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  1. The SB price for the kit is 73.99. Not cheap, but not full MSRP.
  2. That pic almost looks like a computer sim game shot. I do like the scheme though. Greg
  3. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Revell G-10 Erla Very cool! I love the Revell G-6. Built it and it turned out great! Can't wait to build the G-10. Thanks so much Neo!!! Greg
  4. Welcome to the site Mark19280!!! Thanks for the advise. I will do that where possible. Still have not started it. It is on my list for this next year. Greg
  5. Vaughn, It looks great! You got me fired up and I bought one and followed your tips to build mine. It is a great kit that went together flawlessly. I love it. The only complaint I have is how difficult it is to turn on and off the lights. What did you end up doing with the clear pieces? Mine are just sitting in the box. Hate to just through them away. Greg
  6. I was hoping the AFV version was much better than the old Testors version. I guess that is not correct? What are the issues with the AFV kit? Is there a thread that has already discussed this? Thanks, Greg
  7. One of the books I found it in was the Valiant Wings Ar-234 Airframe book. They even have a drawing with the Hs-293 below the fuselage. Maybe it is wrong, but I always found their information to be well researched and correct. Greg
  8. I will disagree with you. I have several Ar-234 books that say that Ar-234 S10 was at Rechlin between October and December 1944 undergoing testing to see if the Hs 293 could be launched from the Ar-234. From what I understand they fitted the missile under the fuselage at an angle to make proper ground clearance. There were several flights but no known launches before the program was canceled or the war ended. I will get the LEM kit and see if I can get it to fit on my FLY Ar234B. If not I will attach it to my HE-111. Greg
  9. LEM now makes 1!!!! Just ordered one. http://lemkits.com/product/1-32-henschel-hs-293a-0-a-1-limited-edition-resin-kit/ Greg
  10. ZM makes weighted tires and brass gun barrels. Greg
  11. I would guess the vertical tail is 76 and you could do the rudder as red, blue or any other mid range color. Greg
  12. Thank you guys for your efforts to make this LSP Raffle is so exciting ! Please add me in (as a raffle entrant, not a donor).
  13. Excellent information guys!!!! You all have been a ton of help. I will have the outboard pylons and Aim-9B missiles on order cyber Monday. I have been holding out for the deals for a lot of my AM purchases. The measurements will really help and I will seal up the tamiya holes and locate the outboard pylon in the correct location. Greg
  14. Nick, Thanks I will look into that as I had not heard it mentioned before. I am cleaning up the seams at the moment and preparing to prime. Greg
  15. I would get 2 books I would love to get if the shipping wasn't so expensive. $16.95 for 2 books. They could offer media mail for around $5 Pass.............
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