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  1. Olá meu amigo Ben! Sim estou trabalhando no projeto deste Hercules C-130 antigo da Força Aérea Brasileira do esquadrão SAR na escala 1/62 pois é uma encomenda de um amigo daqui do Brasil. Vou postar fotos do projeto em breve, no momento estou nas plantas que estou desenhando no CorelDraw para cortar as partes em Laser no plástico poliestireno 1mm e 0,5mm. Algumas partes pretendo imprimir na impressora 3D Ender 3. Estou te acompanhando! Abraços! Hercules de Araujo
  2. Parabéns meu amigo Ben! Estou sempre acompanhando seus trabalhos. Vou iniciar um Hercules C-130 numa versão anos 70 e com partes impressas em 3D. Acompanhando seus trabalhos sempre! best regards Hercules de Araujo from Brasil
  3. Oá meu amigo Ben! Tudo bem no seu outono europeu? Aqui tudo tranquilo no Brasil, não falemos de política kkkk. Parabéns pelo nova empreitada, gosto muito do EA-6B prowler, enho um scratch dele aqui para terminar faz uns anos, quem sabe recomeço em breve?... Estarei te acompanhando nesse seu novo trabalho! Grande abraço do se amigo aqui do Brasil. Hercules de Araujo
  4. Hello my friend!! I will start in the 3D printing business also for my models soon. Which 3D printer do you use, my friend? Grande abraço! big hug Hercules de Araujo
  5. So nice Ben!! Im following!! Hercules de Araujo From Brasil
  6. Scratchbuild is the must!!!!! Is a great job Timmy!! Scratchbuild forever!!!! Hercules de Araujo from Brasil
  7. Hello Folks!! More updates about Grumman Hellcat (translate to portuguese -> Gato do Inferno) F-6F 1/32 scale. Instaladed radial engine, wings, weels and more... See the pictures: Thats all from Brasil!! Thanks friends Hercules de Araujo
  8. Hello friends. I started last week a new model that I was commissioned. The fully scratchbuild model is a 1/32 scale Grumman Hellcat F-6F in polystyrene plastic with resin parts such as wheels and propellers and canopy in acetate plastic. The construction is well advanced with almost all the fuselage ready including the rivets marked and wing installed. In the coming days I will post more photos of progress. Thank you! Hercules de Araujo
  9. Oh yes Flarpen ... my email: hercules.araujo2@gmail.com Thanks Hercules de Araujo Brasil
  10. Hello Johan, I would like contact you for more informations about Gripen E... would be? Thanks so much Hercules de Araujo
  11. Hello friends of Plastimodelismo and scratchbuild. Finished the Gripen E in the 1/25 scale produced in polystyrene plastic, radar radome balsa wood and subalar tank, resin in the reproduction of the main wheel and acetate vacumm form of the canopy, aluminum of the Turkish petals and structure in MDF. The project cost me a month and the construction 4 months in the scratchbuild technique. It was not easy since there is not a good descriptive plan of the new SAAB fighter. I had to unfold and take as a basis the C / D model plant and adapt it into an art in three low resolution views of the E model, but that was not easy. The design itself was elaborated in CorelDraw later designed the constructive parts of the model and finally engraved in a pendrive for the cut of the plastic and MDF in a friend that does this service of cut of the pieces in laser. As there were mistakes on my part in the preparation of the project I had to make adjustments in the construction with a satisfactory result. I produced a master wheel for copying with silicone mold and later produced two main wheels. I also made an array to pull the heat the canopy. I made all the markings on the fuselage in relief of the rivets. I made the exhaust nozzle of the engine GE F-414 in plastic but I did not like the result, refiz in 0.30mm aluminum obeying the photos I have of what we call "Turkish petals". Lastly the techniques of paint with wash among others. I produced two South African / Brazilian A-DARTER manufacturing missiles with magnets to attach them to the wooden wing tips rails and 0.5mm polystyrene plastic fins and translucent acrylic tip. About the painting I have to wait for the definition of the FAB since I intend to do in the official colors, as everything is speculation I prefer to wait for the official photos. There are many more details to mention but I am willing to ask questions of friends and waiting for more colleagues to go through scratcbuild. big hug to all
  12. Hello my friend Starfighter, I must correct it because the Gripen model E was designed with only one wheel on the front landing gear, (as we say in Brazil, bequilha). Thanks for the comments!
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