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what block does the Hobbyboss B-24J represent?

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please remind me again what block the Hobbyboss B-24J represents (or is closest to)?


some of the threads are nearly 50 pages long and really hard to find basic info


many thanks for your help



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26 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Chopping block, I believe.




and who ever said The Mods have no sense of humour...


ok let me re-phrase: in one of the early threads I seem to recall someone said this kit represents a J built by xyz factory


by virtue of the bombardier's window and blah blah, this therefore represents so and so series of aircraft...


hey if i am speaking Chinese, I'll just PM the author of Consolidated Mess, but at least this way the knowledge is shared

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Thank you Thierry.


I has actually read that post and skipped over it without taking it in!


thank you for your help 


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Doing my own research, the basic aircraft appears to be most likely a B-24-CO-???


Most of the features of the kit point to this plant, however a few details don’t match. The nose gear doors should have folded inward, and some minor details should have changed by the late blocks. At one time I believed it could have had a Ford nose and tail, but I have since doubted my early observations. 


It is not impossible for this aircraft to have been built, the nickname “Consilidated Mess” was rightly earned. There were knockdown assemblies from other manufacturers built and shipped all over to the different plants, so it’s very possible that two consecutive aircraft could have different noses, turrets, and other structures. 


I spent hundreds of dollars buying numerous books and doing as much internet picture research as possible. I have yet to determine, and I think others may agree (some not), that the aircraft Hobby Boss used to pattern this kit after still remains a mystery. I solved this dilemma by deciding to build a fictitious aircraft that will be my choosing of features. 

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So, here’s what the kit has in the box:


- Emerson nose turret

- Small trapezoidal Bombardiers side scanning windows (low position)

- Small rectangular flat Navigators windows

- Bulged cockpit side windows

- Non-staggered open waist gun positions.

- Outward opening nose wheel doors

- Tunnel gun window outlines molded onto the fuselage halves, but solid plastic, not clear

- Rams head pitot tubes on upper sides of nose


According to Consolidated Mess, B-24Js were built at five plants:  Consolidated/Fort Worth (CF), Consolidated/San Diego (CO), Douglas/Tulsa (DT),  Ford/Willow Run (FO), and North American/Dallas (NT).


- Douglas and Ford Js all had the enclosed waist gun positions, so those are out.

- CF blocks prior to Block 45 had the Consolidated nose turret.  Blocks 45 through 65 had the nose wheel doors opening inward.  Blocks 70 and up had them opening outward as in the kit.  Not clear any of the CFs had the Bombardiers side scanning windows.

-COs prior to Block 185 had the Consolidated nose turret.  Blocks 185 through 210 had the Emerson nose turret and Bombardier side scanning windows, but also has the larger trapezoidal Navigators window, which isn’t in the kit.

- NT Block 1s had the Emerson nose turret and 2/3 had the tunnel gun scanning windows, although they were deleted for the last 1/3 of the production (easy enough to represent by filling in the scribed outlines).  Originally built with the original navigators windows, but often modified to other styles.  Photo seems to show a larger square Bombardiers side scanning window, as well as flush pitots replacing the rams head style in the kit.  Block 5s had staggered, enclosed waist guns.


Not sure if the kit accurately represents any block as produced.  The Emerson nose turret and open waist position combination knocks out a bunch of J production.  For the remaining, there were numerous variations in the navigators and bombardiers side windows, some factory, and some modified after leaving the factory.  

Edited by Dave Williams

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29 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

Not sure if the kit accurately represents any block as produced.


Which is precisely why I advised HK to stay away from the B-24 after the D.  There were so many variations that it is virtually impossible to produce a kit that in any way accurately represents more than a small handful of all the B-24s produced, and in so doing, you limit yourself to a small number of potential decal subjects.  Even a quick read of "Consolidated Mess" verifies that.

If you could produce a kit with loads and loads and loads of modular mix-and-match parts that would allow other configurations to be built, it would open things up dramatically, but clearly HB hasn't done that.



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The reason very clearly Hobby Boss did not do that was to supply the entire line of possible B-24 variants would push the price up to double that of the HK Lancaster by the time the research, extra moldings and sprues are done...oh plus the box already packed wil be huge hammering shipping costs.

All pushing the price to unaffordable levels all to satisfy modellers who cant think outside a very small square.

Its funny we continually hear about what they left out keeping it afforrable but people are buying them left right and center.

First 98% of people buying this kit will not even be remotely aware of the multitude of variants, turret options nor care.

Model forums are full of people who are vocal and arrogant expecting their personal favourite aircraft is done to the nth degree and if not we hear all about it page after page.

This negative “oh it doesnt include xyz turret” etc therefor it should “never” of been released is what, lets find reasons to “not” release kits now?

Maybe HK should not of released the least most popular B-17G we could all be happy then using that attitude. Or maybe the F should never of been released as the nose is still wrong, its lacking numerous F gun arrangements and clear parts.

So how many people are unhappy to have a 1/32 B-17F?...none.

So how many are unhappy to have a 1/32 B-24....none...sorry one..Jennings he would rather have nothing than something.

People criticising a kit for what it “isnt” is just simply glass 98% empty mentality that damages the hobby.

The kit is under half the price of the HK Lancaster and has already sold out twice at our local stores yet the initial HK Lanc shipment still has not. 

Gladly not everyone thinks a B-24 kit need have double the sprues, three times the price to satisfy the 3 modellers who want every B-24J option in one box.

Im more than happy with that decision keeping the price down the only disapointment being the split turrets its almost as disapointing as HK and their cheapskate canopy blisters.






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I bought the B-24 and couldn't be happier!!!  I was hoping it would be an easy conversion to make it into a H model.  Once the research was done, the only way this will be an H model is if some company makes a conversion kit for the clear parts for 3 of the turrets, enclosed waist gun positions, and revised bombardiers windows.  Not very likely I imagine.   I will wait a year or so to see what aftermarket is offered then probably build it out of the box..  99% of the people that will see it in my home will ask if it is a B-17.  LOL  I guarantee not one would be able to tell me the differences between a B-24 H and J much less if the wing shape is correct.  But I will love building it, and enjoy having a 1/32 B-24 hanging in my basement.


Just my 2 cents.



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Well, I cannot buy the cost reason. Come on, one small clear sprue and one small classic one would have been more than sufficient to give options enlarging massively the scope of possible planes. What would have been the additional cost per kit: no more than a maximum of 30$. I do not think this would have resulted in a far less attractive kit from a cost perspective. Again, I rather think the problem is a research and data use question. I am not even sure HB thought that was an issue! Hopefully aftermarket will come to our rescue!

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I'll wager HobbyBoss found a set of drawings and worked from those, with reference to online photos/books for details - and the model isn't based on any specific airframe.


What surprises me - and this isn't a dig at anyone, but an an observation - I'm really surprised that more modellers don't see it as a canvas on which to have a play and expand their skill sets?


There seems to be lots of 'waiting' until aftermarket accessories become available, when a little scratchbuilding/conversion of parts will open up a huge variety of possibilities...


Have we lost the skills?


Or is it fear of having a go at something new?




The kit is far from perfect - but it has so much potential - would love to see more being built!


I'll get back on mine once my two-seat Spit is finished.





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Iain, I can only second those sentiments... I have seen it in the box and it has great shape and surface detailing generally. It is an empty canvas that can be expanded into an art work, yes, it needs some skill and effort, but we are modellers, are we not?? And the most important thing is to have fun doing it! OOTB it will be spectacular, believe me, forget that construction number!!



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