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  1. Thanks guys. I am still deciding what to do. Julian, What is your thread called as I searched for B-24 but didn't see it? Greg
  2. Julian, Did you ever post pics of your modified wing? I was curious as to how it looked compared to the kit wing. Is there a major difference that is clearly visible? I as since i am ready to start my B-24 and am wondering if it is worth the effort to do the mod. Greg
  3. Why would they make it 1/33 scale?? Does look very nice . Amazing what they can do with paper. Greg
  4. I am assuming that they removed all the raised patches that plagued the 1/32 kits? I don't see them on the CAD renders. Greg
  5. I am basically done with the kit, so I guess I will leave the centerline pylon empty and add the pod if and when it comes out. Greg
  6. You can pre-order through Art scale site. https://www.artscale.eu/132-sb2c-4-helldiver-3
  7. I agree. I will just use the gray and white camo on the wings. Greg
  8. This is the aircraft I am modeling. I can't tell if there is any Corogard on the leading edges or not. I am tempted to leave it off. I am still waiting to see if someone will produce a PaveKnife pod in 32nd. Greg
  9. That is awesome guys! Great info! Thanks, Greg
  10. I am doing the A-6a VA-145 from the Ranger 1972 and the instructions show the leading edge of the wings as "Radome Tan". Is this correct? I see some photos of A-6's and it looks like a yellow color. Anyone know what color is correct? Thanks, Greg
  11. Sign me up as a participant. Thanks, Greg
  12. Scalehobbist has it in stock for $112.
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