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  1. Regarding the cockpit.... I take it that you already did a Google search for "SU-27b cockpit"? Turquoise blue, blue grey or even a lighter almost RLM65 seems to be legit.
  2. They are very much indeed still in business!! I just had a confirmation mail from Brian. Now where’s that Stuka....
  3. I've recently placed an order with BrianFawsett for his JU 87 nose replacement set. Order paid via PayPal, but no other acknowledgement has been recieved. Does anybody know if the company is still in business??
  4. I made a request on eBay. Can you check it out?
  5. Beware of the width of those bulkheads. I’ve seen a few builds on Facebook where the fit between the fuselage halves leaves a lot to be desired
  6. Well, I just assumed that you were doing Spotted Ass Abe, who’s clearly an eager forum reader...
  7. According to the pictures above, you won’t need the guns...
  8. More pics and background story http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/477/language/en-CA/Polka-Dot-Warriors.aspx
  9. Dare one ask a color(ful) question? A majority of color pictures shows the b-24 with an interior green interior. However, isnt't i more likely that the color from the bombadier to the radio compartment would have been DDG and the bomb bay and rear fuselage plain NMF??
  10. Oh yes... DN Models has just released a masking set for “Spotted Abe” https://dnmodels.com/product/assembly-ship-b-24-spotted-ass-ape/
  11. Thanks Iain. No judgement passed here! As I said: your Work is impressive (but not having the skills or heart to do the same I a l m o s t hope there's noting gained...I know... hit me!!)
  12. I don't wish to be negative in any way, cos' you are doing a great job. However for us mortals it remains to be seen if there is af CLEAR ond OBVIOUS visual difference between your work and an unmodified model.
  13. Sorry Tony! It’s probably just a Scandinavian thing. We call it humor.....
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