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    Large scale models...like 1/32 and up. What can I say I like them big!!, photography, and aviation.

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  1. Nice work Ben but then again I’m not surprise. Your work is always top notch. I need to get some of your vents on the fuselage for sure. Keep up thy e good work. Mike
  2. Nice project. I sure will be interested in this conversation as well once it’s released. Love that delta profile.
  3. Brother Red Dog, nice subject choice. I too have the Kfir conversation but no mirage kit. So, I’ll be following along to your work and see who this turns out. Mike
  4. You are doing great here. I too love this jet but I still need to get one. There are a lot of cool color scheme on this jet.
  5. Nice choice of scheme and subject. Also, those exhaust nozzles looks awesome.
  6. Wonderful work Peter. I am jealous for sure. I sure wish there was a kit of this jet in 1/32. I was trying to convince Paul Fisher few years ago about doing a conversation but he said he wouldn’t be surprised if trumpeter didn’t come out with one since it such an icon of a jet in naval aviation. So, for the time being I will indulge myself with your work. Keep up the good work. Mike
  7. Ben, another great project. One off a kind for sure. You guys with CAD and printing skills are making me envy. My hats off to you guys!
  8. Is this sale only on Friday and will it last whole weekend? TIA
  9. Nice work Nick. It would be nice to have a F-16A Out if the box by Tamiya. Wishful thinking for sure.
  10. Glad to hear from you but yes I hope you get well soon. We can talk models later.
  11. Knock, knock...are you still here? It's been 13 days since your post and I have yet to hear from you. We need to talk about my stuff.
  12. Hey there you are. Harold, I PMed you so please reply.
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