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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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thank you chaps :)




here is a Mustang pilot - he has a whole load of stuff strapped to his rear end including a parachute..




here is Don Lopez sitting in Lopes Hope...




do you think the cushion is a false lead - as in in the outfit Don is wearing does he look like he would have had a seat parachute, therefore if he got out of the aircraft there would be no cushion?


and note the life preserver / seat back cushion behind him - to me that doesn't look yellow, but is that just a trick of B&W photo's?


thoughts please my learned friends..



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If shot with orthochromatic film then any yellow back cushion could easily appear as dark as it shows up in the photo with Don in. 


EG This largely bright yellow Gee Bee Z shot in orthochromatic looks almost black 



Shot with different type of film...






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The "cushion" was placed between the parachute pack and the pilot's bottom. In the first photo above, you can see it as the darker/shiny item betwen  the canopy pack and the pilot's trousers. 
See more photos here: 


The seat pan should be empty in order to make rooom for the parachute pack. The parachute pack neds to fit in the pan for the pilot to sit on it. The Irvin parachute was copied by the Germans, so if you google "Sitzfallschirm" you can find a lot of photos of that cushion. 





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7 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Wouldn't that just be the parachute or cushion attached to the pilots butt that creates that paint wear/effect?

Hi Brian, the line is so defined  and straight that I'm inclined to think that the cushion had to be fixed  acting like a mask and  was later  striped off to show this effect, rather than a chute that was occasionally put on, also the holes on the base seem to be attach points for it, cheers

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I personally wouldn't  add the lower cushion on your build, you can show some interesting chipping instead,  the cushion  you made has good textures but I think is a bit bulky and oversized comparing to the yellow one, some other interesting pictures here






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