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  1. I have been holding off in building my kits in hope off using your correction set. So, yes i’m in for couple off set for sure. Glad to see you picking up this again.
  2. Can I be added to the raffle please? Thank you. Mike
  3. Great work on landing gears and windows. I'm glad we finally have this subject in 1/32.
  4. Nice to see this come back to light. I thought I had missed it all as it was finished, but I'm glad I can still catch few more lessons on this
  5. Mr. Anderson, welcome back. We missed you.
  6. After the F-14, this is going to be another master piece.
  7. I have both books and best the money can buy. The photography...hands down the best in these type of books. Every part is fully exposed and evenly illuminated. I still need to grab your Apache book.
  8. Nice choice of subject. You don't see to many of these on the net. I have similar conversion sets to build MH-47E/G with all goodies to build and couple off CC MH-60M conversions but lack building time at the moment So, I'll be follow along your build and see how you tackle it. Good luck.
  9. Yo dog, this is looking nice. I've been pondering for couple off years doing similar project but join it together with a single link. That's where things get bit complicated as the weight of first kit throws thing off balance. Mike
  10. Nice work Max. The work on the nose was great and the end result looks great. I need to do the same in near future. So, keep up the good work as we are all taking notes!
  11. A day late and a dollar short but I'm here. Good thing i have 10 dollars otherwise i'd be out of money Thanks guys, it seems as I'm getting older this date is slipping further behind the memory lane. As of late...i have been forgetting about it completely. I think it contagious as I feel I'm not the only one with this memory...thingy...lapse...hmm!
  12. Whoops, my bad brother. I don't think it will work well if stunk is stuck in a shrunk. We don't want to cause problems. So please, make sure to open extra windows to ventilate the room properly. As the combination of different gases and fumes (paint, glue, *cough* natural stuff) and the expansion can have serious problems. Especially, when dealing with subject that Spits Fire. Not good for your health I blame it on the stupid auto wording/suggestion thing and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it
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