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  1. My first choice is (and will be) 1/16 German WW2 armour! Then sometimes I like to step outside of that comfort zone and built a 1/32 Jetfighter! Mostly aircraft that I have seen in my days as a spotter at Soesterberg AFB in the Netherlands, like Starfighters, Phantoms, F15's and F16's and things like that. Recently I finished the F16 Sufa, now working on a Polish Tiger F16, which will be followed by a Turkish F4 Phantom. With regards, Rob
  2. Thanks Dave, really appreciate it! Looked for them at Hannants and they have them in stock. With regards, Rob
  3. Hi all, I want to show you my recently finished F16 Sufa. A very nice kit to build, unfortunately I F23ked up the very last decal, being one of the big decals on the vertical stabilizer. But a replacement decal question on this forum all worked out. A big thanks to Peter Gregor, Kagemusha, Oeguy and Helmsman who all offered help! It is not one of my best builds (or photo's) but I am more than happy with the result. Unfortunately, a matte spot appeared on the canopy, I have no clue how it ended up there. Luckily it isn't visible from the position were it is parked! I hope you like it. With regards, Rob
  4. Hi all, I am building the above mentioned kit and I'm looking for a canopy mask set. Unfortunately I can't find a specific set, only for a Tamiya F16. Is this set usable for the Academy F16? With regards, Rob
  5. Hi guys, Since March 17th I am waiting for some Tamiya parts, bought from Ebay. The package sits idle since March 24th in a USPS facility in Chicago. Of course I am aware that since the Covid virus the postal situation in the world is f#cked up. Any other people waiting so long for their packages? I am starting to get worried now. Thanks, Rob
  6. I have a package in a US post facility in Chicago since April 24! No clue if it is because of the Covid virus, or lost forever. With regards, Rob
  7. Hi all, Indeed, a clear plastic nosesection would make it more interesting. Now it looks like an unfinished part of a kit. With regards, Rob
  8. Thanks for your fast response, I'll order as soon as the situation in the world is back to normal! I am waiting for a AFV Modeller package for over 6 weeks now. I ran out of space 2 years ago, as I normally build 1/16 scale tanks. Unfortunately 1/32 aircraft aren't smaller, but I can hang them on the ceiling. Not so realistic with a tank :-)! With regards, Rob
  9. Hi Pete, Are those folded rotors on the Revell Lynx a resin after market set? With regards, Rob
  10. Thanks Ade! With regards, Rob
  11. Hi all, How do you find sellers like Enchanted 89 and Dawngrocerystore? I can't figure it out, so can some-one point me in the right direction? Thanks, and stay healthy, Rob
  12. Thanks for this info! Most likely I will use the kit parts as the nozzle won't be that visible in the end. It will face the wall when finished. The Aires Nozzle (and wheel bays) came with the kit. But I will have a look at GT Resin's site to see what's possible and the costs. Another problem will be the shipping. A package with 1/16 Kingtiger roadwheels is sitting idle at a US Post facility since March 24! Again, thanks for the info! Rob
  13. Hi all, I am building one of these tiger stripped F16's using the Academy F16CG/CJ. The problem I have is that this kit has both the General Electric F110 and Pratt & Whitney F100 engine nozzles, and I have Aires 2102 Exhaust nozzle for Academy kit. Which of these 3 nozzles looks the most like a Pratt and Whitney 229 nozzle? With regards, Rob
  14. Well, here it is: With regards, Rob
  15. Hi all, Monday my F/A18 book came in, donated by Nic C.D.! The book is wonderfull and glued to my hands the last 2 days. A huge thanks to Nic and the organizers! With regards, Rob
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