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  1. This model is the culmination of many hours of work by a team of dedicated people, researchers, designers and toolmakers, all of whom are great people and a pleasure and privilege to work with. For that reason, I would like to make sure that everyone gets their due recognition, so if you feel like giving praise to anyone please congratulate the team that made this model possible. Radu
  2. It is the right design choice considering how injected plastic moulds work. I presume that you would like to display a model with the lower cowl somehow clinging to the engine and the top of the cowl removed. Have you seen a photo of a real Hs 129 with the lower cowl hanging on the engine? The engine cowl is literally clamped around the engine where it is held in place by friction pads at the top of each cylinder. When the latches are released, the lower cowl has nothing to hold it in place, so it is simply lowered to the ground. If you want to show the engine, just do not use the cowls.
  3. The Eduard engine in 1/32, made for the Revell kit, does not include any of the underside of the engine plumbing, so it is missing the coolant and the oil pipes. The Aires engine in scale 1/32 only comes with a length of copper wire that needs to be cut and shaped to make the pipework. The ZM kit comes with all the pipes.
  4. I have every single right to defend this model. This is a democracy, everyone has the right to speak. Apart from that, by this stage you probably noticed that I am not the kind of person who will accept anyone's boot on my neck.
  5. This is the location of the missing pipe, in red. There should be a pipe there, leading from the cone structure at the top of the engine to the breather pipe. It was left out because if that pipe was left in place the engine cowl could not close unless the pipe was modified. Either way, whether it was included or omitted, that small piece of pipe required work. I left it out. Had I left it in, there would have been trouble also. I should have gone the way all the other manufacturers went, ignore the entire pipework all around, and there would have been no problem at all. I apologise profusely for all the upset caused by this.
  6. This is the fourth time that you mentioned the absence of a small piece of plastic that is 5 mm in length and 0.7 mm in diameter. Anyone who cares can add it very easily.
  7. Yes, this has been discussed before! The kit engine has the "two-pipe" breather and one small piece of pipe 5 mm in length and 0.7 mm in diameter is missing. You must mention that the kit engine contains the whole oil breather pipework (minus that small piece of pipe that has already been mentioned thrice!) illustrated in this image. This pipework has never been included in any other injection-moulded plastic kit before and is also missing from many aftermarket resin engines.
  8. The plumbing is 99% there. This was explained before, one section of pipe was not included because it would interfere with assembly. Let us not lose sight of the fact that this engine, even if we were to say that "stuff is missing", is still much more complete than expensive aftermarket resin engines. This engine has by far the most complete plumbing in any DB 605 ever produced in injection-moulded plastic or resin in any scale so far.
  9. Not always as "both conical and cylindrical". Check photos: The DB 605 Einbauplan 9-605-5074 issued by Daimler Benz on 6.8.43 was used to create the engine in the kit and Daimler Benz illustrate the cone exactly as depicted in the kit. I have no reason to disagree with Daimler Benz. Radu
  10. I like the HS 129 with the MK 103 too, no problem there. My question is not why you want a MK 103. My question is why do you want a MK 101 AND a MK 103 at the same time when you can only use one. The HS 129 with MK 103 kit will be out at some stage soon.
  11. The MK 101 saw the most widespread use. The MK 103 saw a comparatively shorter service.
  12. I am not asking because I care. I am asking in order to understand this desire for two different and incompatible things at the same time.
  13. Why did you buy the kit with the MK 101 if that was not what you wanted?
  14. Why do you want just one sprue with a MK 103 for? What are you going to use the MK 103 on? The only thing I can think of is the experimental FW 190 with MK 103 under the wings, and in that case you need two.
  15. All the bombs are all grouped together on a runner. Even the Hs 129 armed with cannons on the centreline also carried one bomb under each wing, so that was why the runner with the bombs was included in the kit. What you are calling the "B-1 cowl" was also used on some B-2, check the serials. So, they were included in every kit, just in case anyone was looking to build one of those. The many types of cowls were included because of the variations in the cooling slots. You can only use one cannon per model. Each type of cannon is on a separate runner. Putting different runners in the box while you will ever only need one is just wasteful. (Whichever one you use, the other will automatically become waste) You cannot use those "spare" cannons on anything else. Radu
  16. Thank you for the review, Vincent. Thank you also for your kind words. There will be other versions of the Bf 109 G in the future. Radu
  17. A Hs 129 kits with the BK 7,5 is close to being released and a Hs 129 with MK 103 will follow soon after.
  18. This has already been discussed in two other threads on this forum. There will not be "a kit with all the guns". There will be separate kits, each with a different gun, only one gun of each type per kit. Radu
  19. You should be able to do a standard Bf 109 G-6 with what is in this box. All types of engine cowl, canopy or tail relevant to the G-6 are included. If you want to do a G-6/R-6 or G-6/R-1 (or a G-2 or a G-4) you will need to wait for other kits to be released. Radu
  20. The Hartmann Bf 109 G will not contain the bombs or the under-wing gondolas, they are not relevant to the model. The parts photos shown in the Old Man's Blog are photos of the Bf 109 test shots and they cover a number of versions that will be issued in the future. I have the complete assembly manual for the Hartmann kit and the runners with the bombs and under-wing cannon gondolas are not included on the page listing all the runners. It makes absolutely no sense to include three different cannons in a Hs 129 kit and only parts to make one single model. By default you will be forced to use only one cannon and throw the other canons away. As I said above, there was some ambiguous wording in the original announcement and there was never any intention to issue a kit with two different types of cannon in the box. I was part of the team that designed these kits. Radu
  21. There are numerous discussions on forums about using latex-based "household paint" on seamless intakes. Radu
  22. I will not have a stand, but I was asked to hold a seminar on the design of injection-moulded plastic models. Radu
  23. I use the Volks Pro-Zetsu: https://volksusastore.com/webstores/hobby/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=4288 You can see it in action here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1985961688332113 The blades are as thin as knives, they produce a good and clean cuts. Radu
  24. I am looking forward to it. Is there going to be a LSP gathering? Radu
  25. Just don't treat it as "font", convert the letter outlines to "sketch", extrude these lines into objects and fuse them with the part. https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/text-as-sketch-help/td-p/4774081 Radu
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