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this is my entry for the group build

I whant to do it longer to build a diorama so now it will be a good time to go for it

the idee came when i whas surfing the net for info when i found this pic




so i wil try to make this


what i have so far




this wiil be long term but we have a year

i can work on the armour for distraction because there is a lot to do to convert the mi-17


most importend thing just having fun



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5 hours ago, Whitey said:

Cool Mark. Good to see a chopper on here.


thanks it whas this or going for the Mi-24

22 minutes ago, Iain (32SIG) said:

What a brilliant concept - *very* different and a perfect canvas for weathering techniques.



Thanks and yes itwill be nice to get new techniks for painting

8 minutes ago, Radders said:

If you need any info or photos, the Mi-8PS is at the ex Motortechnica Museum, Bad Oeynhausen in Germany. Also, if you're building it how it is in the photo, a Mi-8PS is very different from a Mi-8MT. Should be good either way, can't wait to see what you do. 

Yes i know there are great difrences but for me iff it looks like on the pics i will be happy

im not a rivet counter so just going to change the tail rotor and windows

the pic is just a guide on how i hope it will look like when done

lets call it artisic freedom



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