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S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

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3 hours ago, crobinsonh said:

One word - incredible.


8 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

This is simply astounding, Ben! One of the most amazing scratch-builds I've had the honour of witnessing.





Uh.................YES!!!   Totally amazing in every way Ben.  Really looking forward to the whole package coming together. 

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Thank you all very much! Progress will probably slow down from today as my girlfriend and daughter are coming back from a two-week holiday in Spain - no more night shifts anymore I'm afraid.


I have pushed hard to make as much progress as I could yesterday. The wing pylons were scribed, primed, painted and weathered. Weathering is not yet finished, it's just the first coat. Another two will follow. The parts will be finished off by adding the touch ups. Sway braces and the attachment points for the Douglas tank and the refueling pod will be added later. 







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The weapons bays are ready.






Weapons bay doors installed.




My good friend Thomas has machined some beautiful tie down hooks for me. Each one is made of two parts, the bases have precise drillings to simulate screw detail:




Glued in place:






Antennae, also machined by Thomas:




And a bit of fun to keep motivation high... I love Reedoak figures!



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