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  1. It is a very cool kit. Have one in my stash. I got some of the wood decals to finish it with. hopefully will turn out cool! Have fun with yours and do a build log so I can see how it is done.
  2. I have never had SB make a mistake on an order, so you should be good to go with a great kit to work on.
  3. The $100 price difference in price between the two will tell you which one they sent on the invoice.
  4. I saw SB got in the 1/48 Ho-229. You must have got the last 1/32 one as they show out of stock now.
  5. Wow! That is gorgeous!!! I can see a best of show in your future. Greg
  6. The set you list is the resin cockpit set for the Revell kit not a conversion set. I don't believe that GT makes a conversion nose from an E to RF. Correct me if I am wrong. I believe you will need to buy a Revell RF-4 or there is a RF resin nose made by Avionix for the Tamiya kit.
  7. If you want to wait 3 months. I put in an order at the end of September that has still not arrived.
  8. So how would I recognize an original SU-27A box from a newer one with the revised parts? Did they change the box art at all? Greg
  9. The SB price for the kit is 73.99. Not cheap, but not full MSRP.
  10. That pic almost looks like a computer sim game shot. I do like the scheme though. Greg
  11. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Revell G-10 Erla Very cool! I love the Revell G-6. Built it and it turned out great! Can't wait to build the G-10. Thanks so much Neo!!! Greg
  12. Welcome to the site Mark19280!!! Thanks for the advise. I will do that where possible. Still have not started it. It is on my list for this next year. Greg
  13. Vaughn, It looks great! You got me fired up and I bought one and followed your tips to build mine. It is a great kit that went together flawlessly. I love it. The only complaint I have is how difficult it is to turn on and off the lights. What did you end up doing with the clear pieces? Mine are just sitting in the box. Hate to just through them away. Greg
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