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  1. Looks like Trumpeter is reissuing all the old Merit kits under this new company name "I Love Kits" only the "Love" is a heart symbol. Touching.....
  2. Thierry, Let me know when you get the test shot and what you think. Thanks, Greg
  3. Jennings. What is the status of your set? Just curious as I will take one when they are done. Greg
  4. Thanks Thierry! I will check the trader board to see if anyone didn't use theirs when the built the kit. Greg
  5. That is what I thought. Does anyone make a 1/32 Paveway I?
  6. I can probably wait a month or two for the pod as it will go on late in the build, and I have not even started it yet. My next hurdle is the LGB-10's. I have been looking around and I am not sure where I would get them. I saw Trumpeter did a weapons set, but it had Paveway II bombs which I believe are too modern for my "72 missions. Does anyone know if anyone made the LGB-10's in 1/32 ? I saw 1:32 CAM Resin GBU-10 2000 lb Laser-Guided Bombs #R32002. Are these the Paveway I that I need? Greg
  7. Finn, Great info. I think that since I can't get a Pave Knife pod in 1/32 I may model one of the other aircraft in the squadron. I will load it with centerline tank, 2x MK83 LGB on inner pylons and 4 MK82 on each outer pylon a that photo showed in your link. I would guess that this is the config for the non designator aircraft. Hard to tell. Greg
  8. Crud!!! That is what I was afraid of. I emailed Mike at Sierra Hotel to get the status, but am not holding my breath. Does anyone know much about these missions. I have found a little info but not much. Supposedly they modified 3 A-6's from VA-145 to carry the Pave Knife pod on the center-line station to designate the aim point for the laser guided bombs for 14 bridges. I am not sure if the plane with the pod carried laser guided bombs too or just other aircraft in the squadron. If I can't get the Pave Knife Pod, then I may make one of the bomb carrying planes. I would guess that each plane would carry either 2 or 4 laser guided bombs. Anyone with any information about these missions, I would love to hear from you. Greg
  9. I am thinking for my next project I was going to try and make the 1/32 Trumpeter A-6A from the Ranger from the Linebacker II campaign in late '72 e=where VA-145 Swordsmen use the Pave Knife pod to hit 14 bridges in the Hanoi/Haiphong area. It looks like Sierra Hotel made a 1/32 Pave Knife pod in the past, but their web site currently shows "coming soon". "32616D AN/AVQ-10 PAVE Knife “Deployed & Cockpit Panel". Did anyone else make a Pave Knife pod? Greg
  10. Thanks Finn, those are some great up close pics of the missiles. Greg
  11. Ok that sound good. I am finishing up my Robin Olds Bolo F-4C and was not sure about the missiles. Thanks, Greg
  12. This seems like a dumb question to me, but are the missiles usually flat white, semi-gloss, or gloss white? Depending on the pics I see it looks like it varies. Greg
  13. How would I find out what the correct size US insignia goes on a F-100D? I see 20", 30", 35" 40"? I just want to make sure I order the correct one? Greg
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