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  1. Wow!!! some of those russians fly ridiculously low!!! Good to see 2 Tornados having fun in the Lake District.
  2. I tried ordering a trumpter Mil 24 from eBay, from a Chinese seller and wasn't hugely surprised 3 months later when nothing arrived... I knew something was amiss when the tracking information kept showing as invalid. I waited until the delivery window had passed, contacted the seller, who failed to respond. I then raised a claim with Paypal and the seller instantly responded saying that due to a mistake the package was never sent... Hmmm! Well I knew it was too good to be true and I was right!
  3. Fantastic work! I'm seriously jealous of the skill and ability of the builders on this site!
  4. Incredible work!! I can't wait to see how well this turns out. I'm going to shamelessly follow your work and copy the parts I feel that my meagre skills will allow, on my next build, which is the very same model. I actually have 2 birdcage's in the stash. because the Corsair is my absolute favourite bird!
  5. Thanks for all the kind comments! David, I use Tamiya acrylics almost exclusively now and find them to be excellent for brush painting or airbrushing, heavily thinned. I've now also discovered the art of decanting the Tamiya spray paint range, which is even better paint for airbrushing. The next few kits in the production line are all Tamyia, so that just makes my life even easier and the hobby more enjoyable!
  6. I just watched some on Youtube... it looks great...I've actually met people like that!!!!
  7. I'm fairly new to Canada, having moved here from the UK last May and I haven't really watched much Canadian TV, preferring to practice model building if I get any free time! I can honestly say apart from winter, I love Canada!
  8. Well she's very nearly there and I learned a few valuable lessons... 1. Model masters acrylics don't stick to prepared plastic very well and tamiya masking tape will quite happily remove it! 2. Mistakes can be recovered from (see point 1!) 3. I need more practice with decals 4. I need more practice using an airbrush 5. I need to better understand weathering! Thanks for looking! I would appreciate any constructive criticism...
  9. I am now getting confused by which are photos of the real bird and which are from your fantastic work... truly inspiring!
  10. Brian, I completely agree about the MM acrylic. I found that unless it was seriously thinned, way more than I would for Tamiya acrylics, I had all the problems that you described! I just couldn't mix the correct colour with what I had (Vallejo and Tamiya). I finally managed to achieve that finish with many coats of highly thinned MM. Cleaning the airbrush after use, required a full strip down and clean, rather that the blow through of windshield washer fluid that I can get away with for Tamiya and Vallejo!
  11. The paint job was done using Model Masters acrylic, so I will indeed make a test piece up, that's a great suggestion. I assume that adding a further coating (pledge/future) won't help protect against the Mark fit, because it is also acrylic based? I have also remembered that I bought Mig solutions decal solutions, two bottles... but I found they didn't make much difference, last time I tried them, probably due to me misusing them! Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks Brian! you're too kind... Actually the lighting makes the paint look a bit worse than it is. At the end of the day, I'm enjoying the build and enjoying learning new skills. Most of the mistakes I've made thus far, have been down to impatience on my part! A question regarding decals... I've purchased some Tamiya Mark fit, because it's what my local model shop recommended. I assume that I paint it over the decal to make it conform better to the surface detail? and help or advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!
  13. A brief update. I think I've over-reached with this model, my skills don't really do it justice! I'm nearly done, just detailing, decals and weathering to go, but I wanted to see what she looked like with her wings attached and sat on her wheels! I decided to paint the prop tips rather than use the decals, I have no idea how I start weathering, any dark wash I use won't show up! I will attempt the obvious exhaust and gun residues, but ultimately my skills are rather limited at the moment! Any tips greatly welcome! Thanks for looking!
  14. That looks incredible! I'm very jealous... I can do a neat job of the fine detail stuff, like the cockpit etc, but really struggle when it comes to the final paint job... I also had massive issues getting the engine/cowl on and in the end I had to close it all up and use copious amounts of filler. I still don't know what I did wrong, but you've done a great cover up job, if you hadn't said anything, I would never have known.
  15. Hi Brian, the instructions do say to close up the fuse first. The tail wheel assembly is inserted from the bottom of the opening, so I don't intend to fit it, until a lot closer to the end of the build.
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