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  1. Nice one Alain good to see an Aussie Mirage
  2. Alpine Label Bleu by Christian Descombe is a good book if you can still find it and it’s not too expensive!
  3. Nice choice should be lots of scope for improvement Michael
  4. Thanks for posting I really like the old colourful schemes before the went to low vis Mike
  5. Nice start Eric, will be looking forward to following this build Mike
  6. Nice work so far! I think from looking at the photo of the real intakes there is a fairing there that makes the gap between the intakes look closer together can't wait for more progress Cheers Mike
  7. Hi Robert look forward to this build I bought one of your exhaust set for the Mirage III O (still haven't started it but it is beautiful quality) cheers Michael
  8. Very nice! It makes a nice change from camo schemes Well done Mike
  9. Thats pretty cool! that wouldn't happen everyday that you get to meet someone you have done a model of. makes it extra special Mike
  10. I have that kit, hard to believe its the same one! Well done Mike
  11. great effort an outstanding model!
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