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  1. Menelaos

    Revell F/A-18E spine and other thoughts

    Thanks for posting...oh my... that cockpit is far away from the usual Revell quality found in other kits... hmmm...
  2. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    the color of the tail of the 3 HAF Sqs were red, yellow and green most interesting are the colors of the aerobatic team Hellenic Flame
  3. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    here are the data for the V-shaped screen (made by a fellow modeler)
  4. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    the cockpit was painted in medium grey (later paint sheme, in the 50es everything was black...) The seat of admiral toys is much better. Here there are some thing missing but could be add easily
  5. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    I used the cockipt of the admural toys ...toy... with far more details as the century toy cockpit and made the front instrument panel from scratch I copied first the instruments of the ereal cockpit and made the front panel from sheet styrene Century toy:
  6. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    the cockpits in both toys are ok but need far more detailing: Instrument panel in the century toy: and admiral toys:
  7. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    the front canopies (late version) is somehow not the best ones on both kits but admiral toys has the best one. But the F-86E(M) had the early V-shape canopy and this must be made from scratch
  8. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    the landing gear legs of the century toy are too thin and the LG of the admiral toys is better
  9. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    next work was to make the leading edges of the all surfaces thinner, because there are too thick and use putty to cover some holes on the fusalage the airbrakes are not bad I drilled some holes there, but there's some work to be done to look right
  10. Menelaos

    F-86E(M) 1:18 conversion

    Good Day folks the project above was started long ago (today I'm currently doing almost nothing due to missing time) and wanted to share some pics with you. The idea behind this, is to convert the century F-86F 1:18 into a proper F-86E(M) that was flown by the HAF in the 50es and 60es.. These Mk 2 Sabres were build from Canadair and were upgarded with the 6-3 hard wing but retained the V-shaped wind screen and equiped 3 Sqs (341, 342 and 343) plus the aerobatic team "Hellenic Flame" The ...toy is also available from adrmiral toys as a F-86E that has some better parts as the century toy but the century toy is far better. the admiral toys has a better cockpit and better main landing gear but is not acurate at the air intake region. The century toy has otherwise many more goodies such an air intake AB tube, accurate airbrakes, gun bays very nice sliding canopy So first work was to take everything apart
  11. Menelaos

    F-5F instructions needed

    Many TNX Thierry!!!
  12. Menelaos

    F-5F instructions needed

    Folks I need a copy of the KH F-5F instructions for building the front canopy raising machanism Could someone who has the kit , do me afavor and copy that? Many TNX
  13. Menelaos

    Revell super Hornet

    wow what a kit..... the detail level is fantastic... Of course I have to see it real first
  14. Menelaos

    MiG-15bis (early) 1:18

    no not yet...I wish I had some time for modelling.... my major BIG project still waiting (TF-104G 1:18)....and the MiG too.... I hope I can do something during the christmas days... stay tuned... M
  15. Menelaos

    Paul Fisher Fire Relief - GoFundMe

    What can I say....Lord moves always in mysterious ways.... Go on Paul don't look back... All the best for you and family