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  1. Also got a message that the AMS Skyraider props were back in stock---until I went to order and they are OOS--again...........however, the HPH Arado catapult
  2. CAM will have several versions in the future, but all are slated 'to be reproduced'-nothing available at present. http://camdecals.com/search.aspx?find=VF-143
  3. Looks like a good reason to pull my Fisher F9F-5 out and quit looking at it, and build it.
  4. I use this : http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/show/Item/MG740/page/1 Dry transfers, easy to use. Michael
  5. All great answers, thanks. Does make me wonder though, here the model companies are making the kits we have been asking forever to make, with more (hopefully to come, Century series a/c), on the way. Used to be the decals and a/m parts were out before the kits in some cases. Now the economy is crap, great new aircraft available and choice for markings is almost 0. I can fully understand why the decal guys shy away from these big birds as the sheets for even 1 aircraft would be massive investment and no guarantee of sales. Masks are great, but someone still has to make them. Think about the idea if sales of the A-6E/TRAM doesn't meet 'expectations' due to lack of a/m parts/markings, will there actually be an EA-6B in the future? Times have changed over the years, and I will be up front and say before I drop $200.00 for a kit that I really want, I will shop for markings before I buy. Can't make them all, but some level of variety would hopefully hit the market in the future.
  6. Is there any word on anyone doing decals for the A-6E and the EF-18G? Would like to know something is in the pipeline before I spring all the $$$ for these kits. Michael
  7. 79 076 is still here, at least it was the last time I was at the base. They a 'bit' more strict than they used to be when we flew F-4s. Maybe I can get some better shots for you. Mike
  8. . Go to Uschi's site and they give a good breakdown of what sizes to use for what. http://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/rigging/
  9. Does anyone make any decent exhaust for 1/32 scale Allison Mustangs? Going blind searching the web. Michael
  10. I purchased the cockpit, landing gear set and full detail set for my 109G. While I haven't started the build, the parts are excellent, clean castings and while not quite a 'drop in', should bring this kit up to a higher level. Mike
  11. Check some photos on the US Cockpit site and I think you will find most of the problem here is too flat a canopy. Hasn't this been a problem with most of Trumps' jets? http://uscockpits.com/Jet%20Fighters/F-105...nderchief21.jpg
  12. Check out the 105 build in the 'What's New' section. Looks as though he used a BB 'pit and it is just as tall, if not moreso than yours. By the photos, it fills the entire windscreen. http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/J...05D/F-105D.html Mike
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