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  1. Thanks for the good info guys. It sounds like a little more expense than I am willing to commit for the project. Greg
  2. Any idea how hard it would be to convert the HK B-17G into a YB-40? I know it had an extra top turret and the waist guns were twin 50's instead of the singles. Any other differences i am missing? Any ideas welcome. Greg
  3. A V-1 pulse jet engine. That would be cool to have.
  4. Count me in. I will need 2 sets. LMK when they are available. Greg
  5. TIA, If you are wary of Ebay. Freetime hobbies has one on sale today for $179.99 with free shipping. https://freetimehobbies.com/1-32-hobby-boss-b-24j-liberator/ Greg
  6. Yes they also are selling J's https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hobby-Boss-83211-1-32-American-B-24j-Liberator-Bomber-Plastic-Mode-Aircraft-Kit/392469420792?epid=13027130995&hash=item5b61001af8:g:6oIAAOSw8yFcw~Xn
  7. Dennis, If you don't mind waiting a month they are $141 shipped on Ebay. Greg
  8. Strawberry ***** nose for comparison.
  9. It may be more difficult to determine the cause of the crash, as I would doubt there were black boxes installed in the plane.
  10. Looks like the KH 1/32 Mirage 2000 is getting close. And the HGW A-20 looks cool too. I can't wait!!! The pics are just above the SB2C.
  11. SO COOL!!!!! I love the video of the real Jumo design engine video running. With all the raw fuel dumping out at start... just like photos I have seen. Greg
  12. https://freetimehobbies.com/deal-of-the-day/?sort=pricedesc Also 1.32 Trumpeter Mig-29C for $99
  13. Cool!! I snagged a D on Ebay for $122 shipped and am waiting for it to be delivered. That will save me from polishing the one from my J.
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