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Kitty Hawk Open 1/32 Poll.

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Kitty Hawk Open 1/32 Poll.


Just for fun, following the current F-5E/RF-5E/F-5F and Mirage 2000 projects, what is for you, the priority order (1,2,3,4,5)

for Kitty Hawk, to eventuallly start these 1/32 scale kit projects (including here my own priority wish) :


P1 : Mirage F-1 B/C/C-200/CR/CT/CZ/AZ Family ;

P2 : Northrop F-5A/B/C/D & T-38 Family ;

P3 : Sepecat Bae Jaguar GR.1/T.2/A/E Family ;

P4 : Saab JAS-39 C/D Gripen Family ;

P5 : F-84F / RF-84F Thunderstreak Family ;




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1. T-38

2. Jag

3. Saab Draaken





And I'll second.....

F -101.....106......102




As far as I am aware (Glen has never mentioned it to my knowledge) as much as Id LOVE one, I dont recall KHM ever saying anything about releasing a T-38.   I'm very meh, on the F-5 series, can take it or leave it, Id be all OVER a T-38, Ive just never heard Glen or anyone else from KHM mention it 

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