead wire. In the lower left of this photo you can see the rod and the connection of the accelerator with the firewall.
  7. ¡¡¡Ánimo, you have to acabar con ese gran Destructor de Tanques !!!
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