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  1. Well, here it is: With regards, Rob
  2. Hi all, Monday my F/A18 book came in, donated by Nic C.D.! The book is wonderfull and glued to my hands the last 2 days. A huge thanks to Nic and the organizers! With regards, Rob
  3. Hi all, Here is my finished F35, hope you like it. I build 1/32 jets as a side step wjhen I'm bored with 1/16 panzers so jet building is something I am stil learning! So I noticed that I didn't paint enough at the rear of the cockpit and a few other things. I used a Dutch Decal set, and a PJ Productions F16 pilot. With regards, Rob P.S. Sorry for the crappy photo's!
  4. Hi all, This is also a nice price: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Academy-F-16I-SUFA-Israeli-Air-Force-in-1-32-Academy-12105/311736336554?epid=1407762227&hash=item4894ef00aa:g:n7QAAOSw~Nta3skz It's only $1253, I bought 1 for less then $120, including shipping! With regards, Rob
  5. I am thrilled with my F/A18 book, goes perfectly with my F/A18C! Thanks a lot, Nic c.d.! And Mustangmaniac, please pm me for your book! I hope you are as happy as I am. Thanks for the LSP staff for organising!!! Rob
  6. But it is not my main interest (German panzers and modern jets) so it is time to pass it on. I will send it all over the world, but it will be shipped in the 2nd week of Januari as I am on holiday! With regards, Rob
  7. Hi, I would like to be added to the raffle, and want to throw in this book: I won it a couple of years ago, read it and flipped through it a few times.
  8. Thanks guys, The paints just arrived so I'm getting busy! If the resulst aren't that bad I'll put some photo's in the forum. Greets, Rob
  9. Hi all, Recently I bought MRP paints 278 (FS360170) and 280 (Have Gloss) for my F35. Since MRP is a new brand for me I (I use Vallejo Air) would like to know what to use to thin it when necessary! The website says to use Mr Thinner but I didn't order it, and the LHS only has Tamiya and Vallejo. Second question is: I would like to build a Greek F16D block 50/52 (using the AFV F16B kit) Can I use the Have Gloss on top of the Greek camouflage to create that Have Glass look? Thanks for any help or input, Rob
  10. Hi, Thanks for answering! I'm satisfied with how the stabs sit, and used clear yellow and orange for the sensors. Thanks again, Rob
  11. Hi all, Attached are 3 photo's of my F35. Are te stabilizers fitted correctly? I couldn't find a solution while searching on the internet. Last question is about the Targeting system sensor in front of the nosewheel well. What is a good way to paint it, other then dark grey and white as the instructions suggests? With regards, Rob
  12. Thanks, for answering! So I go ahead with my build an open 1 weapons bay door. With regards, Rob
  13. Hi all, I am building the Italerie F35 in flight mode. To show of the weapons bay I would like to know if a F35 pilot decides to fire 1 missile or bomb, will both weapon bay doors open, or only one? With regards, Rob
  14. Hi all, Here are some photo's of the B52 at the IPMS show last Saturday. I think it is in 1/48 scale, but it is impressive. A cockpit in 1/32 will be interesting, but will be visible in the end? With regards, Rob
  15. Hi all, I ordered one and shipping will take place before the end of November, according to Sophia! Hopefully there are some interesting decals included. With regards, Rob
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