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  1. I agree. 2 of the correction sets are from Phantom Phreaks. Unbelievable that they would not have these included in the kit for $130
  2. I just ordered 1 copy of each.
  3. Yep. The PO just throw boxes around not caring what might be inside. I contacted Jetmads and they responded back the next morning saying they will send the damaged parts. I asked how long that would take but haven't heard back yet. The Kit got here in about a week after I got the shipping notice, so if they have the extra parts I think I won't be waiting too long. Great customer service. Will gladly buy from them again.
  4. I received #16/500. Unfortunately the box was crushed on the upper left corner. Upon inspection one of the wingtips had about 1/4" broken off into 5 pieces, the trolley was broken along with the ladder. I just sent an email with pics to JetMads describing the damage. Hopefully they will be sending me the broken parts back soon. Greg
  5. #10593 Got mine too! Anyone know how long it usually takes from shipping to delivery in the US? Greg
  6. Have there been any announcements of new kits? Greg
  7. Wish I was there.............. Greg
  8. #10593. Hopefully see it by middle of September. i can't wait!
  9. I am building the EA-18G at the moment and as far as I can tell it is the F kit with some additional sprues for a different instrument panel and the ECM pods for the G.
  10. I got my replacement set Saturday and it looks great!!! Thanks Jennings!!
  11. Did you try to contact Infinity models to see if they were aware of this and if they were going to do a fix? Being that this is their first kit they may be more responsive than a Trumpeter to get things correct. Just a thought. Greg
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