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  1. They did redo their 1/48 Mk I Spitfire so it is possible they could update another older kit....just saying...
  2. Hobby Boss is planning a D model. No release date yet.
  3. Anyone heard a release date for the US? Greg
  4. I bought the B-24 and couldn't be happier!!! I was hoping it would be an easy conversion to make it into a H model. Once the research was done, the only way this will be an H model is if some company makes a conversion kit for the clear parts for 3 of the turrets, enclosed waist gun positions, and revised bombardiers windows. Not very likely I imagine. I will wait a year or so to see what aftermarket is offered then probably build it out of the box.. 99% of the people that will see it in my home will ask if it is a B-17. LOL I guarantee not one would be able to tell me the differences between a B-24 H and J much less if the wing shape is correct. But I will love building it, and enjoy having a 1/32 B-24 hanging in my basement. Just my 2 cents. Greg
  5. Oops missed that part. Sorry. Still pretty cool!!
  6. I saw photos of the built kit in Germany and it looks great to me. Definitely looks like an F-18 to me.
  7. More new decals from DN "Jolly Rogers" http://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=31249
  8. I have one on preorder at Hobbylink for $50. Can't pass up that price!!!
  9. The listing now shows 1/32 decals and the box end with 1/32 on it. Maybe he just had the wrong pics posted.
  10. I would love to see a conversion set to make it a B-24H. From what I understand the top turret is an A3B instead of an A3C. Front turret is an Emerson instead of a Consolidated (not sure what the visual difference is). The bombardiers nose glass is angled back instead of vertical, and the waist gun positions had plexiglass enclosures. None of these are easily scratch built as they all include clear parts. If they can produce turret fixed for the J maybe they could add these to the list. Greg
  11. Where would you order these additional sprues from? I looked at previously releases on ZM and VolksUSA sites and didn't see a place to order additional sprues. Greg
  12. Not sure why it did that. I posted it using Post Image which I never used before. I wonder if it is that site?
  13. Thanks! I will look up more pics of the H and J so I can see what I have to do. I am not trying to make it perfect, but just a good representation of his plane. I will probably be hanging it from the ceiling of my basement as I don't think I have room to display it. just in case you have any interest in the history of the aircraft. I uploaded the final flight history and a photo I believe to be the aircraft. Not sure why they show up so small. Greg
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