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  1. Here is more compelling evidence that the device hanging from the canopy frames is the P 120 Peilschriber. Radu
  2. As you may know, I created the CAD artwork for this model. In this photo one can see some faintly-raised elements on the surface of the part, which also protrude a little beyond the edges of the part. The part, as I designed it, did not feature these elements. The only surface detail was the circular raised detail (front end of the cockpit tub) and the reinforcement strips. I have no explanation for the presence of those elements on the surface, these were added by the tool shop that made the mould, for reasons that I cannot understand (they are not structural, they are not decorative...).
  3. There is no known photo of a 262 night-fighter taken by the Germans before the end of the war. All known photos were taken post-war. There is a photo at the bottom of page 454 of Vol.3 of the Classic Publications series of books on the 262 taken in June 1945, with the aircraft still wearing German crosses, showing that device. If a wartime photo existed it would only prove what that particular aircraft was like. We already know that this device was not present on all aircraft at all times. Absence does not “prove a negative”. (See Lisa Simpson’s Tiger Rock.) I still believe it was a B
  4. Wartime photos of the night-fighter cockpit feature “eyelets” welded on the internal canopy frame, right above the radio set, where the mounting brackets for a device like this could be bolted. Whatever this device was, the factory planned for it. Radu
  5. These detail sets are not mandatory and they do not preclude you from applying your own skills. If you can achieve this level of detail using your bare hands, there is nothing here for you to worry about. Radu
  6. For a more compelling argument in favour of the Bernhardine printer device, please have another look at this link, halfway down the page: https://www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/hellschreiber-modes-other-hell-brnhrdne-eqpt.htm HTH Radu
  7. In as far as I know, that device is a Bernhardine Peilschriber. See this: https://nonstopsystems.com/radio/hellschreiber-modes-other-hell-brnhrdne.htm It appears that this device may not have bee present on all aircraft at all times, possibly due to shortages. HTH Radu
  8. My vote is for the Piaggio P.180 Avanti. Radu
  9. Beautiful models. Congratulations! Radu
  10. I have a copy of Eric Brown's "Wings of the Luftwaffe" with the binding almost falling apart, I read it so many times. I remember reading that story about the "legend of the two armless test pilots" and all I could think of was not "what kind of grip did those guys have?". No! My thought was "there was a S_E_C_O_N_D armless test pilot!?". Radu
  11. I did not sever my ties with Aaron and I am in contact with him. He told me that he is addressing these issues. All the answers to these queries can only be given by him. Radu
  12. I am not “shrugging my shoulders”. I simply no longer have anything to do with the running of the company. I “handed my notice” in early-February, before COVID became a headline, and I ended my involvement with the company in early-March when the Irish government asked all non-essential businesses to close. I am not drawing a salary from the company and I have not seen the office since February. Aaron is completely in charge of the company. All I can do is “advise” him, but then it is entirely up to him to do the rest. Aaron has been involved in this for many years. I am not a spokesperson for
  13. RB Productions can commission me (like any other customer) to design new products. Right now I am concentrating on doing CAD work for plastic models. Since I separated from RB Productions I also created artwork for photo-etched parts or decals for other producers. I am still creating, maybe more than before, the difference being that I am not directly involved in retailing the products based on my artwork. Radu
  14. Hi Nick, I am completely separate from RB Productions. I am no longer involved with the production/sales, I hold no position in the company and I am not drawing a salary from the company. I am concentrating entirely on design work, as a separate entity. Aaron is in completely in charge of RB Productions. To use your words, "the umbilical has been cut". Radu
  15. Hi everyone! I am still here. Yes, it seems that my LSP inbox is full, I will empty it right now and then you can PM me. As I said in another thread here, I don’t have anything to do with RB Productions anymore. I am concentrating entirely on design now. Aaron is in charge of everything to do with RB Productions. I had a look at the website and it is indeed down. It appears to be a server issue, I opened a query with the service provider and hopefully it will be sorted out soon. Radu
  16. Sorry for your loss, Jennings. May he rest in peace. Radu
  17. Actually, now that you mentioned it, it may be the opposite of that. The effluvia are overwhelming. Radu
  18. If we are taking strictly about "elegance", I think that the Fiat G-55 absolutely oozes it. That beauty looks fast standing! Now, if we were to talk about "cool", "fast", "hyped-up", "features in every documentary about WW2", I may mention others (I.A.R.80/81 anyone? ), but for sheer elegance, nothing beats that sleek and aerodynamic machine. Radu
  19. The idea of the Matrix was "a networked system that keeps humans hooked in order to harvest their output". At that stage, the only "output" that they could think of was "electrical power". The difference is that the current Matrix is not harvesting power, but rather it is harvesting our screen time, clicks, likes, shares, etc, which are used to drive advertising revenue and in turn make you purchase. Remember how the movie explained that "reality" is just "electrical signals received by the brain"? Just like in the Matrix, the network is filling people's heads with information via electrical
  20. if your life is boring, you are definitely in the Matrix. As the movie (documentary?) explained there were many other versions of the Matrix, all perfect, which failed. Then they made a Matrix filled with all kinds “opposite of perfect”, which seems to work. According to the movie, harvests have better yields when stress is applied. Radu
  21. Sounds like you are in a steampunk alternative reality. I am not familiar with analog internet delivered via speaking tubes / voice pipes. Radu
  22. If you are reading this it means you have a device with a screen. The Matrix has you... Radu
  23. Hi Craig, Please send me the details of your order by PM and I will talk to Aaron about it. I am no longer working at RB Productions. Earlier this year I decided to separate the design side from the production and sales side of the business. My colleague Aaron is now completely in charge of everything to do with RB Productions and I am only involved in design as a separate entity. In the recent years my work as a designer and researcher has increased to such a large extent that it took over all my other duties. So, at the beginning of the year I decided to concen
  24. You missed the point entirely. I was not bragging about my CAD work. Someone else was bragging to a group that I was part of saying that he was "involved" in a model that I designed, yet I had no idea who he was. That was all. My point was that there are a lot of people out there who claim all kinds of stuff, but it may be a case of "those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know." Radu
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