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In COD we trust - Grumman C-2A Greyhound - scratchbuilt


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On an unrelated note...


Did you ever publish "glamour shots" of the finished Prowler? Is so I missed them. If not, your fans here would love to see such a showcase, that is, if you are not committed to some kind of confidentiality clause, pending a future magazine spread, which would be understandable.



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Guest Peterpools


Looking forward to each and every update .. awesome work and a joy to follow

Keep 'em coming


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You are too kind - I really appreciate your comments, thank you all very much! :) I definitely have way too many ideas but not enough time... maybe I'm just too easily distracted. The Vigilante is a bit further down the list, but it's not forgotten. I actually only took the pic as I was asked about the size compared to the Greyhound and Viking.


Rich, I have not yet taken any final pics of the Prowler. There is no confidentiality clause whatsoever - I wanted to take them once my Kitty Hawk carrier deck section is finished (which kind of answers Hubert's question... :D) but this will take some more time. I will take some proper photos during the next few days - seems that it is about time! In the meantime, I will post a few photos taken with my mobile phone in the WIP thread.

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  • 3 years later...

It's been a while... but as you may know, I usually don't forget models I have started. The arrival of my new Mono X was a good opportunity to do some tests as I had a rather good looking C-2 CAD model on my computer. I started with the nose section which does not look too bad - it has some shape issues which need to be addressed, though. Time will tell wheter or not the printed model is a better starting point than my hand carved (but shape wise more accurate) fuselage. Maybe a combination of both will do the trick - we'll see! 














The nose is way too bulbous at the bottom and the cockpit windows need some tweaking as well, but it's quite a good base. Once I have upped my resin stock, I will print the rest of the fuselage and compare it with the pattern I have made. Stay tuned! 

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The rear portion of the fuselage fell out of the printer yesterday and had of course to be assembled. It seems to lack the typical bottom heavy appearance of the Greyhound, but I will first print the missing fuselage center section before checking the shapes in detail. I will then have to decide how to proceed - with the hand carved model or the 3D printed one. Or maybe a combination of both, as on the Viking? We will see! 



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