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  1. Yes Zotz makes some in the 1:32 ( ZTZ32068 1:32 ) I had no time to look further...
  2. So far as I know Eduard has sets for interior seat and exterior
  3. BUT.... he likes aircraft,,,,,
  4. I have only one Kid at home, but he's acting like 4....
  5. welcome to the ...no-time club.....
  6. yes.... I hope I will build it just that one... (profile Michel Debarre)
  7. for all lovers of the StuG....these are late versions
  8. the german ECRs are in service...but their days are few.... (pics are mine)
  9. I wish we could have the MiG25 instead...but this is also a BIG hit
  10. Thanks for posting...oh my... that cockpit is far away from the usual Revell quality found in other kits... hmmm...
  11. the color of the tail of the 3 HAF Sqs were red, yellow and green most interesting are the colors of the aerobatic team Hellenic Flame
  12. here are the data for the V-shaped screen (made by a fellow modeler)
  13. the cockpit was painted in medium grey (later paint sheme, in the 50es everything was black...) The seat of admiral toys is much better. Here there are some thing missing but could be add easily
  14. I used the cockipt of the admural toys ...toy... with far more details as the century toy cockpit and made the front instrument panel from scratch I copied first the instruments of the ereal cockpit and made the front panel from sheet styrene Century toy:
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