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  1. Menelaos

    SU-11 Fishpot?

    many TNX, just took a look, only the SU-7 and SU-22 are offered...
  2. Menelaos

    SU-11 Fishpot?

    Do you have any link for LEM?
  3. Menelaos

    SU-11 Fishpot?

    say folks, is there any attemp to bring out the SU-11 in the 32nd scale?
  4. Menelaos

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    fantastic....just WOW.... what a shame...that this ac is gone from service.... These were Mighty days...
  5. Menelaos

    F-104G Belgian air force

    wow...silver glory days are coming!!!,,,.... perfect job keep it up!!
  6. Menelaos

    B-17G Little Miss Mischief

  7. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    Now here's the ready to use front gear leg... pretty close to the real thing....now I'm going back to the cockpit...
  8. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    TNX guys, there's some work to be done yet, new pics are coming soon...
  9. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    Now working on the nose landing gear.... it's not bad but actually inaccurate....the wheel is too thin and has to be ... typical MiG...fat!.... Here's the start situation given in the model... Now I replaced the wheel with one of Revells Typhoon in 1:32 scale... it's very closely to the MiG one..!..and some more details through scratch-bulding Some work has also to be done on the rest of the gear leg....
  10. Menelaos

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    or use that pic for it:
  11. Menelaos

    Undersize Trump. MiG-21 MF Fuselage?

    to find accurate drawing is one thing, but which are accurate?? I wont change the kit.... things maybe get worse....
  12. Menelaos

    A-7 D Corsair II Pennsylvania ANG

    just like the real ac....wow....!!!!!!!!
  13. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    Thanks, but I realy don't know yet which ac it will going to be... But I think one in the bare metal finish (I will use bare metal foil) to be cont.
  14. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    Now I got the main gear legs looking closer to the real thing....