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  1. The problem with Seidel is, that they don't ship outside of Germany! So you need to find a forum member in Germany who don't mind stepping in. With regards, Rob
  2. Since I saw one at Patriot Park in Moscow I wanted to build one. However, since the recent Special Military Operation I am not interested in building any Russian plane, so hopefully there is a possibility to build an Ukranian version. Rob
  3. Hi all, During my holiday I managed to complete my F-4E Phantom. Nothing special, out of the box with only after market decals. The 2 pilots came from the scrap box. I hope you guys like it! And the next project: Again nothing special, a F14 and a F-5E in a formation display! The F14 is in the decalling stage, while the F-5 waits for a confirmation for a Aggressor decalset and then will be painted. With regards, Rob from Holland
  4. Hi all, This is my workspace on the right side, and the workspace for my wife on the left! It is a bit basic, but our other hobbyroom in Holland is way better equipped with everything a modeller needs. Here in Germany I build 1/32 planes, the latest finished one is at the workbench, the next one is waiting on top of the cupboard. it is not an impressive mancave, but I (or better: we) spend many happy hours there! Regards, Rob from Holland, now in Germany!
  5. Hi Dutik, I used a product called XTC-3D and I am quite happy with it. This is the front side of an 1/16 Sd.Kfz 250/8 Stummel, I tried to sand down the printer lines a bit. Then I mixed up a bit of the XTC-3D product and applied it to the model. It is like a thick varnish and it spreads out evenly. I diluted it with aceton for the first time, so awaiting the result now. You can see the package, it is good for multiple 1/16 vehicles. This was my first 3D model I used it on, this is the result. Herzlichen Gruss aus Holland, Rob P.S. These are commercial available models, definitive NOT printed by me!
  6. Hi Chris, I am not familiar with Shermans, but there are a lot of after market decals! Have a look here: https://www.ebay.de/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=1%2F16+sherman+decals&_sacat=0 The Trumpeter 1/16 panzer series all have around 2000+ parts, and they have interiors, so I quess this one has an (partial) interior. With regards, Rob
  7. I can't wait for this one. As soon as it arrives I will buy and build one! With regards, Rob from Holland
  8. Congrats with this beautiful build, this is my favorite Su in weeks. I do like the idea of red star kill marks!!!! Rob
  9. Hi all, My 2 Stugs are done! First up is the Heller Stug, fitted with an Atak zimmerit set. The T34 tracklinks at the front are not so bright as it appears in the photo's! This is the Das Werk Stug, with the Das Werk crew. The loader received another head! I used the AFV Modeller Bow replacementset, Smoke granate racks and StuH 42 barrel. I hope you like them! With regards, Rob from Holland
  10. Dito on the GR5 parts! With regards, Rob from Holland
  11. Hi Ron, I was there for 2 weeks while stationed Aruba in 1993, so a long time ago. One visit I still rememner is the Pre Columbian Gold Museum in the centre of San Jose, that is my no 1 recommendation. And I booked a lot of excursions to the jungle, also very nice! As I said, it has been a long time ago, but it is one of the best holidays I ever had. Happy traveling, Rob
  12. I have both the Das Werk Stug, and the Heller/Gallery/Trumpeter version and I like both of them equally! The Das Werk Stug has a basic interior, the Heller Stug has schurzen. All have their minor problems (Das Werk wrong nose plate, Heller has bad fender details) but I can live with that, although I bought a few of the AFV Modeller updates. Very soon Atak will bring out the first of 2 zimmerit sets, and hopefully a few update parts like a Saukopf mantlet as well, this will be the cause of buying a second Heller Stug! With regards, Rob from Holland
  13. If you are not interested in the RC stuff, you can sell those parts at a dedicated RC tank site! My guess is it will return about 40% of your purchase cost! But to be sure it's better to ask before buying. With regards, Rob P.S. Here is a link to a great site, with a Buy/Sell option and a thread with RC tank clubs world wide: https://www.rctankwarfare.co.uk/forums/index.php
  14. Hi guys, The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum are restoring/rebuilding a Stug and a Jagdpanther. They finished a Tiger 1 recently! In some video's you can see them welding together plates of the hull, and saying eaxactly what LSP_K2 said. I hope you guys will like these video's! Happy Holidays, Rob from Holland
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