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  1. Hi Mike, Shapeways is your friend: https://www.shapeways.com/product/REBZAS249/1-25-tiger-driver-s-hatches?optionId=162229219&li=shops It looks reat from the 3D photo, I have no knowledge of these hatches, but I bought a lot of his 1/16 offerings and they are great. Hope this is of help! With regards, Rob P.S. There are a lot of Add Ons on Shapeways for 1/16 Panthers, Tiger 2's and Jagdtigers!
  2. I also do 1 build at a time! If I loose interest in a built I don't build anything else, till the interest returns. Once I had a few shelf queens which were taking up space, which is very limited in my hobbyroom. So I decided to finish them all, but it was a bit frustrating as I had forgotten all the things I already did on them and what my plans were. But I always know what the next project will be. Now I am building a 1/35 BR52 Kriegslokomotive, which will be followed by a 1/16 RC Tiger 1 from Tamiya. The good thing is that I have 2 places were I live, In the Nethe
  3. Hi Tony, and all who responded, Thanks for the info, and I'll print the last posting and put it in with the decalsheet for references. Now I have to find a decent priced Tamiya F15C With regards, Rob
  4. Hi guys, Which kit resembles a F15A the closest: Revell's F15 or Tamiya's F15C or F15J? I really want to build aF15 from the 32nd TFS from Soesterberg in the 1980's! Any info is welcome. With regards, Rob
  5. Hi all, It is announced in Trumpeter's2020/2021 catalog! Page 28 shows a Tiger 1, but it is believed to be the Hobby Boss kit, Page 29 shows a Panzer III and Stug III: https://toylandhobbymodelingmagazine.press/2020/02/05/trumpeter-2020-2021-catalog-full/#jp-carousel-105854 With regards, Rob
  6. My first choice is (and will be) 1/16 German WW2 armour! Then sometimes I like to step outside of that comfort zone and built a 1/32 Jetfighter! Mostly aircraft that I have seen in my days as a spotter at Soesterberg AFB in the Netherlands, like Starfighters, Phantoms, F15's and F16's and things like that. Recently I finished the F16 Sufa, now working on a Polish Tiger F16, which will be followed by a Turkish F4 Phantom. With regards, Rob
  7. Thanks Dave, really appreciate it! Looked for them at Hannants and they have them in stock. With regards, Rob
  8. Hi all, I want to show you my recently finished F16 Sufa. A very nice kit to build, unfortunately I F23ked up the very last decal, being one of the big decals on the vertical stabilizer. But a replacement decal question on this forum all worked out. A big thanks to Peter Gregor, Kagemusha, Oeguy and Helmsman who all offered help! It is not one of my best builds (or photo's) but I am more than happy with the result. Unfortunately, a matte spot appeared on the canopy, I have no clue how it ended up there. Lu
  9. Hi all, I am building the above mentioned kit and I'm looking for a canopy mask set. Unfortunately I can't find a specific set, only for a Tamiya F16. Is this set usable for the Academy F16? With regards, Rob
  10. Hi guys, Since March 17th I am waiting for some Tamiya parts, bought from Ebay. The package sits idle since March 24th in a USPS facility in Chicago. Of course I am aware that since the Covid virus the postal situation in the world is f#cked up. Any other people waiting so long for their packages? I am starting to get worried now. Thanks, Rob
  11. I have a package in a US post facility in Chicago since April 24! No clue if it is because of the Covid virus, or lost forever. With regards, Rob
  12. Hi all, Indeed, a clear plastic nosesection would make it more interesting. Now it looks like an unfinished part of a kit. With regards, Rob
  13. Thanks for your fast response, I'll order as soon as the situation in the world is back to normal! I am waiting for a AFV Modeller package for over 6 weeks now. I ran out of space 2 years ago, as I normally build 1/16 scale tanks. Unfortunately 1/32 aircraft aren't smaller, but I can hang them on the ceiling. Not so realistic with a tank :-)! With regards, Rob
  14. Hi Pete, Are those folded rotors on the Revell Lynx a resin after market set? With regards, Rob
  15. Thanks Ade! With regards, Rob
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