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    Large scale models...like 1/32 and up. What can I say I like them big!!, photography, and aviation.

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  1. Ben, another great project. One off a kind for sure. You guys with CAD and printing skills are making me envy. My hats off to you guys!
  2. Is this sale only on Friday and will it last whole weekend? TIA
  3. Nice work Nick. It would be nice to have a F-16A Out if the box by Tamiya. Wishful thinking for sure.
  4. Glad to hear from you but yes I hope you get well soon. We can talk models later.
  5. Knock, knock...are you still here? It's been 13 days since your post and I have yet to hear from you. We need to talk about my stuff.
  6. Hey there you are. Harold, I PMed you so please reply.
  7. Hey Jennings, will these marking have instruction layout with them? TIA
  8. Harold, buddy still waiting to hear from you. I really like to get my stuff back from you. So, come on let us talk.
  9. Hands down... beautiful work! You should be proud of your job well done.
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