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  1. As I remember, Henri mention that they are not so bad but can't remember if he was pointing to the G-6 or G-10 props. Compare the prop with pictures from Barracuda (Gunnar) or Henri props. If you happy so use them if not the AM is open...
  2. Hello Damian, What about this source in Germany...a big scale lover http://www.arsenal-45.de/home_e.html Regards
  3. Or contact Jumpei Temma (http://soyuyo.main.jp/index.html ), maybe you receive the answers faster
  4. I'm loving it, reminds me that I have started a Trumpy B, since 2 years collecting dust in the basement...
  5. mmmh...just for interest. Are there technical drawings for the M-Hood available...AirCorps Library does not have M-Hood drawings
  6. I remeber MasterCasters did also parts for the type 24, who knows more?
  7. NO - As far I know and pls be reminded that the best information about Henri props are available on LSP w. lot of pictures (no need for ebay) Henri Daehne LSP Link & price list see Wurzacher (not sure if the prices on the list are still valid)
  8. Nice project. have a look on the link for Propeller weights image for the Fw190 Propeller & weights Cheers Ralph
  9. Is this the Paul Allen's Stuka? Ju 87 Restauration What a beauty!
  10. Gents, does the link rings a bell, Radu and ZM are very good friends RB Productions 1/32 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Type 22 If Radu is involved, I need one of this Ohka because I'm not a big fan of resin kits
  11. A modeller never gives up, i found the post: Dora 9 color question see answer from Mikester, BradG and David
  12. I had the same question many years ago too and received two recommendations which color to use. Unfortunately I can't find by post again, even if I search with google and LSP.
  13. Airborne Garage in the Netherland sales a Fw 190 wreck. https://www.facebook.com/airbornegarage/posts/no-you-are-not-dreaming-this-is-realfor-sale-fw190history-known-located-in-eu-co/2375271352564140/ Could be a recovery from the IJsselmeer, as I remember a Bf 109 & P-47 and sure more were recovered from this area. Who knows more about this Fw 190? R/ Ralph
  14. The superlative is: This build is the benchmark for any new P-51B or P-51C in 1/32 or 1/24
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