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  1. So finally it is done, I have temporary a 3D printer at home and of course I used it. I printed with the highest resolution 0.025mm. ZM and HKM be aware, I know how a decent P-51B seat support has to look like and painted FI: If you use postimg use direct link to insert image
  2. what about the P-51B 43-24837 "Berlin Express" in Duxford http://www.mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/survivors/serial/43-24837 and http://ww2live.com/en/content/world-war-2-sale-razorback-p-51c-mustang-iii-project-just-70000000 R/
  3. I'm curious if the Revell instruction sheet has the same mistakes as the Dragon sheet..if not, I'm delighted to use the Revell one for replacement
  4. is this what you are looking for P-51B Florin
  5. Bob, think in the other way about the 3D print technology. With the 3D print you can "technically" create a negative form(s) including venting pipes and used it to do the resin. Would be interesting if this was ever done
  6. excursion to the computer modelling world
  7. Hi I'm looking for pictures showing the seat support on the table or bench. I searched in the internet but all pictures are only showing the top and current for me the lower part is importand. Finally the 3D drawing is almost done and before the 3D print in 1/32 start, I would like to know how good the drawing is. So does anyone of you have a seat support stored in the basement and can take pictures for me Drawing of the seat support ( was very time consuming for me) and finally the Armor-plate were the seat-support belongs Regards Ralph
  8. sure, I know see: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=74160 does anyone has this Eduard or REXX exhaust an can post a picture, thx PM send
  9. Maybe in the future, current busy with job searching and 2nd with the drawing of the P-51B seat support mounted on the head armor-plate
  10. Bill remember, 99% of the Japanese are shy to speak English because they are afraid to make spelling mistakes but they can read English. In case you need help outside of the big cities, write it down and show it to them, this may helps you or ...you have a good mobile contract with access to the internet, in this case you can use a translator. Enjoy Japan
  11. Hi all, many of you know that I did 3D-drawings based on original drawings for the P-51 exhaust followed by a stereolithografie 3D test print. The modelers life for P-51 accessories getting from day to day better. Means from REXX exhaust are existing (for TAM P-51) and for the new Revell, Eduard did a release and “109ace†has them in his Ebay store too. I wouldn't be surprised if Quickboost will be the next company. For you to know I'm not depending on this product for living, but the drawing is done and I'm thinking to offer it over platforms like “Shapeways†or “Trinckleâ€. Any scale is available, but I think to start in 1/32 and 1/24 scale in the beginning. In case the demand is very low, it can be done with my friends 3-D printer but what I like to avoid is the packing and sending issue, for this I do not have the time. For myself the next step is to do exhaust for the TAM P-51D, the original one are okay but by gluing them, I was not able to do them in line or I was not aware to use kind of a support. Other issue for me is the “alibi†holes in the exhaust stack to indicate they are hollow (Revell does not have it, if I'm right). Looking at the TAM exhaust even I drilled careful with a bigger diameter, still gives me the feeling that a beetle VW engine is installed. At the same time I do the awful P-51B TRU (exhaust and kit) I'm current working on it. Dragon and Hasegawa to be followed too because I have this models and the plan is to build them (maybe). Be aware, I'm talking only about the unshrouded exhaust. Now the query to the audience, is there a need and if yes do you require the accurate detail with the flange and bolts in 1/32 scale? Cheers Ralph Pictures under: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=65409&page=3 or https://postimg.org/gallery/fvv9ywhi/
  12. Bill, see http://tokyo-hobby-shops.geraet040.net/ I also recommend Yodobashi Camera and more than the models I miss the food in Japan. Have fun Ralph
  13. Gents I would like to know why Eduard is offering an replacement prop, Is the Revell one inaccurate or is it a marketing driven product to suggest the original prop is worse and need to be replaced. But on the other hand, now a prop is awailable for the "other" P-51 from HAS - TRU - DRA and I know there is or will be scaling issues. Regards
  14. Hi all, finally I re-designed the drawings to fit better for 1/32 scale, the exhaust are not hollow anymore instead the exhaust holes are designed as a cone and I'm quite happy with the result. the 3d print was done with clear resin approx. in 1 hour after paintig the details are more clear and this picture I like most, the exhaust stacks are in line, my tamiya exhaust are awful misaligned even I try my best and the "hole"diameter is better compare to Tamiya. summary: Long live the 3D print Regards Ralph
  15. :D Drawings of Lope's Hope belong to an professional CAD designer who did it for Aircorps Aviation and complete P-51B ordinates can be purchase over the internet. http://www.projects.aircorpsaviation.com/lopes-hope-iii-index/
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