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  1. Information from Henri I got: >> He temporarily stopped production << Current the german folk has other problems like gender, modeling.... regards
  2. I have 3D printer an would support my "Brothers in Models" but located in Europ
  3. the P-51B was canceled as soon ZM anounced their P-51B (information from 2009)
  4. What are Lavi and Su-47 doing
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for photo(s) showing the plywood Schick-Johnson seat (pls no drawing or sketches). I found only this picture (see link) but this indicate in my opinion the SJ-seat for the P-51A (by comparing with drawing 91-53074) Link to picture Hope the community can help. I have already made the drawing, but I would like to know if the seat was really fabricated according to the drawing. Additional does somebody has the original SJ metal seat drawing # 95-100. I think this drawing is property of the SJ company and not easy to get (metal seat used only on D model according Tourist-51 or P-51B/C restored after WWII). From left to the right: - 3D Print SJ-Plywood - Improved Resin for TRM from Lone Star Models (Mike West) - TRM seat (designed for hobbit-Pilots) - 3D Print SJ-Metal - TAM SJ-Metal TAM Regards Ralph
  6. 1000+1 Thanks, my suffering has an end. As far my researches told me, there are no original drawings for the metall seat. By time I will transfer it to a 3d drawing. Tell me if you need a print-resin seat support or exhaust. BR Ralph
  7. Hi Ali, I did Exhaust for the Trumpeter but only un-shrouded. Print was done with Formlabs Form 2, which 3D printer do you have? I change several times the design and did modifications until I was satisfied, so if You like it send me a PM. BR / Ralph LSP 3D EXHAUST
  8. see picture of Henri Daehne propeller https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/henri-daehne-unk-vs-11-verstellpropeller--1339975
  9. As I remember, Henri mention that they are not so bad but can't remember if he was pointing to the G-6 or G-10 props. Compare the prop with pictures from Barracuda (Gunnar) or Henri props. If you happy so use them if not the AM is open...
  10. Hello Damian, What about this source in Germany...a big scale lover http://www.arsenal-45.de/home_e.html Regards
  11. Or contact Jumpei Temma (http://soyuyo.main.jp/index.html ), maybe you receive the answers faster
  12. I'm loving it, reminds me that I have started a Trumpy B, since 2 years collecting dust in the basement...
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