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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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On 2/10/2019 at 2:49 PM, airscale said:

ahoy shipmates :)


wow, what a response, thank you all very much - I am humbled...



Thanks Antonio - I think if I had known this before I painted them then yes, likely I would have, but it's too late now - I am just hoping either painted or unpainted is right :)




Ah - I am now lost as despite their success, I have never seen a Harry Potter film! I do however have your exquisite 1/18 P51 exhausts which will be fitted at some point so thanks for doing those :)





Many thanks Troy, I appreciate that you appreciate my doing a build log - that said, it is no chore for me - I love sharing things I learn and getting feedback on what I am doing right or wrong :)


had a bit of time this weekend, so lets press on...


..first up some landing gear torque assembly fittings - seen here, it's the green bracket & bellcranks and a torque tube.. these seem to sit the deepest under the fuel selector so had to be done next..




..first I made the housings from plastic card...




..then made up all the belcranks and any bits that go in either bay - primed white as I have run out of mr surfacer...




..then all these were painted..




..and assembled, including tiny banjo fittings where small rods come off the cranks to various bits...




..and added to the airframe - the lower roof height in the model is making placing & spacing some of this stuff challenging...




..next this bit - the fuel shut-off valve - it's quite a distinctive and complicated little assembly...




..no build pics for this bit, but here it is completed...




..also added the hydraulic accumulator....




and then spent many hours plumbing the fuel selector valve - there is still one pipe to go between it and the fuel shut off valve, but there are some gubbins I need to add before doing that...












..still lots of bits to do, but feel like its a bit of progress to get that done..







I can’t believe your work!

I feel like I want to quit the hobby.

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hi folks :)


On 2/10/2019 at 10:22 PM, Fvdm said:

Nice work as always Peter. I like the fulehoses with the white writing on it. Did you buy these or are they also homemade? 


On 2/12/2019 at 11:49 PM, clarkis said:

How the heck did you get that labeling on those fuel lines? Awesome attention to detail with your work, Peter!




Hi guys - I have to confess this is already on the heat shrink tubing I use - I think it's for electrical stuff so it has codes & temps or something on it


I quite like it so will leave as is - plus I don't know how to get it off :)



On 2/13/2019 at 9:42 PM, KUROK said:

True model making art here!!!

Question:  How did you do the "T" extrusions for the ceiling of the wells?

I see some well defined rivet heads and I think you said that was photoetch?




Hi Kurok - if you go back a few pages you can see I made a PE strip with the actual scale width and a plinth & rivet spacing all according to the drawings and then had these made. from there I put half the strip in a hold&fold tool so I could add the top of the T piece from plastic card


then once painted I just ran sandpaper accross the rivets to bring them out :)


so, I am really glad this week is over - just look at all this piping...






I got some 0/6 and 0.8 solder from Amazon which was all I could think would be silver, but flexible enough to be able to bend..


the inherent problem in this is that is also easy to bend by accident, so I would roll it flat using a sheet of balsa and a book (so as not to scar it), slide a brass tube along it to where I wanted to bend it and then bend as needed.


This works but for stringing it through holes, through or behind fittings it was an extremely tiring, demanding and frustrating job.. one I could really only do for 30 mins (or a pipe) at a time..


I made loads of fittings and parts the pipes connect to and while I don't have in progress pics, now I have done the bulk of it, and added the door retraction jacks, I took a bunch of photos of where it is at...















..and in detail..












..so thats it - my eyes hurt :)


onto the uplocks & all the big pipes in the big hole at the front next...






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