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  1. You can pre-order through Art scale site. https://www.artscale.eu/132-sb2c-4-helldiver-3
  2. I agree. I will just use the gray and white camo on the wings. Greg
  3. This is the aircraft I am modeling. I can't tell if there is any Corogard on the leading edges or not. I am tempted to leave it off. I am still waiting to see if someone will produce a PaveKnife pod in 32nd. Greg
  4. That is awesome guys! Great info! Thanks, Greg
  5. I am doing the A-6a VA-145 from the Ranger 1972 and the instructions show the leading edge of the wings as "Radome Tan". Is this correct? I see some photos of A-6's and it looks like a yellow color. Anyone know what color is correct? Thanks, Greg
  6. Sign me up as a participant. Thanks, Greg
  7. Scalehobbist has it in stock for $112.
  8. Did they come off ok? I saw a post where it said the adhesive was so strong that it pulled the paint off including the primer. Did you get them on Ebay or somewhere else? Thanks, Greg
  9. Thierry, Any word on the Pave knife pod? Greg
  10. I will get anything they do as i know it will be great!!
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