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  1. A big thanks to all who responded! It helped a lot. Can some-one tell me which F-4J sprues I need to order? I think this will be the easiest way to get a F4B without spending a lot of money, and cutting up an expensive kit. Thanks again, Rob
  2. Gentlemen, A little progress on the Jagdtiger. The front and rear mudguards are fixed in position, the side mudguards are temporarily fixed, they need a little bit of extra work. The hull and wheels are airbrushed in the Sandyellow basecoat. I am not happy with the Tamiya tracks, as they are not closed as you can see in photo 2. Does some-one knows if the Trumpeter tracks will fit the Tamiya sprocket wheels? With regards, Rob
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies! I want to build a Phantom with the decals I won in the raffle, but don"t want to buy a expensive conversion set. No problem to buy a pricely Tamiya kit, but I am too big of a chicken putting a saw in it and f#ck it up! If it looks like a Phantom, it has Marines on it and a Rattlesnake, it is a Death Rattlers F4 Phantom. But, having said that, I want my Phantom to be as close to a F-4B. So, most likely I will start hunting for a F4C! Thank again, Rob
  4. Hi all, I won a set of 1/32nd USMC F-4B decals AOA 32-032 (thanks Out2gtcha!) and now I am wondering which F4 Phantom is the best kit to start from? Is it one of the Tamiya kits (F4 C/D, F4E or F4J? or Revell kits (F4G, F4F, which I doubt really) or maybe the RF4B with a different nose? Any help is welcome! Rob P.S. I know of the different conversion sets, but they are rare to find and above all very expensive and above my modelling skills!
  5. Thanks for the info, guys, much appreciated! @ LSP_K2, PM with photo's sent! Happy and Covid free 2021 for every-one! Rob
  6. Hi Chris, The CFT's are from the Academy Sufa kit! (or more precisely, the AFV Club F16B), therefore the fit was more or less perfect. Since there were no locator pins it was a bit of a struggle to find the correct position! Rob
  7. Hi all, This is what I have: I think I have all the parts to build an F-4E out of the F-4G boxing, but want to know if I should use some G parts for a F-4E/ETM, as these Phantoms where updated during their lifespan. Probably I will use the G cockpit, as I have no decals for the E version, and don't want to spend a lot of time on the cockpit. Online I didn't find much info, so I hope somebody can steer me in the right direction! With regards, Rob P.S. A very happy and healthy and Covid free 2021!
  8. Hi all, My last project of 2020 is finished: a Polish Tigermeet F16! The F16 is an Academy F16CG/CJ, together with parts from a F16 Sufa. Building it was a pleasure, but I may have mixed up the big/small mouth and exhaust parts, I am not an aircraft expert as I am more of a tank builder. Anyway, it looks like an F16, and that's the important part for me. Enough talk, here are the pics: No photo's of the under side of the plane, as I tried to start with panel lining, in which I failed miserably! First I tried
  9. I used these toolclamps with great succes: https://www.shapeways.com/product/KPLN48QZB/1-16-german-tool-clamps-late-type-economy-pack?optionId=59944183&li=shops The are not workable, so you need to slide the tools in from the side, or carefully open 1 side of the clamp. This guy has a lot of interesting 1/16 stuff, specially for the Kingtiger. The quality is amazing. Rob
  10. So, the final work on 2020 on the Jagdtiger, I painted the faces of the crew with oil paint, it's not my best work, but definitive not my worst, so I'm happy: Then it was on to the fenders: In the mean while I have ordered 3 Tamiya sprues, so in the next year I'll start with finishing the top of the casemate and the rear plate. Have a Happy and Covid free 2021, Rob
  11. Hi Coogrfan, I completely forgot to say that I ordered this figure for my DR.1 build. It fits reasonably good, only some surgery on his a$$ cheeks. Thanks for mentioning the figure! Rob
  12. Hi all, I‘d also like to participate in the raffle, as a recipient and as a donor: If both sets can be used on 1 model, (F16C/F16CG/CJ) then keep them together, if they can't be used together then as separate items! With regards, Rob
  13. Hi all, Here is my latest project, that I did together with my wife. We both built a Meng DR.1, and we ended up with 2 very different versions of the same aircraft. I hope you will like both of them. \ Mine: And the one made by my wife Cordula: I had problems with a machinegun, and Cordula had problems with the upper wing. Still, we both liked the build! With regards, Rob and Cordula
  14. Hi all, A small update, as I haven't done a lot on the Jagdtiger. Most of the work went into the roof of the casemate, and applied structure to the roofplate by means of glue and a stiff paintbrush. The crew arrived, and small adjustments had to be made to fit them in the Jagdtiger. I am not sure about the color of the jackets they wear, I wanted to paint them green, but online I see only white. I hope you like it! Rob
  15. Hi all, I might be interested, but I'll wait for a price indication! With regards, Rob
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