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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I will use parts F28, E45 & 51 as in Step 11 and close the gap in the right wing as in Step 7. Your help is most appreciated! Rob
  2. Dear all, I'm building my first WW2 plane and so far I'm liking it. But I can't find part J25 which protrude from the front of the right wing. There isn't a sprue J, and I can't find it on other sprues. Do I miss something in the kit, or is it a f#ck up of the construction Manual? Thanks, Rob
  3. Hi all, I bought my Sil Air about 20 years ago second hand, and it is still working like it is brand new! So if I had to buy a new one, it will be a Sil Air again. With regards, Rob
  4. I almost forgot that I also took a few pics at the Military Museum in Bucharest:
  5. Hi all Last saturday I went to the Bucharest International Air Show in Romania. The show was pretty small but very nice. Unfortunately I had only about 3 hours to look around, take photo's and hunt for patches. My camera wasn't really suitable for taking "long distance" photo's so you have to do with this crappy quality shots. I hope you like them though! Rob
  6. Hi all, Thanks for replying! I guess we are lucky to be shown around in Bucharest by a colleague of mine, and will be visiting an ex-colleague who's working in the Palace of Parliament. My colleague knew about the Military Meseum, but not the Air Force Museum. So, depending on the wifes plans, we might be lucky to escape a half day carrying shopping bags Ill keep you updated!!!!! Rob
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm spending the next few days (till Sunday) in Bucharest and am interested in some modelling related tips. The thing that I'm gonna visit is the Bucharest International Air Show, and hopefully the National Military Museum. Are there any other interesting places, like modelshops? All kinds of information is welcome! With regards, Rob P.S. I've learned that the air show isn't as spectacular as it used to be (only Romanian Mig 21 Lancers, F16's and a Hungarian Gripen) due to budget problems, but I will upload some modern fighters!
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