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  1. Just tried to paint c365 against h55. Much better! I think h55 will be good for the weathering part. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Being about to put some paint on my Avenger, I suddenly doubt my paint choice for the “non specular sea blue” I strongly lean towards Mr. Hobby H55 Midnight Blue that seems more bluish than H54 Navy Blue. what do you suggest? I prefer Mr. Hobby GSI.
  3. You had me at ‘hello’ ♥️
  4. I just received an email from Yellow-wings. THEY ARE ALIVE AND WELL AND VERY MUCH IN BUSINESS!!!
  5. Well their ordering page worked flawlessly…..
  6. I placed an order with them last week and paid via PayPal. Money is drawn from my account, but I haven’t received any confirmation. Today I can’t open their website? Is there something I should know about Yellow-wings??
  7. Oh well, maybe I should pass it on. No K versions on ebay at the moment. People really knows what they want pricewise!!!!!!
  8. The tail being the only difference?
  9. ‘Proud’ to say I know next to nothing about the P-40, I just found a rare 1/32 Hasegawa K version at a clearance sale. Not a lot of AM decals for that version. Can I get away with building it as a different version ie the E or any other with only internal differences???
  10. I KNOW, but its loooooong OOP. Another member here was kind enough to send med the VMFA 333 part of that sheet.
  11. https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/product/usaf-postwar-stars-bars-fp712/ This might be part of the solution, don't you think?
  12. I just received my F-8E and just had a quick look at the decals. The stars n bars looks rather off color wise. The blue looks too bright and light. Stencils looks not complete either. I was thinking about buying a AOA sheet for the A-4, but are the insignia the right size? Suggestions please!
  13. I'd like to do an in flight version of my Tamiya F-15c. Since I plan to use Reskit afterburner cans, I'm reluctant to put a rod in the rear end. Has anyone done this? Or can you give me a specific how to idea ??
  14. Any info is appreciated, especially from a fellow “sherif”
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