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    Large scale models...like 1/32 and up. What can I say I like them big!!, photography, and aviation.

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  1. Nice start Marcel. Though I like your Mig-29 project (sorry about the Bono) but I’m glad that your tackling The Intruder. Love all those switches and buttons you added to the cockpit. I need to get some of those Antz stuff. They sure are game changer.
  2. I sure wish Tan models or someone will give us LSP Su-33. However, until that happens I sure will be watching your attempt at such subject as it’s just plain cool and not worth skipping. So, I’m glued to this wip
  3. Nice start. I did not know that new trumpeter mig has nose problem. Thanks for pointing this out. Now, I will have to see if this is also true of mig-29smt as I have it.
  4. FYI, ARC has a great section on Real Space models with a lot of knowledgeable guys and superb builds. Worth checking it out if you really want to get into real space modeling.
  5. Best Su-27 painting hands down. Take a bow sir as you achieved what others dream of.
  6. That looks cool. Jolly Roger rock!!
  7. Beautiful kiddy indeed. Cannot have enough Tomcat for sure and your is amazing.
  8. Drones...my favorite subject. You are doing wonderful Ben. Few years ago, 2 QF-4E drones visited Reno Air Races and as luck would have it my good friend with whom I was at the event trained one of the pilots. So, before they departed the show I was able to get a personal tour and photographer them until the cows came home. I hope to follow your work and have one in my cabinet as well.
  9. Pete, your work is truly inspiring. When I grow up I want to me like you
  10. Your are very kind to share your work with others. I only wish I had the ability and talent to print such files
  11. Nice work Ben but then again I’m not surprise. Your work is always top notch. I need to get some of your vents on the fuselage for sure. Keep up thy e good work. Mike
  12. Nice project. I sure will be interested in this conversation as well once it’s released. Love that delta profile.
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