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  1. Yep, I took these photos last year! You can do anything you want with them. With regards, Rob
  2. Hi all, I hope it is okay if I post several Viggen photo's here! The quality isn't great, but maybe they can be of help for the Jetmads Viggen builders. Moderators, is this is considered a solution of this thread, please remove the photos! The photos were taken at Aviodroom in the Netherlands, were this aircraft is stored outside in the open. And finally 2 cockpit shots: As I said, the quality isn't great, but I hope you enjoyed them a
  3. HI all, I started a new tank project, a Panther with a full load of figures from Jeff Shiu! The hull is made by a company called Wecohe, which ceased production unfortunately! As you can see below the hull is made up from an alu underside and plastic sheets (in scale thickness) There are a lot of photo-etch and white-metal details: A lot of elbow grease, cutting, sawing and finally using sandpaper resutated in a hull taped together: Next was the Tamiya turret and the Atak zimmerit. The zimmerit needed some altering/adaptions
  4. These are my latest additions to the pile: I bought this kit with the help of the Amazon Gift Card I won with the Christmas Raffle! This very nice book will help with the build! Another win in the Christmas Raffle was this decal set! It took 3 months to arrive from the US! So this Ebay package arrrived in order to use the decals. This was included in the kit, but most likely I won't use it. If interested, let me know! Still underway from Poland are a few P-E sets for the above kits. With regards,
  5. Hi all, I can recommend these 2 books: http://www.theresearchsquad.com/index.php/books/ Although the are for a Panther Ausf. A the offer a lot of info which is usefull for a Ausf. G too. With regards, Rob
  6. Hi all, Not my best model, but I am happy with the result. Unfortunately something went wrong with the gloss coat, so some decals are silvering a lot. With regards, Rob
  7. Hi all, It's almost done! The Fallschirmjager are glued in position, and some weathering has been done on the Jagdtiger. Now it is waiting for the toolclamps to arrive, and another Fallschirmjager is making his way from Hong Kong. With regards, Rob
  8. Some progress after a great weekend! Unfortunately I ran out of 3D printed toolclamps from Shapeways, I ordered them but I have to wait till the first week of March! The crew is glued into place. The towcable ends are original Tamiya parts, hollowed out and attached to metall strings which are used to hang photo's, signs or posters in offices. I used the kitchen stove to heat them up until red hot so they are more bendable! I'm pretty happy with them. With regards, Rob
  9. Hi guys, Most work has done now! Only the tools and their clamps need to be attached. The tools are Tamiya tools and will receive 3D printed clamps from shapeways. These will be attached after the camouflage is applied. This is the story so far: I hope you like it! With regrads, Rob
  10. Hi all, Not so much progress on the Jagdtiger, but more on the Fallschirmjager who will ride on the reardeck. They took me more than 2 weeks to paint, and at the moment I am fed up with figure painting. Now the oilpaint on the faces and hands need to dry, this will take a few days. Than I can paint the eyes, do a few touch-ups and airbrush a matt coat all over them. (the head of the sitting figure with the eye pupils is painted by my wife) I attached the driver in his position/hatch, (no photo) now I can proceed with the gunmantle and barrel.
  11. Hi all, I'm building an F117 and I'm wondering how to paint it black. Are there ways to make a black aircraft more interesting looking, other than paint it plainly black? Would painting it in different shades of Dark Gray, and then a black wash do the trick? Any info is welcome! Thanks in advance, Rob
  12. Hi all, Here are a few photo's of my current build, the Revell F117. I didn't realize it was such a big airplane, I will have problems putting it somewhere. So most likely I will hang it somewhere, so it has it's wheels retracted. Extra bonus: this shows the weird lines of the plane clearly I didn't spend a lot of time on the cockpit, as I expected there wasn't much visible with the cockpit and pilot installed. I was right, nothing is visible. The pilot as a modified Academy offering, with amputated neck, and lowered bang seat so he was able to look o
  13. Hi all, Yesterday I received the Amazon gift card, and used it to buy the Italerie 1/32 Tornado. A perfect companion for mr Pollard's book I received on Monday. With regards, Rob
  14. A big thanks to all who responded! It helped a lot. Can some-one tell me which F-4J sprues I need to order? I think this will be the easiest way to get a F4B without spending a lot of money, and cutting up an expensive kit. Thanks again, Rob
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