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  1. Scalehobbyist has the kit for $162.99 but I think it just went on back order. A good price. Greg
  2. Update: Received PE set packed in 2 layers of boxes. Arrived Friday in perfect shape. Excellent turnaround considering the situation in Ukraine. RESKIT is awesome!!!! Greg
  3. It is the Revell kit with Phantom Phreaks decals \https://spruebrothers.com/ppdk32001-1-32-phantom-phreaks-models-rf-4c-phantom-ii-alabama-ang-35th-anniversary-special/ Greg
  4. At Lucky Model it is listed at $149.99 but is listed as future release. Greg
  5. Just an FYI. Reskit contacted me today and the missing PE has been sent with tracking number. Great customer service!! Greg
  6. WOW!!! now that is what I call service!!!!! I sent them an email and will hope for the best. Greg
  7. So will this work with the kit landing gear or will they have to be lengthened? Greg
  8. I agree. I hope if and when they issue their 1/32 F-4B it will actually be a new mold and not a conglomeration of other peoples conversion sets. Their prices have been sky high, so it may not matter as I will not pay $300 for a 1/32 F-4. Greg
  9. I agree. I thought they were exclusively doing F-4 Phantom related kits and decals. Maybe their entire line of 1/32 phantoms is costing a lot more than planned and they need some quick cash. Greg
  10. Thanks Zola. I contacted SB and they are out of stock of the kits but said they would send PE when they could get it. No one knows when that will be. The PE is buried so deep into the engine I am not sure you will even be able to see it when assembled. I may just use the one I have and leave the other engine without one. Greg
  11. Rats! That is what I thought. I got them from SB so I will see what they can do. I think Reskit is in the Ukraine so replacements may be impossible to get for a while. Thanks Greg
  12. I bought this for my Trumpy Mig-29C kit and have a question. The instructions show you bending 2 PE pieces that go between the turbine blades and the afterburner ring. This makes sense, but my Reskit exhaust only came with 1 PE set, enough for 1 engine. Was there supposed to be 2 sets of PE included? Has anyone else had this issue? Instructions:https://reskit-models.com/image/catalog/instruction/RSU32-0007.pdf see step 2 and 3 Greg
  13. Ok I thought it could be. Just couldn't remember. Greg
  14. Isn't this the same kit? https://www.ebay.com/itm/284611969192 or is this the Hasegawa kit? Greg
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