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  1. Oh well, maybe I should pass it on. No K versions on ebay at the moment. People really knows what they want pricewise!!!!!!
  2. The tail being the only difference?
  3. ‘Proud’ to say I know next to nothing about the P-40, I just found a rare 1/32 Hasegawa K version at a clearance sale. Not a lot of AM decals for that version. Can I get away with building it as a different version ie the E or any other with only internal differences???
  4. I KNOW, but its loooooong OOP. Another member here was kind enough to send med the VMFA 333 part of that sheet.
  5. https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/product/usaf-postwar-stars-bars-fp712/ This might be part of the solution, don't you think?
  6. I just received my F-8E and just had a quick look at the decals. The stars n bars looks rather off color wise. The blue looks too bright and light. Stencils looks not complete either. I was thinking about buying a AOA sheet for the A-4, but are the insignia the right size? Suggestions please!
  7. I'd like to do an in flight version of my Tamiya F-15c. Since I plan to use Reskit afterburner cans, I'm reluctant to put a rod in the rear end. Has anyone done this? Or can you give me a specific how to idea ??
  8. Any info is appreciated, especially from a fellow “sherif”
  9. So the 1991’ish MIG killers would most likely have been updated?
  10. Simple questions: Were the F-15C's from Eglin painted in the ghost grey scheme during the Gulf War (1990)? When was the MSIP applied?
  11. Hmm I’ll go for the kits JDAM’s then. Safe choice....
  12. I'd really like to put a couple of these babes under my F-16-I SUFA. These ar the UK version with the raised line running from the middle to the top. Is that all I would have to remove to make usable on an israeli bird?
  13. Knowing next to nothing about F-16's I'll have to ask what seat to use with a SUFA. ACES II?
  14. Its all in the eyes of the beholder I guess... In my opinion there is a mismatch between head size and body, skinny legs, poor positioning of arms etc. (,in general). But again it might just be me P.s. we've had this discussion on Facebook too Robert
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