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  1. That seat looks awesome!!! I guess I need to find someone who bought one and now has decided they will never build it, and will sell at a discount. Most of the kits they make would be pretty cool to have. I have built 1/12 Tamiya from the 60's through the 90's when they stopped. I think they are all cool. On my list, but will try to wait for a deal somewhere. Thanks for the additional info. Greg
  2. You couldn't pay me to use PB. They are horrible now. they were so much better when they were free.
  3. That is really cool. I have built several 1/12 Tamiya F1 cars, but never even heard of this company. Is the front wing white metal or aluminum? It is really polishing up well. I looked online to find out more about these and saw how expensive they were. WOW!! Do they fit together fairly well, and do they have good clear instructions? Greg
  4. I wonder if it is in stock? Good price though.....
  5. Does anyone know any more information about these two versions of the same book? It seems weird to me to add additional information to a book and have it end up being less pages than the original. I was considering ordering one for the new ZM kit if it had significantly better information than the original. Greg
  6. Wow!!! The amount of detail is unreal. I have one of these in my stash along with the Pontos set. Following your progress and taking notes.
  7. There was no intent to lynch anyone. I was just making a reasonable request that photos of the replacement parts be assembled and shown in the model. A majority of aftermarket companies have photos like this so the consumer can see how the parts fits and how it looks.
  8. Yes I get that. But are the outer diameters the same so there is no seam where the top and bottom meet? Not to be a pain, but I have never worked with clear vac parts and am not sure how they would look. I can't imagine that you didn't test fit and assemble the pieces together before offering them for sale to make sure it works. I am just asking for photos of this test fit so I can decide whether or not to purchase the set. Greg
  9. Can't you assemble one of your turret sets and take pictures so I can see how they fit and how they go together? It is like a build blog for a kit. Just showing the pieces doesn't tell me how it goes together. The number of sets sold doesn't matter to me. I won't be buying any until I see photos of the assembled turrets. Greg
  10. I have the original version also. It is 340 pages and the new updated version is 224 pages??? How did they add all this additional info and make the book 120 pages shorter? Greg
  11. I am still waiting to see what these look like assembled. Has anyone that has bought them put them together? If so, can you post pics of them? Thanks Greg
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