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  1. Kent, Congrats on your article. It's certainly well deserved. Not many builds can come close to what you've achieved. Joel
  2. Lee, Now that's stepping up to the plate big time Joel
  3. Brian, ​ Excellent progress for sure. What I love most about your builds is both your thought process, and how you explain it to us in words and pictures. Well done. As for the update, outstanding as usual. Centering any hole for me is a major challenge that a one eyed half blind old guy al ways struggles with. Yours came out perfect. The dolly looks great. Your method for gluing the stanchions correctly in place is fool proof. BTW, I like the toothpick idea of securing those cups from spilling over. Joel
  4. Shaka Hi, Yeah, I won this round, but it's the next one that always worries me. Joel
  5. Bryan, Thanks buddy for the vote of confidence on this fix. I lucked out this time. Sure hope the rest of the build doesn't have this kind of surprises waiting for me. Joel
  6. Don, Unfortunately, not so much so from the few KH kits I've tried to build in the past. Following build threads here, the quality of the KH kits has gotten better, but the engineering is still off in wackyland. What they do makes literally no sense other then create as many pcs as possible regardless of the fit issues that are a direct result of that philosophy. KH's best quality as far as I'm concerned is their choice of subject matter that keeps me coming back despite knowing better. Joel
  7. Guys, I'm not sure either as to the reasons why, but the end results are sure evident. Compare my pictures to Brian's and it's like two different sets of molds were used. Moving on, and hopefully things will get better. Joel
  8. Spyros, The weathering just continues to look better and better. At this point I'd call the top side and outer lower wing panels done. Wheel wells certainly have that operational look to them. And nice job on the pilot figure. Anyone who can paint one gets a from me, simply because I can't. Joel
  9. Breaker, The Daco M47As really look great. used and abused for sure. Joel
  10. Been a while since my last update due to a combination of work, bad back issues (once again), and my continuing battle with the main wing lower section fit. As I previously said in a post, I decided that I had to correct the issue of the one inner wing panel not matching up to the fuselage wing flaring to the point of actually being under it. This drove me nuts, as both the top center section and the lower sections are each one piece. there isn't any reason for this that I could think of, other then some change in the mold for the one inner wing section. The dihedral is just way to flat in cr
  11. Chuck, The gloss coat is simply amazing. I'm assuming that your rubbes and polished it out, or are you able to achieve that level of prefection straight from the AB? Joel
  12. Jim, Just love those on location shots. Boy do they look real or what. Joel
  13. Darren, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a post, it's really much appreciated. I'm not a fan of the Kitty Hawks philosophy of how many pieces they can make each sub assembly out of. multi piece fuselage halves, 4 piece cowls, overly complicated engines and engine mounts, only leads to excess frustration by those attempting the build, with what I'm betting is a higher percentage of SODs, and others that were contemplating buying the kits, just opting on taking a pass. While I'm still trying to find the time this week to take pictures of the wing/fuselage joints now
  14. Spyros, Thanks buddy for stopping by, it's much appreciated. While I'm very slowly making progress, I'm indeed making some. As for the wooden spars I lucked out, as they're very strong in the configuration I used. But the bottom line is that I had them in house, but didn't have any brass square tubing. Joel
  15. Winnie, Thanks for stopping by and checking out the OV-10 build to date. I came across that picture after I finished the seats, so that they stayed the way they were with the packs on the right side of both seats. My goal right from the start was a busy enough cockpit to fool the viewers eye. The key to that without any question is the white wire bundles. So that's where I put my efforts. I added enough bundles to create the effect that I was looking for, and I still just might add another bundle or two. My concerns has for the last few weeks focused solely on the wing issues caused
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