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  1. Very awesome!! Brilhant!!!! Hercules de Araujo Brasil
  2. Que lindo trabalho, meu amigo. Parabéns tá ótimo!!! Me espelhando no seu talento! Hercules de Araujo Brasil
  3. Hello friend, congratulations on working with this wonderful Viggen. I would like to know how you produced this canopy. I need to make a canopy for an AMX two-seater that I'm producing in 3D and I thought about vacum form but I would like to know about your technique for producing this canopy. Thanks Hercules de Araujo
  4. 2 printers, one Creality Ender 3 filament and one Creality LD-002H resine. Thanks MDuv
  5. Hello folks! More photos of Embraer Xingu II all made 3D. Thanks! Hercules de Araujo
  6. Hello guys. This is my model Embraer Xingu II modeling and build in 3D but still no read. Thanks Hercules de Araujo All made in 3D, interior will be too.
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