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  1. I saw that on Facebook as well. Would definitely be interested in purchasing at least one of those. 


    It's too bad the 1/32 Aviaeology RCAF FR XIVe decals are out of print and sold out. Still, markings shouldn't be a problem. 




    He is also testing a set of 1/32 P-51D cockpit sidewalls, with different radio/control box fits for successive production versions. He also said he would test a set in 1/24, which makes me happy! They've been designed to fit the Revell 1/32 P-51D, but could be altered.







  2. 30 minutes ago, geedubelyer said:

    How would you guys build the Mk47? The old Matchbox Mk22 kit and a resin conversion?:hmmm:


    Yes, that's right. I have both the Matchbox Mk.22 and the Freightdog Seafire 47 conversion set. The Matchbox kit is a challenge to work with. I think there are a couple of nicely completed conversions here on LSP. It's not perfect, but the conversion helps you with all the major changes. You'd also need one of the replacement noses/forward fuselage corrections as the Matchbox nose interpretation is off, especially the bulges for the Griffon engine. The whole kit needs some refinement really, soft details and the usual Matchbox trench-like panel lines. Some of the shapes and dimensions are not quite right; rudder, wings, horizontal stabilizer and the canopy. 


    ...that sounded like I was trying to talk myself out of doing it...:D



  3. What a beautiful, clear photograph! I would love to see you build this! The curved canopy takes away one problem for you. That was very kind of Alistair to produce the windscreen for you. It's not on his list of products, but maybe he might consider it.


    I have plans of sometime building an early Spitfire I to display beside a Seafire 47... a "the first and the last" sort of idea. I hope I live that long, too many other projects first. :)





  4. I've just spent a lovely time going through this whole thread! Don't know how I missed it. I've dumped a lot of "likes" into your profile!


    What a spectacular build. I've loved how all the research was translated into results on the model itself, and how the problems and discoveries were approached and solved.


    This is a superb model of an aircraft from an era of beautiful aircraft. 



  5. 4 hours ago, Tolga ULGUR said:


    I would like to confirm that the following Grey matter 1/32 two blade propeller is suitable for early Mk.1 Sptfire. Any difference between prototype and early 2 blade propeller  Spitfires?




    Excellent question! I have the same part and was wondering the same thing. 


    What is also needed is the early windscreen and canopy.



  6. I agree with Bevan above. I can't imagine looking at the initial sheets of vacu-formed plastic and envisioning how to transform it into a stunning model. Absolutely inspiring work there, you should be rightfully proud of the result.


    And you have a 1/32 Shackleton and Stirling on the go? I'm sure loving the subject helps motivate you, but wow!


    Thanks for the journey on your builds!



  7. 2 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

    Some food for thought even if few things can be seen:




    An interesting part is what the guy is explaining about the canopy and cockpit length. However, knowing he essentially relied on the 4+ plans, I would be very cautious before copying that!






    Thank you so much Thierry! That thread will be incredibly useful! Not sure I want to start cutting canopies though...


    Some excellent and detailed information in there. I'll have to sit down and see how far I want to go with this. Meindert's conversion looked so much simpler...but, I am stubborn!


    Again, thank you!!



  8. 2 hours ago, Greif8 said:


    Hi Damian, on my next build log I will make sure to do an SBS when I paint the figure.





    That would be amazing and welcome, and a lot of people will follow along. No one will think for a second that you are a "know-it-all". That's the great thing about this website, people are very supportive and happy to learn from others who have a technique or method that gives great results. I've done one pilot figure so far, based on some experience painting wargaming figures I did sometime in the last century. Turned out not too badly, but I'm ready to learn to create something like you have above!


    I don't think a separate tutorial on painting figures would be outside the scope of LSP.  I think well-painted figures beside a model bring it to life.


    Looking forward to it.





  9. 43 minutes ago, Kagemusha said:

    Wonderful project, I also have one planned, with similar am goodies - I got the KP Models 1/72 kit in my mid-teens, started it, but never completed, so unfinished business, and it has to be as the fantastic box art...




    Eduard produced a 1/72 kit, maybe the profiles in the instructions could prove useful, link


    Funny, but I've had that kit for years too. Don't know why the aircraft appeals to me so much. One of the camouflage schemes I'm looking at matches this one. Thanks for that! I hope you're able to get started on your project too, maybe this one will show you how not to do it! :) A Mig-15UTI Group Build...



  10. 1 hour ago, thierry laurent said:

    I found that picture that shows a close to perfect profile and I'm afraid I was right: 4+ scale plans are another time... wrong!




    Enlarge the picture and compare with the kit tail. You will see the kit one is not fully correct but not really worse than the resin one! What a pity!


    Thank you Thierry! I can see now that perhaps the "corrected" tail is based on the 4+ drawings, and that the kit tail is not so wrong. I still believe the kit tail is too narrow and not right to my eye, but I'll have to think about how to address that one. My plan is to just correct what I can without going too far into the "rabbit hole".


    I've been looking online for a build or review that describes all the faults, but haven't found much so far. A lot of threads that state that the kit is a disaster without describing how. I think I'll just follow Meinert's approach and be happy with what I can fix. I'm just hoping that in the end I'll have something that looks like a SB Lim-2, and fool most people. :)


    Thank you for your advice so far too, I appreciate your input.



  11. That is simply magnificent. The "Claude" itself is stunning, perfectly weathered and convincing, but the figures catch your attention too. The poses are so relaxed and realistic, with none of the stiffness of most figures. I almost expect them to start speaking to one another. 


    Beautiful work and the vignette has frozen a moment in time.



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