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  1. HI guys, Thanks for your answers! It seems that finding and matching colours from photo's drawn from internet is the way to go! With regards, Rob
  2. Hi all, At the moment I'm building Kitty Hawks's MH-60L Blackhawk and while I'm waiting for DN Masks to arrive I started working on the figures. The biggest problem I have now that I can not find the right (Vallejo) colors for the uniforms. Can someone help me with that? With regards, Rob
  3. 4Hi Tim, Thanks for responding! If the Blackhawks were black, that will probably give problems with the kit's decals, but I'll see when I come to the painting stage. The crewchief seats, are they located directly behind the pilots seats (2 seperate seats) or were they at the rear of the cabin (in the row of 4, which probably means deleting the outer seats)? Do you know any good Blackhawk books? Thanks again, Rob
  4. Dear all, I'm about to start on Kitty Hawk's Blackhawk as used in Operation Gothic Serpent. I planned to use the Kitty Hawk figures to make it more attractive. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of both topics, so I have a few questions to start with! The colorchart calls for a black exterior ,is this correct? I thought it will be dark green? Were there any seats fitted inside the cabin? (I mean other then the pilots seats) Can anyone give me an idea what colors for the uniforms of the pilots and Special Forces? I'm sure there will be plenty more questions coming your way, but these will help me to start! With regards, Rob P.S. Photo's will be difficult as I still haven't found a good replacement for photo bucket which is both cheap and more importantly: easy to use!
  5. Hi guys, I had only one Shelf Queen, but yesterday a colleague's son was more then happy to take it home! (Together with a 1/32 AH-1z after the decal debacle and a 1/35 Stug III and Mercedes truck) The Shelf Queen was a Hasegawa F16a, the kits decals where too old and unusable. I put Dutch roundels and squadron decals on it, hoping to find a cheap set to replace the kit's decals but couldn't find it, only for more money then I would like to spend. So I decided to get rid of it, and I offered it to my colleague's son. The look on his face when he saw the kits was priceless!!!!!! So, maybe hard to believe for some builders, but I have no Shelf Queens anymore! GRReetz, Rob
  6. Thanks to all who responded! This is what I found out: FS 34092 = Vallejo 71.124 USAF Green FS 34102 = Vallejo 71.289 US Dark Green FS 36081 = Vallejo 71.314 Seaplane Grey If anyone has a better match let me know, otherwise on Saturday I'll be going to my LHS! With regards, Rob
  7. Dear all, What are the best Vallejo Air colors for an A10 as in the photo below! My kit and instruction maual are in Germany and as I have a 2 week holiday coming up I want to order the paint now so I have it available when I go to Germany. Thanks in advance, Rob
  8. Check these figures: https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-figures-d-toys-dt35-039-1:35-us-marine-ah-1w-helicopter-crew-set-for-academy-ah-w-kit-2-figures?zenid=a84af967cb735d9da4942e0938df2b8e GRReetz, Rob
  9. Hi Pete, Amazing work, I'm jealous of it! Can you tell me what colors you used for these figures? Since I normally build 1/16 German tanks and figures I have absolutely no knowledge of Blackhawk helicopters (or modern aircraft!) I want to use some figures for my Kittyhawk MH60L, although I think the figures with the "Stormtrooper" helmets are too modern for 1993! Anyway, please keep posting photo's! With regards, Rob
  10. Hi all, While walking through town with the wife, we went in a 1 euro/Outlet Kind of shop, just to pass some time. There, hidden in a pile of puzzles and other useless toys I saw a 1/32 Tamiya F14 Tomcat "Black Knights", I could hardly believe my eyes! Upon checking the box I saw the original pricetag of €149 ($152), it was reduced to €75 ($77) and when my wife asked what the price was, the girl at the counter said it was €35 ($36)! So without hesitatiion I bought the F14, and a puzzle thing for the wife. A very nice start of the Weekend! A happy Sunday to all of you! Rob
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for all the info, it is much appreciated! @ Wegener, please post more if you have! I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2019! Rob
  12. Hi guys, I'm building a 1/24 Harrier GR.3, followed by a FRS.1, both in the years 1982/1983 time period in the Falklands area. My questions are: What will be a tipical load for a Harrier during and/or just after the Falkland War? What will be the right Vallejo Air collors for Air Force Green/Grey and Royal Navy greys? I bought the Heritage Aviation Models Intake set for the FRS.1, it has the intakedoors open. Now I read somewhere that these doors are only open when the aircraft is on the ground, but could the doors also be open when the aircraft is hovering in the air? (both aircraft will be hanging from the ceiling as I have no more space for any models to display on their wheels) With regards, and a Happy and Healthy 2019, Rob
  13. Thanks a lot, very usefull information! With regards, Rob
  14. Hi Jari, I planned to do a CF18 as it flew around in West Germany, in the first part of the 90's, or maybe the late 80's! Thanks, Rob
  15. Hi guys, I'm building Academy's F18D as a CF188B as it was flying around in the 90's! What would be a normal weapons load at that time on pylons 8, 6 ,4 and 2? I have no clue, but I would like to include 3 big fueltanks ( on pylons 3, 5 and 7) as it looks pretty cool, and the AIM9 at the wingtips. The AN/ASQ-173 LDT/SCAM, AN/AAR-50TINS and AN/AAS-38 FLIR look nice, but fits in the 1990's period? That was the time I was a spotter and aircraft modeller, before turning over to the Panzer side of our hobby. GRReetz, Rob
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