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  1. TNX folks I already ordered the AMS seat
  2. Thanks Lothar I already contacted Harold for this... Best Menelaos
  3. Hey folks I have a question about the Mirage III seat Mk4. There is the resin seat from AMS and the seat from must-have models.... which is better?.... looking at pics the AMS seat looks better...many thanks
  4. That's why I woted for the beaufighter, because they already did the Mossie
  5. well I'm not one of those...I like the looks of the 35...I wish the HAF will fly it some day...come on back to topic please
  6. Perhaps Airfix will do again a british ac, so the EE Lightling or other famous british planes could be one those...who knows
  7. I would go with 100% in if the Lightning would be the next one..
  8. I already have the 104 seats in 1:24....!! (beside them the CAM 1:32 seat)
  9. ....actually I'm dreaming of a big 1:24 F-104 Starfighter....but this will be a dream forever....
  10. a bit too early for this but what about a Beaufighter? (I would like to see it as new 1:32 tool as well)
  11. cover of the official HAF magazine "The Flight" July 1970....
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