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  1. So, I prepared 3 other figures! Now I am busy with the last figures, 3 soldiers in Pea pattern uniforms. When the uniforms are done I finally can paint the faces and arms. With regards, Rob from Holland
  2. Hi Kevin, It is the Atak set: https://www.ebay.de/itm/144010861380?hash=item2187b75b44:g:iqkAAOSw3NFf-CRy At the moment it isn't available via Atak itself, so I included the ebay link for photo's. It looks consistent, but it looks far better then my scratch built Zimmerit attempts. Of course you could "damage" the Zimmerit in the bigger parts to break up the consistency. All in all I am happy with the Atak products. Rob P.S. They have some new (for me) 1/16 Panther products: https://atakmodel.istore.pl/en/accessories-1-16 P.P.S. From Facialbook I understood they are working on different Zimmerit sets for the Trumpeter Panthers!
  3. Hi guys, Not much progress on the figures, as I simply lost my Mojo for painting. But lately it is slowly returning, so I did some work, mainly on the figures on the engine deck! And a frontal view: Hopefully I can post a more substantial progress soon! With regards, Rob from Holland
  4. Hi John, No, not really! I have absolutely no space/place anymore for such a huge kit. and I have a lot of 1/16 scale tanks in my stash, and also quite a few 1/32 jets. My hobbyroom is full, and now some jets are parked in the guestroom, but space there is also limited because the walls are covered with my police patch collection. The best solution will be kicking the wife out, or buy a bigger house, unfortunately both options are too expensive. GRReetz, Rob
  5. Hi all, This is my Lancaster nose section. Straight out of the box, only the Eduard P/E for the cockpit and dials is used (because they were not included on the decal sheet!) It was a nice build, but the lack of knowledge about WWII bombers (or planes in general) stopped me with putting in extra details. But they are hard to see anyway. I hope you like it! With regards, Rob P.S. the fingerprint (which is probably my thumb) isn't really visible in real life!
  6. Hi Piero, I am interested in a set of the resin parts you make if possible! With regards, Rob
  7. Hi all, These are my latest additions to the stash: I bought this one as I always wanted to have a helo with folded rotors and tailboom. And when Kittyhawk announced their closure I had to be fast! This Golden Oldy(?) I bought for the decals I won with last years Christmas Raffle. I bought Tamiya F-4C/D but the sprues to convert it to a F-4B are way too expensive for me, so I opted for this option. With regards, Rob P.S. If some-one can point me to the correct instruction manual for the Seahawk, it i smuch appreciated!
  8. Hi all, Work continued! I airbrushed a primer coat on the sides. At the moment I am waiting for a solution for the front axle so I can attach the sprocket wheels, and an axle for one of the Idlerwheels. When I have received those I can glue on the upper deck, apply putty and put on a primer coat. I received a order from SBS Models with the C-hooks and shackles. I am pretty happy with the quality! A bit off topic, but also very nice is this rear escape hatch! It is fully functional, so you can close it. But a word of warning: this set is intended for the Trumpeter kit, not for Tamiya or Henlong! The 2 white metall parts are not part of the kit, I had these parts as a left over from a Wecohe hatch set. Hopefully SBS will adapt their offerings for Tamiya and Henlong Panthers. I will use the rear escape hatch for my future Panther Ausf. D/A! Finally a question! I can't find the correct stowage manner for the towing cables. What is the correct length/position, as seen in these photo's: Righ tfront to left rear, or right front to right rear? With regards, Rob
  9. Hi Thomas, https://www.rctank.de/TAMIYA-Jagdpanther-Panther-G-Corleis-adjustable-suspension-for-the-metal-lower-hull Herzlichen Gruss, Rob
  10. Hi all, Some small progress in the last few weeks! I did work on the rear side of the Panther. The exhaust stacks and covers are not yet glued in position. The left Staukast is a Tamiya version, the right one is a Wecohe photo-etch part which I f*c&d up a few years ago (the X shaped ribs were on the inside!) but I could use it for this Panther. Yes, there is a difference in the sizes but I don't care that much, as a figure's legs will be hanging over it. And of course the p-e makes it possible for some damage. The latches and lid are a Shapeways offering. Another Hi-lite was the Rohrwisserstange behalter (or so!) This is also a Shapeways offering. And last week another 5 figures arrived, so my set is complete . So now I have to paint 16 figures, something I really not looking forward to! But when they are finished it will look really nice! With regards, Rob
  11. Hi Juggernut, These are figures from Jeff Shiu: http://jeffshiu.lsft.com/products.html He is a good guy to deal with! The figures on my Jagdtiger are also from him. Unfortunately my figure painting skills don't do his figures justice With regards, Rob
  12. Hi guys, Yesterday I received some BlingBling: Now I need to wait until my new soldering station arrives. During my last posting I didn't sit still, but went along with details and painting of some figures. I just realized that I only have the commander in the photos, sorry for that! With regards, Rob
  13. Yep, I took these photos last year! You can do anything you want with them. With regards, Rob
  14. Hi all, I hope it is okay if I post several Viggen photo's here! The quality isn't great, but maybe they can be of help for the Jetmads Viggen builders. Moderators, is this is considered a solution of this thread, please remove the photos! The photos were taken at Aviodroom in the Netherlands, were this aircraft is stored outside in the open. And finally 2 cockpit shots: As I said, the quality isn't great, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway! With regards, Rob
  15. HI all, I started a new tank project, a Panther with a full load of figures from Jeff Shiu! The hull is made by a company called Wecohe, which ceased production unfortunately! As you can see below the hull is made up from an alu underside and plastic sheets (in scale thickness) There are a lot of photo-etch and white-metal details: A lot of elbow grease, cutting, sawing and finally using sandpaper resutated in a hull taped together: Next was the Tamiya turret and the Atak zimmerit. The zimmerit needed some altering/adaptions as it was designed for the Tamiya hull, but the fit isn't bad at all: Then more zimmerit on the hull, and the start of the first details: And here are a few of the figures: I hope you like it! With regards, Rob
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